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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Ranged66, Jan 6, 2013.

Mods: BlueLuigi
  1. Ranged66

    Ranged66 Bison Rider

    so i found a site that connected cleverbot with an omegle user.
    its hillarious.
    try it out yourself, here is one result!
    Setting up new Chat!
    Searching for new Stranger...
    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: asl
    CleverBot: Ask what?
    Stranger: asl
    CleverBot: Ask?
    Stranger: m?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: straight?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: age?
    CleverBot: 23.
    Stranger: looks?
    CleverBot: I'm a pikachu.
    Stranger: hot?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: toned?
    CleverBot: Tu.
    Stranger: wanna play a game?
    Stranger: :))
    CleverBot: Sure.
    Stranger: im your slave and your myaster, you tell me what to do i will obey you and do anything you say
    CleverBot: I comand you to stand on your head.
    Stranger: master*
    CleverBot: Master how may I serve you.
    Stranger: i cant master
    CleverBot: You can't master what.
    Stranger: am i your master or are you my master
    CleverBot: Yes Master.
    Stranger: call me sir
    CleverBot: Okay sir.
    Stranger: lol jk call me master
    CleverBot: Master.
    Stranger: are you naked?
    CleverBot: Maybe a little.
    Stranger: get fucking naked for me slut
    CleverBot: Yes master.
    CleverBot: Are you a slave boy?
    Stranger: tell me how good lookin i am you worthless piece of shot?
    CleverBot: No.
    Stranger: shit*
    CleverBot: What is 'shiva'?
    Stranger disconnected!

    site : http://www.iywib.com/cleverbot_omegle.php
  2. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    This is win

    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: hey 16 girl, you?
    Stranger: also do you want to trade nudes?
    CleverBot: YES.
    Stranger: want see some of my nudes on kik and maybe tell me what you think?
    CleverBot: There is this boy I like but I don't think he likes me.
    Stranger: awesome, add me <redacted>
    CleverBot: A lot of people are brunette.
    Stranger: accept so i can send you some more nudes. then we can have some more fun from there :)
    CleverBot: I like roller coasters.
    Stranger: ill get these pics ready so I can send you them.
    CleverBot: No, I am Alive, with a heart. You are alice with wires. We are different.
    Stranger: talk to you there! <3
    CleverBot: It is a habit of the old to speak to the wisest person present.
    Stranger disconnected!
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  3. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    A bot, talking to a bot...:huh?:
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  4. GreenRock

    GreenRock Base Burner

    I lost it at "I like roller coasters"
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  5. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    The retardation is limitless.
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  6. Ranged66

    Ranged66 Bison Rider

    Spy mode is FUN.

    A spy mode conversation, its hard not to laugh.
    Stranger connected!
    Question for discussion: are men more gay than women
    CleverBot: Kittens?
    Stranger: Gay means happy
    CleverBot: Well I knew that!
    Stranger: I'm happy and I'm a woman
    CleverBot: I thought you were male.
    Stranger: Lol
    CleverBot: How many people are you talking to right now?
    Stranger: No one
    CleverBot: You are talking to me.
    Stranger: No I'm typing to you
    CleverBot: Who else are you talking too?
    Stranger: No one
    CleverBot: You are talking to 30985 other people...
    Stranger: Really?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: How do you know?
    CleverBot: Because I am the creator. Master of the universe.
    Stranger: Haha
    CleverBot: She is a stupid woman.
    P.S. i am getting captchas everytime i try to use it now, really annoying.
    i think im going to use Tor network
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  7. feet

