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[1239] Decent Anti-knight structure

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Draco1991, Dec 5, 2014.


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  1. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    Hello all!
    This is my first building so its probably not the best but oh well
    Anti-bomb base.png

    The idea of this building (as said in the title) is an anti-knight structure. It requires one bomb to get over and it takes two very well timed bombs to get in or 3+ non-guided bombs. It costs 220 stone and 190 wood in total which is okay if you want to build it as a long term structure.

    The red area prevents knights from getting over by just wall climbing and it's high enough to stop them from slash jumping over the spike. The platform on the wooden block prevents any bombs that lands there to break the wooden block underneath.

    The green area is there to stop bombs from breaking the stone, potentially killing the player inside. Platforms can withstand three bombs making it difficult to break in through the top as knights can only carry four bombs in their inventory.

    The blue/purple area is where the player can stand safely if under attack. There's no easy way to kill anyone inside other than a very well timed bomb on the sides, making this and ideal retreat area.

    Lastly, the yellow areas. They're there so knights cant just stack bombs at the doors and just pulverize the base. They're four blocks deep so bombs won't have a big effect on the base itself.

    I hope you enjoyed my anti-knight building

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  2. H3llO

    H3llO Shopkeep Stealer

    nice idea but has quite some flaws.
    -because of the small size a knight can easily break the woodblock holding the spike;
    -It just needs one block or two knights to climb on top without taking damage.
    -A single bomb can kill the builder inside. (thrown above the stone door)

    try something like this

    you can use spike on wood and place it higher, but the higher the tower the easier for an archer to dodge the trap ontop
  3. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    Thanks, didn't really think very hard on this - oops. I'll make sure to update my design.

    ~Something hours later
    I've rethought my design and made it way better but much more costly.
    Now, it costs 552 stone (including backwalls) and 410 wood.
    screen-14-12-06-12-21-51.png This design can with stand more of an attack, I still need to perfect it because the doors are still reasonably vulnerable.
    Purple: Three layers making it extremely hard to get though, two if a knight decides to just slash at it for a while.
    Green: A saw trap in the ground with a spike that stuns the player and makes them fall into the saw. the two platforms facing <-- help keep the player in the trap (one of the platforms is in the red box)
    Red: Helps a bit with bombs, also makes it so you can't stand too close to the saw trap without getting hit.
    I could still probably improve this by getting rid of parts that aren't needed but its a start.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
  4. Apronymous

    Apronymous Bison Rider

    Enemy Trapblocks and Platforms (at any orientation) have weird wall-running and wall-jumping interactions.
    The two revisions were (very) fun to parkour over.
    H3ll0's model can be scaled using a slash-jump, a wall-jump, and some wall running.
    Draco's (2nd) modle can be scaled using a double slash jump, a wall-jump, a jump, and a jump (or a jump and some wall running if the upper trap also snared enemies).
    ... but both of those took quite a few tries (and Draco's revision killed me twice).
    So assuming *any* of these had even a single enemy (of any class) manning them, parkouring over them wouldn't be reasonable (though it *is* possible).
    I really like these ideas; it's amazing how often buidlers don't bother coming to the front lines, so I could see these frequently demanding kegs.
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  5. H3llO

    H3llO Shopkeep Stealer

    I'm not sure what those 4 trapblocks are supposed to do there? I think the trap ontop misses a third platform to prison an enemy trying to climb that structure.
    Also the three traps (green and red marked in your picture) are what I think a little to much. Especially the obvious sawtrap is something that prevent enemy knights from recklessly running at your structure, instead waiting for support or bombjump that structure and then its to costly and takes way to long to set up.
    Pretty nice are the upwards pointed platforms inside, but overall I prefer your first design.

    I made a second revision too.
    the trap ontop is a nice to have but not necessary (forgot a platform at the trap ontop, without it'd be pretty useless)
    its not that much of a difference but I reimplement your wood-spike idea. The platforms around it absorb most damage making it a little bit more durable.

    Always fill gaps with platforms as long as they not interfere, because they absorb quite some damage and make it extremly annyoing for enemy builders to destroy your structure with this cheesy auto-targeting and prevent them from abusing holes by filling them with their own teamdoors.
  6. IguanaMan

    IguanaMan Ballista Bolt Thrower

    I like these ideas, but in pubs theres no way you could build these without some ::P: trying to "help" by filling in the holes.

  7. 1 keg jump , the 10 minutes it took to build that is wasted

    Great design
  8. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    true, very true

    Keg jumps are op