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Siege Plus v1.2

New simple sieges and more.

  1. long_wood_bow
    Add some items to vehicle and boat shop.
    • New siege: Light Ballista. Can't shoot bomb bolt, but cheap. Try to make bolt ladder, kill camper in boat or wooden platform barrier, and more.
    • Now you can buy Mounted Bow in Vehicle shop. Defend, or load to bomber and fight in air.
    • New item: Bomb Ball. It explodes as strong as mine. Drop from higher places, throw using catapult or drop using bomber to use.
    • You can buy bomber from boat shop. It can load other sieges.
    • New function for Bomber, if Bomb Balls are in its inventory and press Space, it drops Bomb Ball. 3 seconds cooldown. Drop from higher position.
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Recent Reviews

  1. tigorsun
    Version: v1.2
  2. egor0928931
    Version: v1.1
    great mod