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[1057] castle

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by StalkerJoe, Apr 6, 2014.


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Poll closed Apr 16, 2014.
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  1. StalkerJoe

    StalkerJoe Catapult Fodder

    Comments? Suggestions? (this is my first large scale castle build) the torches are there just for lighting up the place for the screenshot, normally they would not be there.[​IMG]
  2. Tizmiz

    Tizmiz Horde Gibber Tester


  3. metalcallous

    metalcallous Shipwright

    I'm going to look at this at the perspective of KAG-craft, not competitive matches (so I won't go keg weak, bomb jumper weak on you.)

    On the archer nests, you might wanna place a ladder so that the archer can hang there, also maybe add a window? Its also big enough that you can drop boulders on assailants, or as I guessed you designed it - a knight access to outside the walls.
    The trap block stair is sorta nice.
    Competitive wise, a one sided version of this could be a nice tower, might wanna add additional layer of wood or stone on top of the shops to deter commando knight jumpers from bombing and destroying that precious tunnel.
    The back walls that support the trap door stairs need not be stone. You can use wood, so long as they don't touch any wooden block then no fire arrow can touch it. Add backwall support on the upper portions of the tower as well, and move the shops a little further back so that a keg on the tower base won't obliterate them.

    Edit: and food shop :) archers who engage enemies or a weary knight appreciate them now and then, especially when they're close to the front lines.
  4. remove all the trap blocks