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Green Blood Pack 2013-11-20

Tired of seeing red? Ever wonder what does it look like in a different color?

  1. Spec7
    Green Blood Pack.png

    This blood pack does as it says mostly, turning the blood particles into a greenish color. I used an inspiration from an option menu of House of the Dead 2 & 3 (arcade, rail shooter) where the color of blood can be red or green. Probably it's suitable for mutants or zombie gimmick.

    Note: Corpse bursting leave bits of red blood particles.


    Add the "Base" folder from Green Blood Pack to your King Arthur's Gold "Base" folder.

    Back to Red:

    I made a default pack for the Red Blood for convenience. Add the "Base" folder from Red Blood Pack (Default) to your King Arthur's Gold "Base" folder.

    Red Blood Pack.png
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