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Application AU Atheon

Discussion in 'For Admin on Official KAG Servers' started by Atheon, Feb 24, 2019.

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  1. Atheon

    Atheon Haxor Staff Alumni Tester

    Which continent are you from?

    How often do you play?

    What times are you usually available?
    UTC +11 AEDT
    Weekdays (3PM – 12AM)
    Weekends (Anytime)

    Do you have any experience with being an admin on KAG servers?
    Yes, I have experience as being an admin on the following servers below:

    AUS S1W Factions Server
    AUS S1W Archer Assault Server
    AUS Factions V3 Server
    AUS KAGLadder Rated 1v1 Server
    AUS Tavernbrawl Server

    Do you have any recommendations from notable people, such as moderators, server owners or current Official KAG Server Admins?

    Why should you become an admin and what makes you a good admin?
    • Due to the inactivity of admins there has been a lack of moderation in-game and there is a need for more active admins. I am very active and can help the in-game community with better and frequent moderation.
    • I have gained some admin experience from different community servers over the years, allowing me to be better suited and prepared for moderating official servers.
    • I am calm & respectful at all times and situations, in addition to desirable admin qualities. This means I can address serious situations in the appropriate manner when required.
    • Friendly and approachable towards all players, especially new ones. I am passionate towards helping out new & old players in the community in order to create a fun, balanced and knowledgeable environment for those who seek assistance.
    • I am unbiased and don’t favour sides. I treat everyone equally & fairly when it comes to moderation and justification.
    • Well known within the community and familiar with the game playerbase.
    Any other information you think might be relevant?
    :yes: Active on discord
    :yes: +7 Years of in-game experience
    :yes: Active on other regions as well; US and EU servers
    :yes: Participated in Oceania gather, clan wars and tournaments

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  2. Pineapple

    Pineapple Arsonist Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. KAG Competitive League
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    +1 a very strong candidate for this position, shows massive dedication to the game and community. There hasn’t been single instance where he has been toxic or rude.
    He is always active in game and helping anyone whenever needed (also pretty active in the Oceania discord).
    This man would be a perfect addition to the oksa team.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
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  3. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    Atheon is a very active and well known member of the Kag community, particularly within Aus. He is always polite, helpful and is always willing to talk to/explain things to new players.
    He plays pretty much everyday, both in Aus and US/EU.
    All in all, Ath would be a great member for the admin team
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  4. Known

    Known Shipwright Official Server Admin

    Atheon is police and respectable. I have seen him active in NA, EU, and AUS. He is a great candidate for admin.
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  5. Sarius6

    Sarius6 Builder Stabber Staff Alumni

    A great candidate for the position, very calm and helpful towards players, and very active both in-game and in the Kag community.
    Always willing to explain things to new players, absolutely understands the skill gap for beginners.
    A great choice for admin :heart:
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  6. JayP9

    JayP9 HSJJRF Staff Alumni Donator

    +1 Atheon has been a key member of our community for sometime. An Incredibly friendly dude who is always willing to help others. I strongly suggest getting him in the team, im sure he will do an excellent job.
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  7. RampageX

    RampageX Haxor Staff Alumni Tester

    Strong candidate. Has hosted plenty of servers where he has managed a bunch of admins and was an admin himself. He suits the position and is one of the more noted AUS players.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  8. Waxtor

    Waxtor Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator Tester
    1. KAG World Cup 2018
    2. Gather Oceania

    Atheon is easily one of the nicest members of our community. He puts others first, helping out new players when ever they have a problem. He is active pretty much daily which is something that would be greatly beneficial to the AUS community. Definitely suited for the job.
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  9. darkdrake

    darkdrake Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni

    +1 probably the best candidate for AUS. If your're familiar with Atheon you will know that he is polite, well mannered and gets along with everyone in the AUS community. Atheon is one of the most active players in AUS and I often see him showing his passion towards the game by helping new members of the community whenever he can. He is very diligent and respectable, which is why I think he would perfectly fit the role as an admin.
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  10. good guy, level-headed, will be a valuable inclusion to the au admins
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  11. PooManCHU

    PooManCHU Shopkeep Stealer

    Played with Atheon for years at this point, not once have i seen him lose his cool that may change the day he finally gets a mic, but dw that's not likely to happen:wink: Atheon is a great team player and will change from knight to builder and vice versa depending on the teams needs, plays a good archer too.
    as others have said he is very active and becasue of his knowledge of the ingame mechanics and meta (sometimes creating it dam you wood base cancer) he can help noobs will almost anything +1
    Sarius6 likes this.
  12. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    Accepted, welcome to the team!
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