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[Application] stabborazz

Discussion in 'For Forum Mods (closed)' started by stabborazz, Sep 30, 2015.

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  1. stabborazz

    stabborazz Arsonist Staff Alumni

    • Why are you suited for this position ?
    I remember the first time I used the forums, wich was back in february 2013. I ended up getting a spam warning from Furai becouse I didn't really know how to work with the forums. From that day I have been using the forums atleast a few times a day. I can acces the forums at almost any moment of the day on my phone and I'm always online when I'm on my pc. My time zone is +1
    I know, I don't really post alot, I don't seem "that" active. So alot of people on the forums don't even know me. However, this doesn't mean that I don't read or follow any threads, I spend alot of time reading posts / conversations but I don't post something myself when I don't feel like its necessary. I only post alot in conversations that are of importance to me in-game. From being an admin on several servers in-game I know how to handle people that break the rules. I also have a little bit of experience with moderating on forums becouse I'm a moderator on Aphelion's KAG Servers forum group.
    I always stay neutral and don't pick sides in a fight / problematic situation so I can solve the problem as good as possible without making anyone angry.
    • any recommendations from other current moderators ?
    I don't think that any current moderator would recommend me becouse they don't know me that good. However any recommendations are welcome.
    • Section's you think you have the skill's to help in ?
    I read these 3 sections alot. And in all 3 of these sections there is currently only 1 mod.
    Miscellaneous: I really like the Miscellaneous section, its always interesting and fun to read. There are alot of threads in there for only 1 (currently) moderator to handle.

    Other games: I'm a gamer of hearth and soul. I play KAG alot, but I play a ton of other games and I know alot of other games. I love the discussions about these games and its often that people get in a fight over an argument when discussing or comparing other games. (Don't even get started on the Terraria vs Starbound).

    Trench Run: Ive only played the demo of Trench Run, but I already love it and made some video's about it from wich I uploaded 1 to youtube. When the game gets released + updated from time to time the section will grow and alot more threads will be posted.
    Thank you for your time.

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