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Devlog KAG BUILD 3536 - Christmas update and Discord giveaway

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Furai, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Before we mention the update contents - check out our Discord server to participate in our 2020 holiday giveaway!


    Update highlights:
    • Christmas cheer: Christmas sprites, snowfall, and main menu music (thanks dome)
    • New emotes that can be bound through the bindings menu
    • Bugfixes, minor balance changes, and a nice automatic rebuild feature for modders

    We have a few more improvements and balance changes created by the community that we have to review, test and balance further for an incoming update.

    Complete changelog (thanks to @Vamist):
    - Fixed a movement related null error (Vamist)
    - Fixed bows charging even when there's no arrows (INixson)
    - Fixed doors showing incorrect damage (INixson)
    - Resolution fix for staging build (Asu)
    - Kaggen no longer places blocks inside flag (epsilon)
    - Server attachment bugs fixed (epsilon)
    - Crates no longer slide through doors (Vamist)
    - Block placement checks (Vamist)
    - Knights no longer deal less damage if they also hit a log (Vamist)
    - Minor fixes to RegrowPlants script (CatWiz)
    - Fixed finished account linking button (Bunnie)
    - Sponges no longer clear water if in inventory (Hobey)
    - Fixed pickups to pre-halloween update state (Hobey)
    - Pressing C with ladders attached to you now lets you pick up items (Hobey)
    - Doors will open by default if placed on a team player (Vamist)
    Various improvements and additions:
    - CTF Mapcycle changes (Map mod team)
    - Client side gui no longer use commands - this makes menus show up instantly even with high latency (Vamist)
    - Removed RegrowPlants script from TDM (Vamist)
    - Arrow hit box tweaks (Nananas)
    - Saws break if 3 or more bombs go off at once (CatWiz)
    - Removed gold from chest drops (Bunnie)
    - Removed the user collapse message in chat as it was often incorrect (Vamist)
    - Script errors look more user-friendly now (Vamist)
    Modding additions/fixes and misc. codebase changes:
    - Knight common includes some old var's for old mods (Vamist)
    - Correction of a spelling error in a function name (Kuift)
    - `rebuild` properly rebuilds include scripts
    - New functions for CreateGenericButton (Vamist):
    * New funcdef: void CallbackButtonFunc(CBlob@, CBlob@) (NOTE: funcdefs dont appear in kags manual for now)
    * New script binds:
    * CButton@ CreateGenericButton( int _frameNum, Vec2f _offset, CBlob@ attached, CallbackButtonFunc@ cb, const string &in )
    * CButton@ CreateGenericButton( const string &in iconName, Vec2f _offset, CBlob@ attached, CallbackButtonFunc@ cb, const string &in )
    Sandbox changes (Vamist):
    - Crates will no longer allow you to bypass blacklisted items
    - Shops will no longer spawn in the ground
    - Mats will decay quickly
    Builder coin gain tweaks (CatWiz):
    - Stone block gives 3 coins
    - Stone doors give 5 coins
    - Ladders give 1 coin
    Christmas cheer (Bunnie):
    - Christmas sprites and snow
    - Snow looks better above 30fps (Vamist)
    - Snow disables and re-enables when you toggle Fast graphics (Vamist)
    - New main menu song (Dome)
    - Present timer is now 10 mins instead of 5 (Bunnie)
    New emotes (found in emote binder, by 8x, Asu and Pirate-rob)
    - Idea (https://files.vamist.dev/ijYjE)
    - Mine (https://files.vamist.dev/64qCO)
    - Sorry (https://files.vamist.dev/KGQBO)
    - Rat (https://files.vamist.dev/1aSac)
    - Dismayed (https://files.vamist.dev/jgVPK)
    Auto rebuild script for modders (Vamist)
    - Can be configured in autorebuild.cfg
    - By default it will auto rebuild when you alt tab into the game
    - NOTE: KAG tools users will need to manually include the file into gamemode.cfg until kag tools updates