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Buy me an AWP and rush B

  1. FunATuns
    KAG Strike Global Offense
    A mod heavily based on CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offense). Grab your knife, buy a gun from your base, and deliver or stop the delivery of the bomb to secure your victory!

    Description/How to play
    You are randomly assigned a team at the beginning of the match. The Orange team are the Terrorists (T) and the Blue team are the Counter Terrorists (CT). The Terrorists goal is to deliver the bomb to a bombsite, and then protect it until the fuse goes off. The Counter Terrorists goal is to stop the delivery of said bomb, and/or defuse the bomb once it is planted.

    To accomplish these goals, you will need weapons. Weapons are purchased at the TDM spawn that each team spawns at. You can open the purchase weapons menu buy pressing the E key next to the spawn. The bomb automatically spawns at the
    Terrorist spawn point at the beginning of the match.

    However, there is one major difference that this mod contains that sets it apart from vanilla KAG. This mod contains line of sight. This means that in order for you to be able to see an enemy player on your screen, you must have unobstructed line of sight from your character to theirs. With this addition, this means that ambushes, flanks, and other various tactics are made very possible in this mod.

    Good luck!



Recent Updates

  1. Map Loader Fix