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Bring back Fellere_Fourrivers into the Offi CTF mapcycle

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bunnie, Apr 10, 2019.


bring it back?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    this is the most epical map ever. big, lots of paths, many strategies to win. i think we should bring it back, now that we have 24slots on offi CTF. maybe just remove a few trees, but aside from that it was a very good map.
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  2. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    It isnt even playable without 30 players in the server( let alone a 24 player cap). Dont be stupid like bunnie guys!
  3. Coroz

    Coroz B R B Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    with quarries this map makes a humongous stalemate where only a sawjump can end it.
  4. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    Even though the map was a bit annoying to play on, I have so many good memories of varying playstyles. One game you can tunnel, one you can rush, minecraft, a big tug of wall, siege or boats. With f2p, it could be fun to play on a big map with 24 slots
    bunnie and Pineapple like this.
  5. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    quarries are getting a 1 per team limit as soon as someone codes it, geti said that he would accept something like that
    Coroz likes this.
  6. ShnitzelKiller

    ShnitzelKiller Haxor

    Don't forget how much the game has regressed since this map was in the cycle. These days the server would crash before you could ever finish a game on this map.
    Noburu likes this.