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A Collection of Unused KAG Sprites

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blubahub, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Those on the official KAG Discord may have already seen a (older) version of this file called "KAGUnusedSprites.png" - and now, I'm going to upload it here, since I now have a good amount of old KAG sprites (some concepts, some Classic, some current but unused and/or scaped) to archive! Best viewed when downloaded and opened (zoomed-in) on a photo editor that can open .png files. The blue serves as background and isn't part of any of the sprites (typically).

    The top (espically the top left) area is full of KAG concepts, the middle are mostly current and promotional, and the bottom is pretty much KAG Classic and older sprites. Sometimes i.e. if there's a bunch of unused sprites in a sprite sheet, I'll just totally copy and past the sprite sheet (even the sprites that are being used in-game) for context. The only times when I didn't downsize to pixel size (KAG size) is when most of the sprite (usually promotional) would be drastically messed up if I did.

    If you see something that you know doesn't belong here OR if you have official unused sprites of your own, feel free to comment! Every time I update this .png I'll reply below with an update. While this project is meant for archival purposes, I know (and have personally found myself) that this can be/is useful for modders..!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 31, 2019, Original Post Date: Jan 26, 2019 ---
    Updated it a tad bit, mostly with new "unused character animations" from Geti's Twitter (you can find the sprites on the collection right next to/above smaller promotional art that says "King Arthur's Gold" that has a blue background)!
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  2. thevan_werts

    thevan_werts Base Burner
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    There is some good stuff in the art-book, I've posted about it before but I think more people look at this discussion more than the mod discussions
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  3. Here's a new updated version:


    Mainly new stuff from @Geti 's DeviantArt gallery (https://www.deviantart.com/1bardesign/gallery/?catpath=/) and a GIF split into .png's from the KAG website that features a new (but odd) ladder sprite. Most of the new stuff is on the far top right. Note that the zombie running was not stated to be KAG, but I've deduced that it was meant to be a KAG zombie (more of a concept) since it was uploaded around the same time that KAG stuff was getting uploaded to Geti's account AND because it looks like how the zombies do in KAG. I also wish I could include this, but alas, it isn't pixelated (and thus doesn't pass my filter): https://www.deviantart.com/1bardesign/art/Sketch-25-11-13-Worse-than-Expected-415835775

    EDIT: The other thing that wasn't clearly stated that it was KAG is the eagle near the GIF and zombie. Geti meant it to be used as a profile picture (not sure if he used it), but it is definitely inspired by KAG and is KAGgish enough for me.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 21, 2024, Original Post Date: Apr 27, 2019 ---
    Another update, adding additional sprites from the KAG Classic manual, the current release of KAG Classic ("Beta"), and Geti's DeviantArt gallery that are explicitly or similar to KAG's art style. The new sprites are located directly below the "Full Version" purchase advertisement, to the center and right. Pixelated artwork that is or was explicitly stated to be based on solely on something else, such as this linked Dark Souls fan art, despite being passable as KAG artwork, is not included. I have not included any artwork from Geti's Pocket Wars game either due to similar reasons, although I acknowledge parts of it look passable as KAG Classic sprites, such as parts of the structures seen in this image. If you are wondering there are large gap between sprites that have been added in the past (or any that unlikely may be found in the future), it is because said spacing existed in the original sprite, which I wish to preserve. I believe in the past I have at times resized pixelated artwork down to as much as I can losslessly, viz. before any pixels begin to "disappears" or get "blurred," to maintain pixel perfect copies that are sized similar to the rest of the collection's art.


    As I find and study more of Geti's sprites and vignettes, I appreciate his and thereby KAG's art style more and more. KAG 2 when?
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  4. tigorsun

    tigorsun Shark Slayer

    it's already been
    --- Double Post Merged, May 26, 2024, Original Post Date: May 26, 2024 ---
    Now KAG 2
  5. TurkGenci

    TurkGenci Builder Stabber

  6. tigorsun

    tigorsun Shark Slayer