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long wood bow's favorite mods and more for Build 3090

I gathered various Mods that would not destroy the world view.

  1. long_wood_bow
    My favorite mods and my simple items. I edited it that fits to current.
    You can use this mod in CTF, TTH and TDM. Use it if you like it.
    Metallic and Team Color Archer and Knight. And axe using Builder and cloth for male Builder.
    New Items by favorite mods, Molotov Cocktail. Bomb Satchel and Outpost.
    New Items by me, Bomb Ball. Drop or Throw using catapult to use. Also explodes on fire and enemy attack.
    New Items by me, Light Ballista. Can't shoot bomb bolt and respawn, but cheap. Normal bolt can attack enemy in ship and become tough arrow ladder.
    Allow to make Mounted Bow and Bomber.
    Can build Nursery, Kitchen and Barracks at CTF, Nursery, Barracks and Research at TTH.
    Now Mounted Bow tech works as Camping tech. Can make Mounted Bow and Outpost at Work Bench.
    Can make gold from Builder Shop(CTF, need Coins) or Work Bench(TTH, need Exchange tech and Hearts).
    Added and buffed techs in TTH. All final weapon techs.
    Can get Molotov Cocktail and Bomb Satchel in TDM shops, chests and magazine with dispenser.
    Changed textures:
    Archer bow, quiver, chain(from rope), hook, Male Builder cloth, Knight team color slash, metal and team color Arrows and loaded Mounted Bow Arrow.
    Axe animation when attack wooden things, can hit new buildable buildings and build WarBuilding when WAR(TTH) mode.
    Allow to ignite Molotov.
    All Classes:
    Can ignite Bomb Satchel in inventory.
    Can get Molotov and Bomb Satchel from Chests or random Magazines.
    Can build Barracks, Kitchen and Nursery from norman Building, WarBuilding for WAR mode can build Nursery, Barracks, Factory and Research.
    CTF Shops:
    Archer Shop sells Bomb Satchel, Boat Shop sells Bomber, Builder Shop sells Outpost, Crate, Wood, Stone and Gold, Knight Shop sells Molotov and Vehicle Shop sells Mounted Bow, Bomb Ball and Light Ballista. Builder Shop gives water to collided bucket.
    Work Bench:
    Sells Outpost, Mounted Bow and Gold. Gives water to collided bucket.
    Allows to player get in and out.
    Change gib from wood to stone.
    Added health bar.
    Can detach Mounted Bow.
    TDM Shop:
    Sells Bomb Ball, Molotov and Bomb Satchel.
    War Tech:
    Added Molotov to Fire Arrows tech, Bomb Satchel to Bomb Arrow Tech. Mounted Bow tech works when build Mounted Bow and Outpost at Work Bench. Longboat factory makes 2 boats. Added Light Ballista, Dropping Weapon, Bomber and Exchange(into gold) tech. Can buy new Scrolls at Trading Post.
    Bomb Satchel:
    Changed general animation and attach point.
    Also see Rules\CommonScripts\HelpfulDeathTips.cfg in this mod.
    Thank you for great mods:
    FoxyLady: Team Color Arrows and Team Color Slash
    super_gaming_geek: MetalBow
    veronartdoob: I have been in the jewelry
    Mazey: Outpost
    Diprog: Builder's Axe Animation and Molotov cocktail
    MrError: Male builder with clothes
    Skinney: Bomb Satchel
    Exclude if necessary. Tell me if you need.


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