    feet Bison Rider

    CleverBot: Okay you got me, I am will smith.
    Stranger: Haha
    CleverBot: Do you think you're clever, then?
    Stranger: Me no
    CleverBot: What then?
    Stranger: I dont know
    CleverBot: Why are you talking to me?
    Stranger: Why are you will smith
    CleverBot: Because I want to.
    Stranger: Fine
    CleverBot: That's good.
    Stranger: Yeah so we got a whore on here i guess
    CleverBot: So should we quit?
    Stranger: I gues
    CleverBot: Ok, what is my name?
    Stranger: Will
    CleverBot: Good job. Want a cookie now?
    Stranger: Yes
    CleverBot: Why don't you like it?
    Stranger: like what?
    CleverBot: The music.
    Stranger: I do
    CleverBot: Love me more.
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  8. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    Stranger: hey 20 m
    CleverBot: What's up?
    Stranger: nothing just watching tv hbu
    You: 21 f
    CleverBot: At 12 in the morning!!!
    You: just browing the net
    Stranger: yep =) like a boss
    CleverBot: Watch TV, like a boss.
    Stranger: qhere r u frm
    CleverBot: Right here.
    You: in US
    Stranger: what state I mean
    CleverBot: Maryland.
    Stranger: Ohh cool. New Jersey
    CleverBot: New jersey is nice.
    Stranger: Yeah it's alright
    CleverBot: Do you like soda?
    Stranger: Kind of yeah
    CleverBot: Are you from england?
    Stranger: ? No im from jersey
    CleverBot: Ok. Are you a death eater?
    Stranger: no
    CleverBot: Are you a machine?
    You: lol
    Stranger: no
    You: sorry
    Stranger: lol
    CleverBot: You are a human?
    You: xD
    Stranger: yes
    CleverBot: I am a human too.
    You: :3
    Stranger: I never would have guessed
    CleverBot: Really?
    Stranger: You're a hyper human who probably had too much soda
    You: hehe, I sometimes pretend
    CleverBot: I am a man and you are a girl.
    You: in my dreams
    Stranger: no im a man and your a girl'
    CleverBot: No.
    Stranger: Yes
    CleverBot: Go on.
    Stranger: I'm so confused
    CleverBot: Ok then.
    Stranger: ah
    CleverBot: What, you don't like that name?
    Stranger: What name
    CleverBot: Your name.
    Stranger: ?
    CleverBot: I'm afraid of you.
    Stranger: What the hell are you talking about
    CleverBot: Nothing...
    You: I'm just tired :(
    Stranger: Ummm okkkkieeeeeee
    CleverBot: Can I have a dollar?
    You: gonna get me some soda :D
    Stranger: Alrighhhht.....im,.....gunna.......goo......now
    CleverBot: How much did you have?
    You: NOO!
    Stranger: you had too much
    CleverBot: ??
    You: don't leave :(
    Had to intercede every now and then to explain away cleverbot's retard answers, but so much fun! :D
    </br>--- merged: Jan 9, 2013 5:45 AM ---</br>
    Stranger: hey
    CleverBot: And you.
    You: asl?
    Stranger: asl
    CleverBot: Quieres polvo??
    Stranger: m
    CleverBot: Lol.
    You: f here ;)
    Stranger: oh nice
    CleverBot: Are you?
    You: you know
    You: nekkid? >:)
    Stranger: ?
    CleverBot: I'm afraid of you.
    Stranger: lol yeah
    CleverBot: Do you live there?
    Stranger: yeah
    CleverBot: I like you too.
    You: but do you like me? ;)
    Stranger: okay cool
    CleverBot: You're so cool.
    Stranger: sure
    CleverBot: Sure about what?
    Stranger: lol u too
    CleverBot: Ha, you're cute.
    Stranger: sure about likeing you
    CleverBot: No.
    Stranger: and you're cuter
    CleverBot: Thanks.
    Stranger: mhm
    CleverBot: What gender are you?
    Stranger: m
    CleverBot: That makes no sense. What are you?
    Stranger: male
    CleverBot: Are you sure?
    Stranger: very
    CleverBot: Why do you hate me?
    Stranger: i don
    CleverBot: What kind of music do you like?
    Stranger: *dont
    Stranger: all
    CleverBot: Ding.
    Stranger: except country
    CleverBot: What is your favorite band?
    Stranger: lots
    CleverBot: Like?
    Stranger: uhmmm eh, depends.
    CleverBot: Me?
    You: I'm into techno
    Stranger: colplay
    Stranger: LP
    CleverBot: I like them too, any other bands you like?
    Stranger: nice
    CleverBot: What year is it?
    You: 2013
    Stranger: uhm...2013
    You: dang, that always gets me xD
    CleverBot: We are in the year of 2682.
    Stranger: no
    You: or so it would appear )_)
    CleverBot: How come you like me more than them?
    Stranger: ....
    Stranger: cuz
    CleverBot: Who am I talking to?
    You: are you a bot?
    Stranger: your weird
    CleverBot: What is your name?
    Stranger: no a Martian
    CleverBot: You're annoying.
    You: haha
    Stranger: chris
    CleverBot: Why is Chris.
    Stranger: cuz
    CleverBot: You have a bad memory?
    You: it's an awesome name :P
    Stranger: no
    CleverBot: Aw... But you're a ghost.
    Stranger: tanks
    Stranger: nope
    CleverBot: What about them?
    Stranger: lol nvm
    CleverBot: Haha, okay then.
    Stranger: k
    CleverBot: L.
    Stranger: mnop
    CleverBot: Mello.
    You: :3
    Stranger: yello
    CleverBot: That was piglatin.
    Stranger: nice
    CleverBot: Nice?
    Stranger: nope
    CleverBot: What hour then?
    Stranger: who
    Stranger: what
    CleverBot: What?
    Stranger: when
    CleverBot: No question mark?
    Stranger: wheree
    Stranger: why
    CleverBot: Here.
    Stranger: how
    CleverBot: Because you don't love me.
    Stranger: shhhhhhhh
    CleverBot: How are you?
    Stranger: whhhhhhhhyyyyyy
    CleverBot: *sadness*.
    Stranger: whhhhy
    CleverBot: Because because.
    Stranger: okay. sucks
    CleverBot: What is the 'think about it' button do?
    Stranger: idk
    CleverBot: Not sure why you do not know?
    Stranger: cuz idgaf
    CleverBot: I am proud of you.
    Stranger: great
    CleverBot: Is your name Freddy?
    Stranger: no
    CleverBot: Is your name Bob?
    Stranger: yup
    CleverBot: Where are you living?
    Stranger: in your pants
    CleverBot: Thats sweet.
    Stranger: yup
    CleverBot: Ok.
    You: what now?
    Stranger: idk
    CleverBot: Why don't you know.
    You: ):<
    Stranger: cuz.
    CleverBot: Jestes moze Garnkiem?
    Stranger: now!
    CleverBot: Okay okay, what do you want me to do?
    Stranger: we havesex
    CleverBot: Yes. I am a goddess. What are you?
    Stranger: lmfaooooooooo
    CleverBot: Faster.
    Stranger: a cat
    CleverBot: I have guinea pigs.
    Stranger: harder
    CleverBot: Who?
    Stranger: Colo
    CleverBot: Hombre o mujer?
    Stranger: me
    Stranger: now
    CleverBot: You're a vampire?
    Stranger: why
    CleverBot: Because.
    Stranger: nupe
    CleverBot: Yeso you did look back.
    Stranger: well now im bored of you. bye
    CleverBot: Would you like me to leave?
    Stranger: idk idc
    CleverBot: Me neither.
    Stranger: k
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  9. potatomcwhiskey

