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[590] Alpacanian Line Piece

Discussion in 'Building Critiques' started by Alpaca, May 23, 2013.


What do you think of my tower?d

  1. Amazing! I'd love to be defending a tower like this!

  2. A good start, but it could use a few adjustments...

  3. OK, I guess it's better than nothing, but it needs some SERIOUS tweaking.

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  4. Just collapse it now, this will help the enemy more than us.

  1. Alpaca

    Alpaca Haxor

    This is my go to tower for low resource servers:
    Alpacanian Linepiece.png


    A quick to build tower I've been using on low resource servers lately, provides decent protection, as long as your teammates are competent enough to defend it.


    Green Circle - three high bridges, not high enough for knights to break, much easier to get up than jump pads

    Red Circle - first outside door is 3 above the top bridge, making it within all classes jumping range on your team, but impossible for enemy knights to reach without major shield ladders, inside has 2 doors to allow you to get close and make a drop trap from within the tower

    Pink Circle - tower interior alternates stone with doors so you can repair the exterior blocks from within the tower

    Dark Blue Circle - back wall columns placed back away from the tower prevent bombspam from collapsing it

    Gray Circle - door placed one block out in front of tower helps stop laddering builders from blocking over the door, quarters immediately inside of door allow knights to heal while fighting if enemies ladder up

    Light Blue Circle - archer nest with the rest of the shops placed against the firing holes to provide some cover, sorry archers, quarters is already used for the knights in case of emergency


    • Low resources
    • Three high bridge genius
    • Quick to build
    • Easily spam-able
    • Outset door makes it more difficult for archers to shoot enemies at base of tower
    • drop trap is very low to ground and making one in time to stop enemy builders from making ladders is difficult
    • Archer nest is very quick to assemble but is not the most effective design

    I love the three high door design, it works for low and high resource servers, is way better than jump pad spam, and still makes your tower impervious to single knights unless they have bombs and enough skill to use them properly

    Feedback? I've only started playing on ticketed, low resource servers relatively recently, and I'm still trying to improve my design, feedback is welcome.

    p.s. Yes, I know, line pieces have been posted here before. This isn't supposed to be a tutorial for new players, its me posting MY line piece and asking for other player's feedback. Every line piece is different, little things like the 3 high bridges and offset door end up making them entirely different to play on and defend, so don't scoff just because it's another line piece... Probably should have put this disclaimer at the top...
  2. No he didn't. The tower is similar to what I build in games, but I spam bomb chutes instead of archer camp spots.

    Nice tower alpaca :3
  3. killatron46

    killatron46 Cata Whore Donator
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

    The only thing I have to add alpaca would be a roof along the top, and a door 4 tiles off the ground. Looks good! :)
  4. Those three trapbridges can be turned neutral by continuous slashing from the side. Takes awhile though.
  5. Force

    Force Shark Slayer

    Great line-piece Alpaca.
    I cant really say anything bad about it.
    Just a suggestion, maybe instead of three trap-bridges stacked on top of each other, do something like this:

    I find it generally keeps knights from camping there, its like it scares them or something. Even though it isn't very effective physically, it does in my experience seem to have a psychological effect.
    killatron46 likes this.
  6. -Q

    -Q Donator

    I definitely agree with roofs, especially ones difficult for your team to access - I'll just bomb-jump right on top, and exploit my height advantage for all it's worth!