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Way of the Templar Classic TexturePack REVIVAL 15.6.2015

CLASSIC, Winter, Revive, WIP

  1. Withror

    Btw I learned how to record higher fps video after this so relax your balls

    Full and precise list of what to do (some things have already been done) - http://gyazo.com/cdd3b4bc43979fd199e7e0b30828281d
    Top priority - Knight sprites
    More specifically shielding

    ^Class images^
    ^Dirt and stone texture^
    screen-15-07-14-16-11-20.png ^Trees^
    ^Workshops, backwalls, bridges and other^
    ^Spikes, wood blocks and other^
    Newest update screenshot
    KAG 2015-04-26 13-46-44-67.png Dirt darkened, workshops match tree wood colour, trap bridges match tree wood, builder cursor = pickaxe, gold changed, other, a head added by adisss650, single workshop texture changed.

    NEWEST update changelog
    Workshops now match the colour of wood and trees. Mountain ambient and forest ambient music has now been changed back to the classic ones and the cave ambient music is now been silenced to 50%. Red team now has slightly darker colors.

    REVIVAL - Way of the Templar

    Original - https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/wip-the-way-of-templars.10554/

    Author of the original - https://forum.kag2d.com/members/godofthechaos.7073/

    Welcome! Are you looking for the ultimate KAG Classic texture pack, all serious, snowy... and stuff? Well, so am I! Currently I'm working hard on retexturing this cool texture pack I used a long time ago, which I stumbled upon recently again. The pack is really nice on it's own, but I saw the potential for it being really REALLY smooth, complete and great. It's about... 80% finished maybe? I'm not sure. The thing is, to make this one of the best packs out there, I want the help of you guys, so that it can be the pack the community wants and deserves. This thread will remain active for a long time until we're finished, and I will be coming every day and keeping the thread active with progress and questions for improvement. As said, I'm fully open to suggestions, via the post or a PM. Also, go check out the author of the original pack, links above.


    Screenshots OLD
    KAG 2015-04-23 08-32-01-98.png KAG 2015-04-23 08-32-33-81.png
    A couple of screenshots to let you guys know what's going on right now.
    This is a head contributed by
    adisss650, all credit goes to him.
    This head isn't in the current versio
    n yet, I'll update it when some
    more stuff gets worked on.

    OLD Screenshots
    Ok, here comes the first screenshot. Let me know what you guys think about the class images first of all.

    KAG 2015-04-05 19-32-31-84.png
    Here's a wider look of things. Most of this is getting changed! I need to work on the workshops' color because the trees are also going to be a bit darker. The grass texture (the snow on the grass dirt blocks) will be a bit more smoother, slightly more snowier. Question: the grass dirt blocks (the ones which can be seen under the workshops) - do I keep the default texture so that they look like they've been cleared of snow, or do I add a bit of white, as in they look more lazy snow-wise? The actual wood blocks are also definitely getting darker, all the backwalls are gonna be a bit more blue-ish. The team tents are also getting changed to fit the feeling of KAG a bit more. And here's a final screenshot KAG 2015-04-05 19-35-10-75.png

    KAG 2015-04-06 09-15-23-97.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-15-35-71.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-15-49-41.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-16-59-47.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-08-34-88.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-08-57-75.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-09-16-92.png KAG 2015-04-06 09-09-36-32.png
    Here are some of the knight and archer actions. Read the spoilers above for what's getting retextured environment-wise. The archer seems completely fine to me, but I might cut a few pixels from his knife. And the knight - here's a big question: when he shields, the texture is shown like he's shielding with his sword, which is kinda awkward for serious players. You can't precisely see where you're shielding, especially when pointing down (7th screenshot on this spoiler). So do we keep this, retexture it into a fancy shield or release two versions, one with knights shielding with swords and other one with shields? The third option seems the most likely so far. Let me know what you guys think.

    OLD Update
    I've found the menu music.

    Then I still need music for being in caves and for the outside. Do you guys want the same music for caverns and the outside? (the cavern music plays when there's a dirt backwall behind you!)
    You can PM me or write a reply to this post and send a link to some copyright free music. We need music which starts right away, not too exciting and can be listened from anywhere to anywhere, just like the default KAG soundtrack.

    I'm updating the download regularly with what has been changed so far.

    OLD Big update
    KAG 2015-04-06 15-08-16-99.png Spikes have been cut, GRASS now connects a bit smoother in textures, tents have been textured (they match the colors of the snow). And I cut a few pixels from some archer textures. Download now if you have the old version!

    Menu background
    KAG 2015-04-19 15-20-52-85.png

    OLD Small update
    Trees darkened. Class images slightly changed. KAG 2015-04-19 15-21-28-19.png

    Remember - Suggestions are important! Feel free to discuss this in any way. Also, we're still in the early process. You can also explore the files on your own, see the textures yourself in the download provided.


    1. KAG 2015-04-06 09-15-46-37.png
    2. KAG 2015-04-23 08-32-32-91.png
    3. backtitle3.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Workshops and sound
  2. DarkDirt
  3. Small fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Sad_Tomato
    Version: 15.6.2015
    Seems like a good texture pack and knowing that's it not finished i expect it to be one of the greatest
  2. adisss650
    Version: Small Fix
    Looks good, it's nice to play with this texturepack when you are bored of default textures.
  3. FearSome
    Version: __
    Makes game look even better than beta!
  4. 8x
    Version: 2015-04-05
    Nice to see this being reworked, and good usage of the spoilers!
    1. Withror
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'm still in the early stage though. Reviews are important to help me with what to change next.