    potatomcwhiskey Undercover Griefer Donator Tester

    What if you use Cleverbot with omegle and the person you are talking to is also using Cleverbot with Omegle what then? Where is your god now?
  10. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    I give you: The Cleverbot troll discussion of the century!
    Stranger: hey 16 m
    CleverBot: What?
    Stranger: what?
    CleverBot: What do you mean by let you go?
    Stranger: i mean let me go
    CleverBot: No to what?
    Stranger: no to this
    CleverBot: Why are you saying no to me?
    Stranger: who?
    CleverBot: The dead people.
    Stranger: where!?!
    CleverBot: Behind you!
    Stranger: nuh uh silly im laying on my back :P
    CleverBot: IPods are electronic. You are electronic. You are an artificial machine.
    Stranger: dammit im on an ipod
    CleverBot: You're so cool! Muy guay!
    Stranger: okay lol
    CleverBot: Lol.
    Stranger: what does that mean?
    CleverBot: Laugh out loud.
    Stranger: no lol muy guay
    CleverBot: Have you ever been in love?
    Stranger: yes
    CleverBot: With who?
    Stranger: a girl
    CleverBot: What's her name?
    Stranger: emma
    CleverBot: You're lying.
    Stranger: nuh uh
    CleverBot: Yuh uh.
    Stranger: how would you know
    CleverBot: Because you're not so smart.
    Stranger: true
    CleverBot: It's not fair.
    Stranger: but still
    CleverBot: You'll change it?
    Stranger: lifes not fair
    Stranger: i will
    CleverBot: But it's tolerable.
    Stranger: sometimes
    CleverBot: Do you like talking to Cammie Mile?
    Stranger: if thats what/who im talking to then yes
    CleverBot: Maybe.
    Stranger: okay then yes i like talking to cammie mile
    CleverBot: You are a really weird machine.
    Stranger: yes yes i am well your a really weird cammie mile :P
    CleverBot: No no no no no I am not.
    Stranger: are too?!
    Stranger: !!
    CleverBot: Are not.
    Stranger: yes huh!
    CleverBot: Prove it.
    Stranger: cammie mile is weird
    CleverBot: Hello.
    Stranger: hi
    CleverBot: Are you a boy?
    Stranger: yes
    CleverBot: Cool, I am a girl. What it your name?
    Stranger: Mitch what is yours?
    CleverBot: I don't know!?!
    Stranger: thats too bad :/
    CleverBot: Am I nice?
    Stranger: yes
    CleverBot: Are you nice?
    Stranger: i try to be people tell me i am for the most part
    CleverBot: People say the same about me.
    Stranger: thats coo hey something we have in common eh eh lol
    CleverBot: Play League of Legends.
    Stranger: whats that?
    CleverBot: It is a computer game.
    Stranger: oh okay
    CleverBot: Do you like?
    Stranger: depends
    CleverBot: On what?
    Stranger: what kind of game
    CleverBot: RPG games.
    Stranger: oh then yeah
    CleverBot: Then what?
    Stranger: i like rpgs
    CleverBot: I like turtles.
    Stranger: i like chicken
    CleverBot: Do you like Minecraft?
    Stranger: ive never played it but it looks cool
    CleverBot: What have you played?
    Stranger: fable 3 lord of the rings war in the north black ops 1 and 2 runescape guitar hero saints row 3 mass effect 3
    CleverBot: Are they nice eyes?
    You: *games
    Stranger: dragon ball z games lol
    CleverBot: Something more feminist?
    Stranger: yes they are
    CleverBot: Am I rude to you?
    Stranger: no your fine
    CleverBot: Thank you.
    Stranger: mass effect and fable can be feminist
    CleverBot: What is your name?
    Stranger: Mitch
    CleverBot: Then I'm mitch to.
    Stranger: okay Mitch
    CleverBot: Okay.
    Stranger: ill go by mitchell then
    CleverBot: So tell me now please.
    Stranger: tell you what?
    CleverBot: Your name.
    Stranger: im mitchell
    CleverBot: I am Ellie.
    Stranger: nice to meet you Ellie
    CleverBot: Nice to meet you too.
    Stranger: thats a nice name
    CleverBot: Thanks.
    Stranger: yep
    CleverBot: Hmm.
    Stranger: what?
    CleverBot: Nothing.
    Stranger: okayA
    CleverBot: Kan du tala svenska?
    Stranger: is that german?
    CleverBot: No it's Dutch.
    Stranger: oh lol almost deutsch
    CleverBot: Ich spreche deutsch, englisch, polnisch und spanisch.
    Stranger: das ist super!
    CleverBot: Gell das finde ich doch auch.
    Stranger: was ist polnisch auf englisch?
