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Afrikaans Waka Waka He He

Black People in King Arthur's Gold

  1. VaderCraftGamer
    Sup my nig pigs yo boi African Tribe leader here and im bout to tell ya'll sum pritty gud stuff. Our black army invaded kag and got laid so now there are mor of us and we ar all black, also our princess is black but those fucking old ass migrants arent because tey bout to die anyway so screw that.

    Black Archer and Builder Male (Knight doesnt have any skin, only armour):
    ArcherMale.png BuilderMale.png
    Black Archer and Builder Female (Same thing for Knight, not even the boobs have meat):
    ArcherFemale.png BuilderFemale.png
    Black Princess ftw:
    ActualPrincess.png Princess.png
    Black People's heads we chopped off with our wood swords:

    Just go into the zip downloaded folder and drop the base file in the zip folder into the game folder at This PC>Local Disk (C:)>Program Files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>King Arthur's Gold
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Recent Reviews

  1. Basshunter
    Version: Waka Waka He He
    yoooo bruv the princess loks leik niki minag (innatural) but it be kool and i liek
    1. VaderCraftGamer
      Author's Response
      If only, if only the princess had a big ass, but in Afrika we all hunt like monkies