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Community Head Pack 20-V-2016

70 pair of heads from different community members

  1. 8x
    (updated 20-V-2016)

    Hello stranger!

    Have you ever used a head done by mishKa? Do you know what was Salopa known for? Did you ever pushed ComJak to his death? What about AyesDief, does it sound familiar to you? Have you ever played with the BACONs?

    If your answer to these questions is yes: welcome!; if it's no, you can stop readi... nahh it's all good!

    heads sheet.png

    I've gathered a bunch of heads from all over the head makers in the forums (since 2011 to recent days), and adressed them to look similar to the Beta style. The picks are completely personal.

    Some heads had male version only, some had way too much colours, or the colour palette from Classic. So I tried to modify them to look good ingame, and made some female versions, but always respecting the original as much as possible.

    This said, eventhough i thouched everything like a mofo, I claim no ownership of any head, even from the female ones, except from mine. Here's a list of the guys who made the originals (some of which are based on other heads as well, mainly inspired by mishKa and AyesDief ones):

    Members/number of heads

    AyesDyef 4
    coca33 1
    Contrary 4
    Derschlact 2
    FlamingDragon96 3
    frankomaster 5
    Geti (from his class sketches) 1
    Gurin 4
    JimmyNic 4
    mishKa 19
    OptimusLime 1
    paradoxicalenigma 2
    RaptorAnton 5
    thegoodone 1 (helped by mishKa)
    TheWids 3
    tlc2011 1
    WarrFork 3
    xiaojin67 3
    + 5 heads done by me

    If any of you don't want his heads, or them modified, to be in this resource please pm me. I think this simply doesn't hurt anyone, but if I'm wrong I will change it asap. (Sorry I lost track and can't really tell who did what).


    Place the Heads.png file you'll download into your KAG-Beta/Base/Entities/Charachters/Spritesfolder. This will replace the original, so make a backup of it.
    If you're using Steam find it here:

Recent Updates

  1. Fix
  2. Updated heads
  3. Updated in general

Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: 20-V-2016
  2. AgentHightower
    Version: 20-V-2016
    Gj, I love the heads, Lionheart one is my favorite, The Napoleon one looks really cool, Great job putting these on a headpack, 8x.
  3. Nicuwins
    Version: 19-VII-2015
  4. TROPICALear5
    Version: 24-XI-2014
    I love the new heads which are displayed on everyone, im batman