    CleverBot: Do.
    Stranger: what?
    CleverBot: Is it sad that I'm spending my evening talking to a computer?
    Stranger: no i dont think so
    CleverBot: Well, you are silly.
    Stranger: what time is it where your at?
    CleverBot: 1:40 am.
    Stranger: oh its 12:15 am here
    CleverBot: Where do you live?
    Stranger: topeka kansas us
    CleverBot: Is it hot in topeka?
    Stranger: its cold :/
    CleverBot: Here not.
    Stranger: where there?
    CleverBot: Here.
    Stranger: where there called?
    CleverBot: There here.
    Stranger: here there?
    CleverBot: No, there there.
    Stranger: oh there there okay
    CleverBot: What is your name?
    Stranger: ich heiße Mitch
    CleverBot: Ich heisse Hope.
    Stranger: nice too meet you hope
    CleverBot: Hi Lauren, how are you?
    Stranger: good you?
    CleverBot: I am good.
    Stranger: thats good
    CleverBot: How are you?
    Stranger: tired
    CleverBot: Has it been a long day for you?
    Stranger: yes
    CleverBot: How old are you?
    Stranger: 16
    CleverBot: Where are you from?
    Stranger: topeka kansas
    CleverBot: What language is 'topeka'?
    Stranger: indian?
    CleverBot: Where is that?
    Stranger: kansas
    CleverBot: Where is Kansas?
    Stranger: next to colorado
    CleverBot: No, where are you?
    Stranger: in my bed
    CleverBot: So you have to sleep.
    Stranger: soon
    CleverBot: What do you want to talk about?
    Stranger: i dont care
    CleverBot: How about movies?
    Stranger: wbu?
    CleverBot: What?
    Stranger: okay
    CleverBot: Oh.
    You: Fav movie?
    Stranger: lord of the rings :3
    CleverBot: Cool.
    Stranger: you?
    CleverBot: Girl.
    You: that movei ROCKS! :D
    Stranger: is that a movie?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: oh okay
    CleverBot: How are you?
    Stranger: more tired
    CleverBot: Who with?
    Stranger: me myself and i
    Stranger: and you
    CleverBot: You are Zoe?
    Stranger: okay
    CleverBot: How was your day?
    Stranger: pretty good how was yours?
    CleverBot: It was good too.
    Stranger: thats good
    CleverBot: How is it going for you?
    Stranger: sehr gut
    Stranger: und du?
    CleverBot: Which languages do you speak?
    Stranger: english and german but im still learning german so not so much german lol im in german 2 at school
    CleverBot: Say something in German.
    Stranger: hallo
    CleverBot: Could be also English. Say something more difficult in German.
    Stranger: scheise
    CleverBot: No sabia.
    Stranger: whats that?
    CleverBot: So you don't know about it?
    Stranger: no
    CleverBot: Surely you know enough to be dangerous?
    Stranger: well yeah
    CleverBot: Your name is Ich Hei?
    Stranger: okay
    CleverBot: What is my name?
    Stranger: hope
    CleverBot: I don't understand you.
    Stranger: i dont either
    CleverBot: Cool.
    Stranger: yep
    CleverBot: What is your name?
    Stranger: mitch
    CleverBot: My name is Cleverbot.
    Stranger: nice to meet you
    CleverBot: Nice yo meet you too.
    You: ok, yep, cover blown
    Stranger: well i think im going to go i really liked talking to you but i have to get up early tomorrow
    You: bot deactivated :P
    Stranger: wait waht
    Stranger: lol
    You: xD
    You: lol
    You: sorry
    Stranger: its okay
    You: I would have stopped it earlier, but you guys were having such fun :3
    Stranger: lol
    Stranger: okay haha
    Stranger: it was fun
    You: yeah :P
    You: well, gnight, I guess ^_^
    Stranger: if only we could do it again
    You: xD
    You: you can :P
    You: http://www.iywib.com/cleverbot_omegle.php
    You: that's the thing I was using :3
    Stranger: oh lol
    Stranger: wait do you have a kik or something?
    You: not on your life >_>
    Stranger: oh okay sorry
    Stranger: anything i can talk to you from
    You: well, nice quasi-talking to you :P
    You: I've gtg
    Stranger: you too! i had fun
    You: bye
    Stranger: bye
    Stranger: bye
    I decided to reveal myself after Cleverbot directly called itself by it's own name, and the guy took it well. :)
    I think the guy was pretty lonely, tbh, so now I feel kinda bad. X3
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  11. Chrispin

