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AnImEFrEeK69420Dok (Academy Ace Love & Luxe Ecli)

Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by Koi_, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Koi_

    Koi_ Drill Rusher

    Server: KAG Official CTF US

    Time: 23:14 CST

    Chat Logs
    [23:13:28] <Gatu> blue you have a griefer
    [23:13:29] <Mav> nooo
    [23:13:31] <Mav> blue has a griefer
    [23:13:42] <VOID 【ORANG】> ye
    [23:13:42] <sans> good one dude
    [23:13:44] <sans> you're funny
    [23:13:47] Raven131 left the game
    [23:13:49] <Academy Ace Love & Luxe Ecli> lol
    [23:13:54] <Mav> fucking
    [23:13:54] <sans> so cool for greifing
    [23:13:59] <Academy Ace Love & Luxe Ecli> this games done anyway
    [23:14:01] <Mav> dinghy
    [23:14:29] <breAthe> t r a g i c
    [23:14:35] <sans> recording
    [23:14:36] <VOID 【ORANG】> fuc
    [23:14:38] <sans> go for it
    [23:14:51] <Chandler Bing> wow
    [23:14:51] <breAthe> good byee
    [23:14:53] <VOID 【ORANG】> oof
    [23:14:53] <XxdragonedgexX> griefer
    [23:14:55] <XxdragonedgexX> kick him
    [23:14:55] <Floxit> GRIFER
    [23:14:56] <XxdragonedgexX> KICK HIM
    [23:14:57] <sans> noice
    [23:15:00] <Gatu> why would you not vote kick him?
    [23:15:00] <VOID 【ORANG】> the entire team was griefing
    [23:15:04] <KnightEagle> we had already lost tbf
    [23:15:06] <Academy Ace Love & Luxe Ecli> leedeele
    [23:15:06] <sans> no it was two people
    [23:15:08] <Academy Ace Love & Luxe Ecli> tbh
    [23:15:08] <sans> not the whole team
    [23:15:09] <XxdragonedgexX> just kick him
    [23:15:32] <Academy Ace Love & Luxe Ecli> wut
    Reason: Greifing

    Comments: KnightEagle helped them greif the base. (See other thread.)

    Attached Files:

  2. SirSalami

    SirSalami THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Thank you for your report. AnImEFrEeK69420Dok Banned / Flagged for 5 days.