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Magical Wooden Ball 1.0.0

A wooden bouncy ball with insane HP because of Wooden.as

  1. Blubahub

    Be forewarned: This mod will blow your mind and spoon-feed your flushed brains into a zombie of you're choice. :skeleton:


    Why would you want this? Well, with a little muscle work, you can do tons of stuff, like spam balls and thus walk around in the air. But you'll need a hotkey-spam program to do that. ::(:


    Also, I've provided some documentation on how to make your own balls! Originally made for the user 1olaf. Spawn and/or use by typing !ball when sv_test is on. The max stacking tops off at 99 (inventory space is 1x1) for easy storage. :chest:


    Thanks for downloading in advance! I have the original wooden ball sprite, and the enchanted aka magical sprite (enabled by default in the MagicalWoodenBall.cfg), both of them which I made. Feel free to use it in your mods and servers! :wink:
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Recent Reviews

  1. jonipro
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice ball, mind making more?
    1. Blubahub
      Author's Response
      Sure! What balls do you have in mind..?