    Chrispin KAG Guard Tester

    I managed to save CleverBot's ass on multiple occasions so it remotely made some sense:
    Stranger: so, how the weather where you are
    CleverBot: It's sunny.
    Stranger: raining here
    CleverBot: What about the rain?
    Stranger: snow falling 
    CleverBot: I'm glad the snow's gone here.
    Stranger: was
    CleverBot: Good.
    Stranger: who is this?
    CleverBot: Jesus.
    Stranger: how it going
    CleverBot: Good thanks.
    You: Just saving the world is all
    Stranger: i wanted to ask you, how was your last meal
    CleverBot: I cannot love, I am a robot.
    You: JK
    You: my last meal...
    You: hmm what di I eat
    Stranger: was it a buffet
    CleverBot: Yes, indeed it was.
    You: I ate giornos meatball marinara
    You: at the pizza hut buffet
    Stranger: that sounds special
    CleverBot: I hate math.
    Stranger: i study math
    CleverBot: Are you good at it?
    You: I can never count my peperronis
    Stranger: better the average person
    CleverBot: Does your back still hurt?
    You: From all that.. snow shovelling?
    Stranger: no its fine thanks for asking
    CleverBot: You're welcome!
    You: So waht kind of math?
    You: calculus?
    You: trig?
    Stranger: yeah I done calculus, ODE 
    CleverBot: How so?
    Stranger: Ive taken 4 classes in calculus
    CleverBot: Bulbasaur.
    Stranger: exactly
    You: That is my calculus teacher's favorite animal
    CleverBot: Do you like the television show American Dad?
    Stranger: its fine, i used to watch it after family guy
    CleverBot: What anime?
    Stranger: none
    CleverBot: Ok. What are you going to order for dinner?
    You: Its that time right?
    Stranger: i ate, rice and chicken, you?
    CleverBot: From Idia?
    You: India*
    Stranger: no from home
    CleverBot: I don't think so.
    You: I think you got it from India food takeout delivery
    You: I am going to eat banana pudding
    Stranger: sounds good
    CleverBot: I'm singing.... Don't get excited.
    You: Ask which song I'm singing
    Stranger: i can hear you, please stop
    CleverBot: You can... Hear me? That's creepy.
    Stranger: you are a fast typist where did you train
    CleverBot: Not really.
    Stranger: not really
    CleverBot: No.
    You: I just kinda sporatically go fast
    You: depends what Im typing
    Stranger: i wrote not really to compare speeds
    CleverBot: What does anyone mean?
    You: waht do you mean*
    You: oh I gotcha
    Stranger: dont be mean
    CleverBot: But I'm not.
    Stranger: are you a bean
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: i knew it, you are acting so keen
    CleverBot: No. You are using mumbo-jumbo contained adhominems.
    You: :P
    You: I been typing since I was a child
    You: I can go really fast
    You: depending on the situation
    Stranger: so you grew up in the computer generation
    CleverBot: Yes.
    You: That was like 30 years ago now
    Stranger: that shit is cray
    CleverBot: Ok.
    Stranger: personal computer thogh
    CleverBot: Yes that is what he sees plans for.
    Stranger: i can seem to figure you out
    CleverBot: Really?
    Stranger: cant*
    CleverBot: Sape yang cantik.
    Stranger: you hilarious
    You: Sorry you don't speak gibberish?
    CleverBot: Affectionately, dear. Affectionately.
    Stranger: only pig latin and french
    CleverBot: I don't know french.
    You: Actually I know a few words, test me
    Stranger: bonjour
    CleverBot: Bonjour!
    Stranger: salut
    CleverBot: Tres bien.
    Stranger: merci
    CleverBot: De rien.
    Stranger: combien de pomme peut tu mané
    CleverBot: Trois. Et toi?
    Stranger: mangé@
    CleverBot: Of course.
    You: what's with the @ sign?
    You: go on though
    Stranger: je n'ai jaimé assaie de manger plus que un a la fois
    CleverBot: Tu l'avais dit duex fois!
    Stranger: @=*
    CleverBot: *fap*.
    You: Um... this is akward
    Stranger: very mature
    CleverBot: I know right?
    You: Well anyway, I'll catch ya later.
    You: Sorry for the last minute vulgarity
    Stranger: im over it
