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Player Heads 2.0

Easy to update and configure, custom player head mod

  1. bunnie
    Mod completely remade by Makmoud98; original idea by Skinney.
    Ever wanted your own unique custom head that was truly yours, and yours alone? Now you can! Just download and install to your server, it's easy!

    As a player it's simple to add your head to the master list, just follow the instructions below under Spriting your head and Submitting your completed head.

    1. Add a new line to your Mods.cfg with the code below
    # Using the code shown below will automatically
    # Download, Install, and Use the latest version of PlayerHeads

    PlayerHeads = PlayerHeads:PlayerHeads

    2. Restart your server and you're ready to play

    Free programs for spriting
    - Graphics Gale
    - Aseprite
    - Paint.net
    - Gimp

    Spriting your head
    1. Open Template.png, located in "../Mods/PlayerHeads" with your preferred image editing program
    [​IMG]*example, the dimensions are 64x16 and each frame is 16x16
    2. Draw frame 0 (idle)
    3. Draw frame 1 (attack)
    4. Draw frame 2 (dead)
    5. Leave frame 3 empty
    6. Save your image as a .png called "head"
    [​IMG]*example, properly completed head

    Submitting your completed head
    1. Double check your completed head and make sure it follows all of the guidelines above
    2. Submit your completed head! Go into your KAG folder [On steam: right click the game > Properties > Local files > Browse local files]
    then go into Base / Maps and put the head there, like this


    Examples, Palettes and Template included!

Recent Updates

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  3. fixed mustachio's head

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