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Jonttubosse's Mad murdur Maps Classic

Mad murderer maps recreated for rtdm/ctf & roleplay

  1. Jonttubosse
    Waddup since MAD MURDERER server went offline I got an idea to upload
    mah old murdur maps. You can customize, mix and match and use these maps for your projects like roleplay/zombie servers or whatever. I added spawns for maps so they're ready for CTF or TDM as they are now. ::P:
    murder1.png Fantasy map :builder:
    murder2.png Castle town:castle:
    murder3.png Countryside peace:hammer:
    murder4.png Mountain church and stuff::D:::P:
    murder5.png Island of mad pirates :teabag:
    Epicmap.png EVERYTHING ON EPIC SUPER SIZE MAP ready for CTF where you walk 15 minutes before you hit the enemy line. :wink::chicken:

    murderRPG.png RpgIMG.png Heres Roleplay map with 5 races and duel arena. I cutted some parts off so its smaller than epic size map :lantern:

    roleplay? :up:???::P: