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[Classic] Pictionary 2015-01-21

Draw/guess the right words and win points. Requires Juxta++ on server side

  1. master4523
    Gamemode informations:
    One player is given a word and must draw it on the map using the editor, while the other players have to guess what is being drawn.
    /hint, /h
    Drawer: gives a hint to the other players (max: 3 hints)
    Guesser: shows the available hints

    /skip, /s
    Drawer: skips your turn

    /word, /w
    Drawer: shows the word you have to draw

    /clear, /c
    Drawer: removes every blocks on the board / clears the map

    /guessed, /g
    Shows who has/hasn't guessed the word so far

    /queue, /q
    Checks your current position in the queue, so you know when it is your turn to draw.

    /timeleft, /time, /t
    Shows how much time is left for the current round

    Shows the basic rules/commands

    /ban <player name>
    Admin: prevent a player to become a drawer

    /unban <player name>
    Admin: remove a player from the list of banned drawers

    Admin: shows a list of currently banned players

    /mute <player name>
    Admin: prevent a player from talking. Unlike the real mute command from KAG, the player is still allowed to guess the words and use the chat commands.

    /unmute <player name>
    Admin: remove a player from the list of muted players

    Admin: shows a list of currently muted players

    /admin words
    Admin: shows how many words are left in the words queue

    /admin drawer
    Admin: shows the name and the pid of the current drawer

    /admin push <player name>
    Admin: forces a player to be the next drawer

    Server hosting instructions:
    1. Install Juxta++
    2. Extract the archive of the gamemode inside your KAG server directory
    3. Add pictionary inside plugins.cfg
    4. Launch the server with Juxta++
    Additional informations:
    The archive contains a list of 500+ english words, translated in 4 languages (french, polish, russian, portuguese).
    Original KAG pictionary idea by ThailandGamemingGold :heart:
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