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New Profile Posts

  1. tigorsun
  2. tigorsun
    tigorsun stig700
    did you pass your exams?
  3. tigorsun
  4. tigorsun
    tigorsun Zazaza64g
    зач насрал)
  5. tigorsun
  6. tigorsun
  7. blackjoker77777
  8. blackjoker77777
    blackjoker77777 Osmal
    Happy birthday! :)
  9. blackjoker77777
    blackjoker77777 Biurza
    Happy day of birth bubu! :>
    1. Biurza
      thank you cute stranger
      Jun 13, 2024 at 1:05 AM
  10. tigorsun
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    2. tigorsun
      mean go play to kag
      Jun 6, 2024
    3. blackjoker77777
      no time sowwy :c
      Jun 6, 2024
    4. tigorsun
      Jun 8, 2024
  11. tigorsun
    tigorsun The_Osz
    where new video?
  12. tigorsun
  13. Ronaldogabr
    1. tigorsun
      May 30, 2024
  14. FoxyLady
    This game is my time capsule. Perhaps I should open it again someday. So many memories. Long live KAG.
  15. tigorsun
    tigorsun Guardian_of_Irael
    do you live in Italy?
    1. Guardian_of_Irael
      May 25, 2024
    2. tigorsun
      May 26, 2024
  16. Junko-Enoshima
    Junko-Enoshima tainstvenost
    poor, poor child imagine u was born as junkos twin sister and nobody believes that u even real, its just sad u suppose to be their hero and paragon of pure mind since u didnt lost sanity livin with him... only heroes can complete such achieve, somebody give her a hug
    1. tigorsun
      Kavo blyt?
      May 18, 2024
  17. Ronaldogabr
    Ronaldogabr knarkleo
    Saudades amigo.
  18. Ronaldogabr
    Ronaldogabr FunATuns
    Love you too bro, long time no see, I miss the good ol' times.
    1. tigorsun
      old friends:D
      May 16, 2024
  19. tigorsun
  20. Junko-Enoshima
    Junko-Enoshima karolloPL