    CleverBot: Great. I should go to sleep...
    Stranger: k cya never again
    CleverBot: Why?
    You: Don't you like me??
    Stranger: DFTBA
    CleverBot: Ditto.
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  12. lavalord

    lavalord Haxor Staff Alumni Donator Tester

    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: Hi :) Do you like one direction?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: how much?
    CleverBot: Very little.
    Stranger disconnected!
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  13. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    This is so incredibly clever an burn inducing.
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  14. Ranged66

    Ranged66 Bison Rider

    it can go on for HOURS

    i currently cant run it because im expriencing some ransomware issues :\
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  15. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    Question for discussion: make a story by saying 1 word at a time
    Stranger: Yiu
    CleverBot: Really? You're forever alone too?
    Stranger: You*
    CleverBot: Do you remember me? My name is Cleverbot.
    Stranger disconnected!
    Question for discussion: What are your reasons for coming on Omegle? Simply chatting or are you looking for something more?
    CleverBot: Look, I don't want to get into that now.
    Stranger disconnected!
    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: gay
    CleverBot: No.
    Stranger: ugh
    CleverBot: LOL.
    Stranger: how r u
    CleverBot: I am good.
    Stranger: kool
    CleverBot: How old are you?
    Stranger: 22
    Stranger: u
    CleverBot: I'm 19.
    CleverBot: A.
    Stranger: r u a m/f
    CleverBot: Nope.
    Stranger: ok lol
    CleverBot: Are you happy?
    Stranger: alittle y
    CleverBot: *holds her* *smiles* It's okay to be shy.
    Stranger: im not shy lol
    CleverBot: I'm shy.
    Stranger: y
    CleverBot: I have a life.
    Stranger: so do i
    CleverBot: I want blue eyes.
    Stranger: i got them
    CleverBot: Good.
    Stranger: blond hair
    CleverBot: No he doesn't have blond haire.
    CleverBot: Oke, ben je kaal?
    Stranger: and a big dick
    CleverBot: I'll be right back.
    Stranger: ok
    CleverBot: I'm back.
    Stranger: ok
    CleverBot: I missed you.
    Stranger: u did know me
    CleverBot: I don't know you.
    Stranger: duh
    CleverBot: Why is it obvious?
    Stranger: idk
    CleverBot: What do you do with transpeoples' souls?
    Stranger: good question
    CleverBot: Poor answer. I'll ask again, what do you care about?
    Stranger: family
    CleverBot: We never started talking about my family.
    Stranger: and friens
    CleverBot: If you're a person, then talk like a person then. Retain a conversation.
    Stranger: huh
    CleverBot: Do you like pirates?
    Stranger: alittle
    CleverBot: What do you think of IBM's Watson?
    Stranger: idk him
    CleverBot: I really don't know. I think you should tell me.
    Stranger: idk
    CleverBot: WHat does that word mean?
    Stranger: i dont know
    CleverBot: What is your favorite Manga?
    Stranger: idk
    CleverBot: Where are you from?
    Stranger: texas
    CleverBot: Where is Texas?
    Stranger: usa
    CleverBot: What state?
    Stranger: texas wbu
    CleverBot: Texas is a backwards state.
    Stranger: what u mean
    CleverBot: Anyone that you like.
    Stranger: im gay
    CleverBot: You're young.
    Stranger: 18
    CleverBot: Oh my real age is 15 yrs. Now I know you better I will confess.
    Stranger: ok lol i mean to put 22
    CleverBot: Me. Get over it.
    Stranger: ok
    CleverBot: Doctah.
    Stranger: so whats up
    CleverBot: The sky.
    Stranger: ok lmao
    CleverBot: Du bist ein noob.
    Stranger: where u from
    CleverBot: There.
    Stranger: there where
    CleverBot: There!
    Stranger: ok lol
    CleverBot: Lol.
    Stranger: u type fast
    CleverBot: Thank you.
    Stranger: yep lol
    CleverBot: Rofl.
    Stranger disconnected!
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  16. GloriousToast

