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[1537] What is the best wall you can make with 500 wood and 250 stone?

Discussion in 'Builder' started by Gamersauce, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Gamersauce

    Gamersauce Catapult Fodder

    *wall is non-descriptive. Just keep the enemy on the other side.
  2. Corpsey

    Corpsey Ballista Bolt Thrower


    I came up with this.. uh it uses '6' more stone than 250 (256) but technically I guess the one block at the base could be removed, as it's just for stomping (those 2 diagonals should technically be lowered by 1, and also there are 3 wooden blocks underneath the base 3 wooden blocks, which are all on dirt backwall for an extra safety measure). The main offense would be spike dropping from builders (via that little gap in the platforms) and stomping. I feel like people underestimate stomping. There's no way for teammates to get back in, but you can easily put doors at the base where that's a possibility (due to the platform facing the one way).

    It's probably not ideal but maybe others will chime in :P

    For those wondering about the wooden part on the left, it's from this, and works really well:

    Edit: actually with some of the wood left over I could've put more downward facing platforms at the top of the platform stack I guess, to prevent bomb jumping a bit.. but basically bomb jumps and archer climbing trumps most walls.

    Something like this. I personally don't like doors, because sometimes noobs hit them on the way down and then get the door stuck open which lets people through.

    Edit2: Funny thing, with the wood doors there instead, you actually save 20 stone, too...

    Edit3: It has been brought to my attention that this is pretty good, too (If not, one of the best):
    It doesn't look amazing, but it resists a lot of damage and you can be repairing it while people are damaging it. Also make sure to build that wood door on dirt, for whatever reason a wood door on dirt is invincible to most things (especially bomb).
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015
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  3. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

    I put this together in a matter of minutes so don't expect it to be fool proof (or any good for that matter)
    Used all of the stone & wood to make this. It'd best be positioned on the top of a hill or as an overhang on a larger tower. I could've probably thought it through a bit more to improve it but here's the base design.
    It can withstand a keg, but barely.

    Hope you enjoy the design!
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  4. Egholm

    Egholm Shipwright

    I saw this question and immediately got curious to what people would come up with and I'd like to contribute with my suggestion too. ::):
    500&250 Wall.png
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  5. Darruin

    Darruin Arsonist Staff Alumni


    Easy to make and easy to fix.
  6. Egholm

    Egholm Shipwright

    What am I looking at? xD
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  7. Draco1991

    Draco1991 Drill Rusher

  8. watermelon200

    watermelon200 Catapult Fodder

    you build a knight shop and kill everyone
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
  9. Kvantti

    Kvantti Catapult Fodder


    Hello! This is a "windmill" setup I've recently found out to be secure, economical, effective and fast to set up by a single defensive builder. It's not imprevious to massed explosives and will not prevent archers from crossing, but it will stop enemy knights and bottle them up while allowing own troops to pass, attack and return. I've used platforms for passage since doors are often jammed open by both enemy and friendly bodies (archers I'm looking at you). The gaps between the vertical layers allow the structure to be repaired from safety. Usually stage two will hold off the enemy advance long enough for counterattack and repairs to be made.

    Stage 1:
    Ideally you would start from the high ground, but even level will do. First stage is only a scaffolding and will be hacked down quickly, so it should be upgraded to stage 2 immediately. The vertical platforms allow a safe one way passage for friendlies, their return via high doors and the top platforms prevent enemies from crossing. It's important to keep the friendly side level so knights can charge forward as fast as possible. Uses 140 wood.

    Stage 2:
    This is the important one. In second stage you should start by replacing the wood blocks with stone and add the stone backwall. If you can move freely, dig a small trench in front of the wall to catch bombs and for enemies to fall into. Put in a stone block with spikes to deter them from hacking at the passage and doors. Widen the platform above and put in stone backwall; fire arrows are a threat, but it's difficult to hit that narrow profile. Add another layer of platforms to the lower passage. Add vertical platforms to top to block bomb jumpers and incoming arrows. Put in a stone door and more stone backwall. Second stage uses about 180 wood + 150 stone and will irritate enemies to no end.

    Stage 3:
    When you have more resources, expand by adding stone and spikes between the lower passage platforms to make breaching more painful. Reinforce the pit with a couple of stone blocks and add additional spikes there too. Add another layer of doors and more platforms above to protect from arrows. Put in more stone backwall to fireproof the structure. From here on it will be easy to start developing this into a proper forward outpost with shops. This should take somewhere around 400 wood and 200 stone.

    Ideally several of these "windmills" are set up on the map in different stages of completion, all the way to the enemy base and on elevation if possible. Space them wide enough apart so that should they fall, they cannot be used as platforms to leap onto the next one. When they get taken, sometimes only the superstructure will be demolished; when you regain ground, the setup is easy to rebuild on the foundations.

    How do you like it?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
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  10. Gmm

    Gmm Catapult Fodder

    This is an wooden outpost made with 500 wood and 60 stone. I touched the tent/builder's shop and cut a tree that was already positioned in a saw, twice. I never dig and am all about the free resources mid game.
    Tent x 2 = 200w ; 60 stone , Tree x 2 = 300w (small ones?)
    It yielded enough coins to buy at least 1 bomb arrow and 2 fire arrows.
    The objective is to build a tower with different sections to defend as an archer. If knights get in one area I want to be able to retreat and shoot them from safety. A common example is when knights bomb jump over and I drop to an area that can hit them from below.


    Platforms on ground level really made camping easier for me.Instead of aiming at a downward angle from the top of the tower you can just shoot at ground level so the arc that the arrow makes has a bigger common path with the one that the knights make.
    The stone is really just to cut off as much wood from each other as possible making it more expensive for them to take the tower down. While the wood is spent on as many doors and platforms as possible to create the safe zones and get coins. I find platforms to be better than doors . Half the price,builders take longer to destroy them,no bodies holding them open and I can shoot through them instead of risking my 2 hearts out on the other side. The goal is to make a wall that doesn't fall while you run back for the second half of the resources. An easy way to build faster is to switch the block you are placing as little as possible. Ex: place all platforms that are nearby first then switch to stone backwall.


    Ground level is the safest,being able to shoot at the front,the back,mid and upper levels and having at least a 2 block thick layer towards the front and the top of the tower.. It's possible to open a door on face level like a window so even if you get stabbed in the face by a knight your dead body wont let him in. To get the floating door that allows mid level to go to ground level, place a wooden block next to it while its shaking so it stabilizes, then destroy the block.Try making the support backwall as far away from the front as possible so it doesn't all go down in one keg. This tower will take you less than a minute to build so you want them to waste at least 100 coins on it.Going back a third time for resources will let you actually transform it into a real tower. A possible pool of options is to finish the doors,make a pit,make it higher,stonewall the platforms,maybe a builder's shop behind it by adding another room with platforms and etc.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
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