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Fireworks Arrows 0.1


  1. Monkey_Feats
    Seeing as it's been over 6 months since I have worked on this, here's an alpha release.
    Currently you can get fireworks arrows from an archer shop for free. There is 3 random types of explosions which have 18 random preset colour palettes.

    What I really wanted to happen was to be able to have say 10 explosions going off at once, you can only get about 2 and a half atm. Also needs a few things fixed, such as the sounds and arrows being unlimited.
    Don't forget to set the time of day to midnight, enjoy.

    P.s Rip KAG :wink:

    screen-17-04-15-18-46-00.png screen-17-04-15-18-46-04.png screen-17-04-15-18-46-24.png screen-17-04-15-18-46-55.png screen-17-04-15-18-46-59.png screen-17-04-15-18-46-00.png screen-17-04-15-18-45-55.png screen-17-04-15-18-45-59.png screen-17-04-15-18-23-56.png