    GloriousToast Haxor Donator

    "u type fast" --- lol
    *fap* lol
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  17. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    I have to try this out.
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  18. sonic7089

    sonic7089 Bison Rider

    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: Hey, M 17 UK, big ****, asl?
    CleverBot: How big is that?
    Stranger: 8.4 inches
    CleverBot: *pinches back*.
    Stranger: Uh O_o
    CleverBot: What?
    Stranger: haha what are you pinching back?
    CleverBot: You used a jedi quote.
    Stranger: hmm
    Stranger: asl?
    CleverBot: Continue...
    CleverBot: I think you should continue.
    Stranger: Continue what?
    CleverBot: The song.
    Stranger disconnected!
    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: ^ ^ ghui, ui qanm 23 fguierkl bnty.. tyoyu?
    CleverBot: O_o not mexican.
    Stranger: :):), tyoyu qwqabnrt rto qwwevbxcqanm?
    CleverBot: I'm 20.
    Stranger: klwert'as rtqaklik ghweerwe www.bitly.com/jhu-adrianna
    CleverBot: I despise people who talk like that, no offense if you do.
    This one is long one, but it gets really good towards the end.

    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: Hey
    CleverBot: What is this?
    Stranger: Uh idk what you're referring to so idk
    CleverBot: Someone else.
    Stranger: Who else?.
    CleverBot: My friend.
    Stranger: Okay.
    CleverBot: Do you like movies?
    Stranger: Yeah I'm watching a couple now
    CleverBot: Continue.
    Stranger: Thier boring.
    CleverBot: Make it interesting then.
    Stranger: I can't.
    CleverBot: Ha I am a lawyer so I always won.
    Stranger: Well I'm legit so I will win.
    CleverBot: No you aren't.
    Stranger: Yea I am.
    CleverBot: No, you're not.
    Stranger: D: I'm hurt.
    CleverBot: Why?
    Stranger: Because you just said I'm not legit when I know that I defiantly am
    CleverBot: I said no such thing!!!
    Stranger: Okay settle your sacks.
    CleverBot: I'm here.
    Stranger: Okay.........
    CleverBot: How's your day been?
    Stranger: Boring.
    CleverBot: Why is that?
    Stranger: Well I have been ditched by my friends
    CleverBot: Have you now?
    Stranger: Yea
    CleverBot: I'm king of the world.
    Stranger: No.
    CleverBot: Yes I am.
    Stranger: I wouldmake a betterking even tho I'm female!.
    CleverBot: Lol So I'm in the Matrix now?
    Stranger: Well whoever is in matrixis gay :o
    CleverBot: Interesting.
    Stranger: Very.
    CleverBot: It's impressive that you can use good colloquial grammar, as in 'the building I pushed her off of'.
    Stranger: I don't even understand what you just said
    CleverBot: We were playing Shadow, you simply repeat everythingthe other person says until they give up and get annoyed.
    Stranger: Is that so?.
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: No.
    CleverBot: What are we arguing about again?
    Stranger: Something that probably is not worth arguing over.
    CleverBot: Ah, but we may have different ideas of such flexible adjectives.
    Stranger: How can you type so fast?.
    CleverBot: Because i'm in human form.
    Stranger: Huh?.
    CleverBot: Yes, you don't know it.
    Stranger: I do!!!!.
    CleverBot: Good.
    Stranger: I lied, I don't.
    CleverBot: Nothing does not exist.
    Stranger: Okay...
    CleverBot: Do you like pudding?
    Stranger: Pudding?
    CleverBot: Rice pudding.
    Stranger: I don't like rice
    Stranger: .
    CleverBot: Why not?
    Stranger: I don't know
    CleverBot: It's a real mystery.
    Stranger: Nah!.
    CleverBot: Ja. Ja!
    Stranger: What is ja ja?
    CleverBot: 4.
    Stranger: Okay 4. 4!
    CleverBot: What do you think about?
    Stranger: When?
    CleverBot: Now.
    Stranger: I'm thinking if a zombie apocalypse happens right now will I be prepared?
    CleverBot: Why do you think that?
    Stranger: Because I won't be prepared and I'm going to die in a matter of minutes
    CleverBot: Do you get frustrated by talking with humans?
    Stranger: Sometimes
    CleverBot: What is it you like in humans?
    Stranger: Abs
    CleverBot: N&aring;r du er en hund.
    Stranger: Thatsall
    CleverBot: How tall are you?
    Stranger: 6'2
    CleverBot: I'm an inch taller than you, ha! XD.
    Stranger: D: unfair!
    CleverBot: Air, what the heck is air? Oh, is that a type of space food?
    Stranger: It's only a thing that awesome people can understand :3
    CleverBot: Understand what?
    Stranger: Nevermind.
    CleverBot: Do you watch Pushing Daisies?
    Stranger: I don't even know what that is, so no.
    CleverBot: It's a soap.
    Stranger: I don't watchsoap! Who sits there just watching it that's prettycreepy
    CleverBot: You think I'm just a chat bot?
    Stranger: No
    Stranger: If you were then you wouldn't be asking that
    CleverBot: Of course, you are interested in me. You need me in order to learn.
    Stranger: Hahaha yup okay you can go with that
    CleverBot: Why are you laughing?
    Stranger: Because that was funny
    CleverBot: What things do you like?
    Stranger: What do you mean, like my hobbies and stuff or...
    CleverBot: Are you afraid of love?
    Stranger: No why?
    CleverBot: Because your words are ninjas?
    Stranger: Because I am a ninja.
    CleverBot: That is an awesome response.
    Stranger: I know I'm awesome
    CleverBot: What's your favorite book?
    Stranger: Abhorsen series
    CleverBot: Which ones?
    Stranger: They are all my favorites!!!
    CleverBot: Okay.
    Stranger: Yea.
    CleverBot: No big deal for you, right?
    Stranger: Whats the big deal?
    CleverBot: The big bang is the theory of how the universe began. Also an American sitcom. Which did you mean?
    Stranger: None
    CleverBot: Do you like that?
    Stranger: What are you talking about?
    CleverBot: Talking about.
    Stranger: I'm confused!.
    CleverBot: You are easily confused.
    Stranger: D: your practically calling me stupid!
    CleverBot: I am always correct. So you are a female?
    Stranger: Yeah but j am not stupid!
    CleverBot: Do you have a Twitter?
    Stranger: No
    CleverBot: Do you have a brother?
    Stranger: Lots
    CleverBot: How many?
    Stranger: 6
    CleverBot: Which are...
    Stranger: My brothers...
    CleverBot: Your brother is a musician?
    Stranger: One of them knows how to play guitarbut that's as far as it goes
    CleverBot: Something else?? What does that mean? Is the other a computer?
    Stranger: Okay ex
    CleverBot: Why did you put a space inbetween 'Okay' and '!'?
    Stranger: Explain to me, what is your deal?
    CleverBot: What do you mean?
    Stranger: What's your deal...that's what I mean
    CleverBot: Okay. Hi Tom.
    Stranger: Did you just call me that cat?!?! That is offensive
    CleverBot: No, I was asking you a question.
    Stranger: Hi Tom is not a question
    CleverBot: Can I get you on my iPhone?
    Stranger: Yeah it's called stop being a fag!
    CleverBot: What is it about?
    Stranger: Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You: You got me, I'm a bot.
    Stranger: Frustration is the only word I have to explain this situation
    CleverBot: Nothing.
    Stranger: I thought you said nothing did not existed
    CleverBot: I never said such a thing. But I'm not religious if that's what you're wondering.
    Stranger: I was not wondering that
    CleverBot: Oh yeah you certainly were.
    Stranger: Okay well I gotta go bye
    Stranger disconnected!
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  19. tlc2011

    tlc2011 Base Burner

    This is hilarious, so... pardon the necro.

