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Application EU Bunnie

Discussion in 'For Admin on Official KAG Servers' started by bunnie, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    it's a private server, and how was i spamming?
    [14:49:02] <E D G E Mazey> even tho it's a clan
    [14:49:05] <E D G E Mazey> / was
    [14:49:10] <HOMEK Drunnie Buncan> but they will be able to votekick you
    [14:49:12] <HOMEK Drunnie Buncan> so whatever
    [14:49:24] Map: FG_Clash
    [14:49:46] <TAN zortak832> lol
    [14:50:02] Map: Ferrezinhre_Vertigo
    [14:50:21] dannyrocks left the game
    [14:50:30] joshua93 left the game
    [14:50:39] Map: 8x_Cascade1
    [14:51:41] Map: CrampedCastle
    [14:52:12] Map: 8x_Mandala
    [14:52:40] <sendhelp monstakit> yea
    [14:52:48] Map: CraggyOutlook
    [14:52:50] <TAN zortak832> ;p
    [14:52:56] --- A vote was started by Turtlebutt ---
    [14:52:57] --- Turtlebutt Voted In Favour ---
    [14:53:00] --- JaCobKu Voted In Favour ---
    [14:53:02] --- Mazey Voted Against ---
    [14:53:04] <TAN zortak832> whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    [14:53:05] --- MonstaKit Voted In Favour ---
    [14:53:05] <HOMEK Drunnie Buncan> how am i spamming
    [14:53:10] --- MrRewind Voted Against ---
    [14:53:18] --- Bunnie Voted Against ---
    [14:53:19] <TAN zortak832> ikd why
    [14:53:21] <TAN zortak832> ikd
    [14:53:24] <TAN zortak832> idk***
    [14:53:26] --- Vote failed: 3 vs 3 (out of 8) ---
    [14:53:33] <HOMEK Drunnie Buncan> epic votekick
  2. Toblerone9

    Toblerone9 Builder Stabber

    bunnie has constantly hated on the aus community and has tried to enforce his own rules upon us in the past. he has consistently left rude comments in the oceania discord and generally been rude to Australians and new Zealands alike. i do not believe he is suitable for admin because of his intolerance of oceania in the past, and his attempted control of the oceania tournament scene.
    gamer and bunnie like this.
  3. Basshunter

    Basshunter of course i like your t-shirt Staff Alumni Donator Tester Official Server Admin

    Bunnie might be a good leader, tournament host and player, though in my opinion the role doesn't fit him at all. He's a troll and spammer building swastikas whenever he has the opportunity. He just can't act mature enough. Bad material for admin imo
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  4. FunATuns

    FunATuns Builder Carry Donator

    i want to give bunnie a +1 so bad. i want to say he would be a good admin so bad, but he is just the type to hold grudges and trivialize people who dont agree with him on his opinions on the game. i know by commenting this he will probably hate me forever and get his clan to hate me but i have seen admins who dont like people who dont suck them off and it scares me to think that bunnie might only add to the ranks of them. i think what bunnie does for the game is insane and he is beyond a doubt one of the most dedicated community members for the game, i just dont believe that oksa is right for him.

    reluctant -1
    Basshunter likes this.
  5. Fuzzle

    Fuzzle Grand Grumbler

    3 words: Immature noob troll.
    He's the reason why admins are needed in the first place.
    Had a good laugh from the application, tho.
    PUNK123, Psiklaw, FoxyLady and 8 others like this.
  6. Dont think he would be a good admin because he has done -insert any shitty thing ever- . He is also a racist person, so yeah. -1 ty
  7. ganeshguy50

    ganeshguy50 Bison Rider Official Server Admin

    I'm not sure if I could name a person with a greater contribution to the KAG community as Bunnie. He's consistently hosting tournaments which are a key feature of KAG at this point. I honestly find his volatile personality hilarious, and clearly has extreme organisation skills.

    +1 (despite being a dog)
  8. SJD360

    SJD360 Haxor

    So there I was, casually minding my own business, until I felt a deathly chill shudder down my spine. Did another celebrity die? Did Theresa May make another comment about moldy jam? No - the true reason was far, far worse. My fears were soon fully realised upon seeing that bunnie was applying to become an Official Admin, and I was certain I could hear a dramatic sting going off somewhere.

    I literally came back from the dead to attest to the sheer, incomprehensible volume of hostility and toxicity exhibited by bunnie. He's iconic in the KAG community - not exactly in the positive sense - and he can be a laugh to some people present, somehow.

    His biased personality and short temper makes eating a plate of grenades for breakfast, lunch & dinner look tame in comparison. He's infantile, immature, childish and is in no way, shape or form suitable as an Official Admin. Anyone who has interacted or has been on the wrong end of bunnie can testify that he is an absolute nightmare to deal with. He can be an embarrassment to talk to, he has no tact for the most part, and whatever amount of unfortunate encounters I've had with bunnie in the past has more often than not ended with me either contemplating hiring a contract killer or very slightly miffed - there is no in between.

    In summary, bunnie is a dildo laced with dynamite and googly eyes. He can be fun to be around in short doses, but the fact that he holds together as well as shitty Lego proves well enough that this position is extremely ill-suited for him.

    Vampire, Psiklaw, Sarius6 and 2 others like this.
  9. JayP9

    JayP9 HSJJRF Staff Alumni Donator

    -1 Immature and frequently involved in all sorts of drama. Extremely arrogant and struggles to follow server rules. Has a lot to improve before being legible for such role.
    bunnie likes this.
  10. mcrifel

    mcrifel Haxor Staff Alumni Tester
    1. MIST

    Doubt Bunnie will get admin but i'll give him my +1, can't name a single person that has done more for the kag community than Bunnie. Bunnie can be hand full sometimes but I still feel like he will be a fine admin.
    bunnie likes this.
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