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Comments on Profile Post by Bruno-Brazuka

  1. Andr01d
    Yes i will teach u
    Aug 19, 2015
  2. Bruno-Brazuka
    Uuuh maybe u cant anymore ;-;
    Coz mah pc is dead for a while xD
    Aug 19, 2015
  3. Andr01d
    That sucks man..
    Aug 20, 2015
  4. Bruno-Brazuka
    Dont worry maka will be back soon or not x.x
    Btw *dramatic moment* i will miss to play like a retarded with you ;)
    Aug 20, 2015
  5. Withror
    I heard there's another good builder :^)
    Sep 21, 2015
  6. icemusher
    You called Withror?
    Nov 1, 2015