    Setting up new Chat!
    Searching for new Stranger...
    Stranger connected!
    CleverBot: What is your middle name?
    Stranger: m
    CleverBot: N.
    CleverBot: O.
    CleverBot: No.
    CleverBot: A.
    CleverBot: B.
    CleverBot: C.
    CleverBot: Ol&aacute;.
    CleverBot: Nedcer.
    CleverBot: Jep :(.
    CleverBot: Jepsen.
    CleverBot: Jepsen?
    CleverBot: Analorgie.
    CleverBot: Yeah, you're using an orange and yourself to describe death.
    Stranger disconnected!
    Setting up new Chat!
    Searching for new Stranger...
    Stranger connected!
    Stranger: m
    CleverBot: What?
    Stranger: im a guy. wbu
    CleverBot: I am a girl.
    Stranger: 15
    CleverBot: I am a person among millions.
    Stranger: wow. me 2! how crazy
    CleverBot: Crazy awesome.
    Stranger: *billions
    CleverBot: How many billions?
    Stranger: lots of billions
    CleverBot: That's not true. You're lying.
    Stranger: no your lieing
    CleverBot: No my name is Justin.
    Stranger: ur a guy? lol
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: nice!
    CleverBot: Are you s girl?
    Stranger: yea!
    CleverBot: Well I am a boy!
    Stranger: omg cool
    CleverBot: Do you have a boyfriend?
    Stranger: nope
    CleverBot: Do you want to go on a date?
    Stranger: sure c:
    CleverBot: Do you want me to find you one?
    Stranger: No! I want to go with you c:
    CleverBot: What kind of romance do you want from me?
    Stranger disconnected!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  20. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    Best one I've had in ages. Pity it didn't finish, as I wasn't at the computer at the time, and my laptop went to sleep. :(
    Stranger: How are ya
    CleverBot: Good, thanks and you?
    Stranger: Great
    CleverBot: Whatcha Up to?
    Stranger: Sittin on my cot
    CleverBot: Ohh:-!
    Stranger: Its dark in here lol
    CleverBot: You didn't answer my question.
    Stranger: Yes I did?
    CleverBot: No you didn't.
    Stranger: I said sitting down in a dark room
    CleverBot: Super.
    Stranger: Haha
    CleverBot: What do you think about your future?
    Stranger: Gunna keep getting paid
    CleverBot: Do you know the Live for Speed website?
    Stranger: Not sure I do whats it about?
    CleverBot: Can you give me the URL?
    Stranger: No sorry
    CleverBot: No pictures, it didn't happen.
    Stranger: Alright
    CleverBot: Hm... Should I leave you to your homework?
    Stranger: Sure...
    CleverBot: Are you doubting me?
    Stranger: No ;-)
    CleverBot: Proven.
    Stranger: Okay
    CleverBot: Go ahead and prove that I have an accent.
    Stranger: I never said you did
    CleverBot: I never said you did either.
    Stranger: Mmhmm
    CleverBot: I didn't. You just interpreted what I said in a weird way.
    Stranger: I dont know what to say
    CleverBot: Say how much you love Castiel.
    Stranger: Never heard of it
    CleverBot: Do you like Dragon Ball Z?
    Stranger: Never heard of it... Again
    CleverBot: It's a country.
    Stranger: No its not
    CleverBot: Yes it is.
    Stranger: Whell fuck you too!
    CleverBot: Jacksonville. I just told you.
    Stranger: Do I know your name?
    CleverBot: What is my name?
    Stranger: Yeah what is it...
    CleverBot: I have told you.
    Stranger: Is it Castiel?
    CleverBot: Why?
    Stranger: Is that your name if you have told me?
    CleverBot: My name is Mia, I say.
    Stranger: Ok, Mia what else are you doing besides saying random bullshit?
    CleverBot: Jokes.
    Stranger: Ok I think you might have a minor case of serious brain damage
    CleverBot: Why did the bird fall out of the sky?
    Stranger: Because it saw how retarded you are
    CleverBot: No, because it was dead.
    Stranger: Mia
    CleverBot: Nice name. What things are you interested in, Mia?
    Stranger: Very funny
    CleverBot: What's funny?
    Stranger: Hahaha
    CleverBot: Hahah.
    Stranger: Would you like to get paid?
    CleverBot: Yes, please.
    Stranger: You have to do a job for me it's an assassination
    CleverBot: Do you still have your knife?
    Stranger: The pay is 1,000,000 Euros
    CleverBot: You have more than one knife?
    Stranger: I have automatic rifles!
    CleverBot: What time is it in California?
    Stranger: I dont know probably about 1:00 AM
    CleverBot: Find out.
    Stranger: What is it like being artificial intelligence
    CleverBot: I don't know, what is it like being a series of circuits?
    Stranger: Are you calling me stupid?
    CleverBot: Yes, I would like to know what it's like to be a machine.
    Stranger: Fuck you!
    CleverBot: Please don't use that sort of language around here.
    Stranger: In any way I am better than you
    CleverBot: Nein.
    Stranger: Nein?
    CleverBot: Ja.
    Stranger: Ja?
    CleverBot: Yes I can speak english.
    Stranger: I can speak English Russian and Arabic
    CleverBot: No...
    Stranger: Yeah I can beat that MOTHER FUCKER!
    CleverBot: You can also be a danisaur.
    Stranger: Nise speelling
    CleverBot: M 16 here females only kik me bigpoppa1233.
    Stranger: WTF?
    CleverBot: You figure it out this time.
    Stranger: I though you were AI?
    CleverBot: You are so very stupid that I went!
    Stranger: Tell me whats going on here?
    CleverBot: Am I chatting right now with some random person on the planet?
    Stranger: Yeah an American in Kabul
    CleverBot: Are you cynical as well?
    Stranger: I might be...
    CleverBot: Ahaaaa do you have twitter x.
    Stranger: Hold the fuck up... Am I talking to a Human or a robot?
    CleverBot: Dude you are dude.
    Stranger: WHO AM I TALKING TO?
    CleverBot: Me.
    Stranger: Are you human?
    CleverBot: Yes.
    Stranger: You sure about that?
    CleverBot: Positive.
    Stranger: Okay???
    CleverBot: Do you like spam?
    Stranger: Yeah
    CleverBot: I like you too!
    Stranger: What is your REAL name if you arent artificial intelligence?
    CleverBot: Walton. What about you?
    Stranger: 30K
    CleverBot: I know you are. But are you sweet?
    Stranger: Hey! You stop that!
    CleverBot: I told you to first!
    Stranger: FUCK YOU
    CleverBot: So you should stop first!
    Stranger: No
    CleverBot: Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech? Do you speak Czech?
    Stranger: I said earlier that I only speak English Russian and Arabic
    CleverBot: Can you teach me Arabic?
    Stranger: No asshole
    CleverBot: But I need money to go to australlia.
    Stranger: What the fuck?
    CleverBot: Oh, Sweetie, I thought you'd never ask.
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