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Zombie Fortress Battlefield v0.25e

zombie fortress battlefield

  1. Tsilliev
    What I wanted mostly from playing at Beos zombie server is a GOAL finally, after 3 hours of trial and error i did it.
    As you can see from the pic we can see the number of gates and when all gates are destroyed you win the game, finally, no more awkward situations when you destroy all portals and wonder what to do.

    Because i already started modding anyway, I also added my other stuff from Capture the Princess mode, like airplanes, bombers, fighters, bazookas, machine guns etc, thats why I call this mod Battlefield.

    Mod "Zombie Fortress Battlefield" v0.XX "created" ahem combined by me Tsilliev, credit to Eanmig,Beo, AsuMagic, Stabborazz,others which I can't remember, raise your hands so i can add you. (Credit for Olimarrex for raising his hand.)
    I believe all pieces in this mod are open for the public so i guess there are no problems to modify the files, and of course its fine for anyone to host it especially Beo because he maintains the zombie server for a really long time.

    1.Extract the ZFB18 to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\King Arthur's Gold\Mods
    2. Find autoconfig.cfg at main kag directory, go inside and make sure that sv_gamemode XXX is sv_gamemode ZFB18.
    3. Find mod.cfg in main kag directory make sure at bottom you have ZFB18.
    4. Start dedicated.bat
    5. Start kag and at multiplayer type as I recall to join your server.
    6. Portforward your 50301, 50328 ports so others can see your server, and make sure that in autoconfig.cfg sv_register is 1.

    Now testing should occur, if there are problems and bugs which may have please wright me in the discussion.

    If you wish to support this project by buying me a drink:


Recent Reviews

  1. Beo
    Version: v1.9
    Good job!