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Halloween Themed Bombs (Pumpkin Bombs) 1.1

Replaces bomb texture to explosive pumpkins.

  1. platy1knight
    This texture pack replaces your bomb with Bumbkins (see what i did there)
    anything related to bombs is pumkins now.
    Installation :
    1-Replace the image with the current one , (backup if you want to switch back)
    2-Located in King Arthur's Gold\Base\Entities\Items\Explosives
    3-For Steam version : Steam\steamapps\common\King Arthur's Gold\Base\Entities\Items\Explosives
    Ps: This is my first resource , also i accept constructive criticism.
    Biurza likes this.

Recent Updates

  1. Added Pumpkegs
  2. Added Bounce sound
  3. Finished,Almost!

Recent Reviews

  1. Biurza
    Version: 6.9
    Gj Platy1
    1. platy1knight
      Author's Response
      Thanks Epic-