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New Profile Posts

  1. Hella
    Hella Areo
    y'goddamn what
  2. Areo
    Areo Eden
    oi mayte got any menthols u could spare for a yankee
  3. Areo
    Every once in a while I get a strong urge to come back to this god-forsaken place. I miss y’all too much sometimes I guess
    1. Areo
      This place is a decade old and I should have moved on by now by but sometimes I wander back into the rabbit hole. Everyone here played such a vital role in my growth as a kid (I was literally 12 when I made this form account) and I owe a lot of who I am to this community. Thanks everyone, I love you guys.
      May 16, 2022 at 7:08 AM
  4. Areo
    Areo Cerbercre
    Aye bro get ready the time skip arc is starting soon
  5. Areo
    Areo justi01
    oi mate lemme get a b’oh w’ah
  6. Froghead48
    Froghead48 Ryu
    Log back in :(
  7. blackjoker77777
    blackjoker77777 saulxp777
    Happy birthday!
  8. Achillios
    just thinking about kag 2
  9. a6r8
    2022... Just another day eh KAG
  10. blackjoker77777
    blackjoker77777 Ryo
    Happy day of birth!
  11. blackjoker77777
    blackjoker77777 Aegis
    Happy birthday!
  12. Hawxx
    damn where are all the OGs at
    1. blackjoker77777
      Nursing homes, it's comfy here :)
      May 2, 2022
  13. blackjoker77777
  14. Nicuwins
    All the memories…
  15. lmckean20
    Feeling Sentimental
  16. blackjoker77777
    blackjoker77777 Prototype
    Happy birthday! :D
    1. Prototype
      Thank you! :D
      Apr 28, 2022
  17. Solaris
    1. FG
      alive? yeet
      Apr 22, 2022
  18. Vampire
  19. oscar4500
    Feeling like a void
  20. Prototype
    Prototype Biurza
    Hey. Are you keep playing?
    1. Biurza
      Not really no.
      I might, but idk yet
      Apr 23, 2022