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Best K/D.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AJ, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. AJ

    AJ Emperor of Mankind Donator

    I dont remember mine it was something like 80/20.Give or take.

    Whats yours?
    P.S. Has anyone else found a bug where JUST your amount of deaths jumps up after one death?I had 14 deaths before i die once and it jumps to 58.Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    I believe there was already a thread for this but I can't find it.

    I got something like 80/20 too.
  3. cykalu

    cykalu Shopkeep Stealer

    I've also gotten that abnormal number of deaths increased from one death. Sad to see it happen to my score T_T

    I also gotten some abnormal numbers with kills... got about 34 kills in one round as a builder in about 15 minutes, I was building majority of the time, though i did pick up my hammer against enemies from time to time, but i dont recall killing that much people in such a short time span

    I play archer... so k/d's a lil different. mine was around 140-10
  4. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. REKINS OF SEAS: Super Crew of Ultimate Havoking 2: Return of King of KAG: Chapter 420blazeit - REKIN

    As knight, I tend to have on average a 2-1 up to 4-1 K/D
    As archer, I tend to average around 8-1 up to 15-1 K/D

    I have also gotten that bug where it just adds random deaths before but it only happens to me on certain servers. I had only died no more than 5 times before but then it said I had died like 30-40 times. I do think it might just be an issue on certain servers.

    edit: didn't notice it was best
    My best ever was
    Knight: 10-1
    Archer: 35-0 (didn't get killed once but I entered the game a little late and was the only archer in entire game)
  5. 15:3* as a knight I believe.

    *and then I started dying really commonly .
  6. Thiel

    Thiel KAG Guard Tester

    87/1 on Shad's Rapid TDM server. (As knight).
  7. Salted

    Salted Bison Rider

    105/3 as archer
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  8. Drok

    Drok Shark Slayer

    As a knight, the best ever I got is 10 kills, but that only in a very lucky first life. 100/20 is my record in a long battle.
    Generally my K/D is around 2 or 3, but with low ping and some luck I can get to 4.
    As an archer, I think my best was 50/4, but there is no point in K/D for archers as you can hide and camp indefinitely (and retreat to the quarters every time you are hit by another archer).
  9. sj67

    sj67 Greg hunter

    41/1, I was bomb camping the enemy's base and when they re-spawned I would throw a bomb, kill them, and get coins for it, thus buying another bomb. It ended because the bomb bounced off the wall and rolled towards me. The other team laughed in my face :3
  10. BindNation

    BindNation Bison Rider

    Is it possible to track your stats? That would be really nice.
  11. Knighthart

    Knighthart is love Donator

    My K/D tends to stay around 1.5.
    I guess I'm just playing too agressive most of the time.
    Good thing I don't care much about it after all.
  12. max_rus

    max_rus Shipwright

    once had 26-0 which transformed to 35-2...
  13. sj67

    sj67 Greg hunter

    When I took an arrow to the knee.
  14. Replace "then" with "when" and that obvious joke would be better.
  15. Eric

    Eric Shark Slayer

    I totally got like 47/58 once, that was pretty cool.
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  16. Foxodi

    Foxodi KAG Guard Tester

    Wonkyth claims he saw me with 400/20 once, but he has scoreboard issues like you too.
    Otherwise my best would be around 500/80 as knight a couple of times.
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  17. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    i havent killed anyone yet :(
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  18. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Then I got bored and rushed in.
  19. 114/22 ... in 64 slots .. I miss that serveeer!!!! :(
  20. p4raiba

    p4raiba Bison Rider

    137/15 as archer :]
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