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Important Commands List

Discussion in 'Groups' started by ShapeShifterMike, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. ShapeShifterMike

    ShapeShifterMike Builder Stabber

    !quarters heal shop
    !hall hall
    !mat_gold gold
    !team 0 bloo
    !team 1 red
    !team 2 green
    !grain grain
    !food burger
    !bison bison
    !shark shark
    !longboat longboat
    !warboat warboat
    !dinghy dinghy
    !bomb lit bomb
    !keg keg
    !mat_arrows arrows
    !mat_bombarrows bomb arrow
    !mat_firearrows fire arrows
    !mat_waterarrows water arrows
    !archer no ai archer dummy of your team
    !builder no ai builder dummy of your team
    !knight no ai knight dummy of your team
    !necromancer necro, with ai
    !greg you will get banned for spawning these
    !flag_base flag, with bedrock base
    !tent tent to swap class at
    !saw saw, spawning will usually kill you
    !bucket musical bucket
    !sponge sponge
    !mat_bomb unlit bomb
    !mat_waterbomb unlit waterbomb
    !waterbomb a regular bomb that only looks like a waterbomb
    !princess euuugh
    !trader old guy
    !ballista_bolt the bolt shot out of ballistas
    !mat_bolts unshot ballista bolts
    !cata_rock the rocks shot by catapults
    !editor on rcon only
    !editor off rcon only
    !spawnwater rcon only
    !tree_bushy bushy tree
    !tree_pine pine tree
    !flowers flowers
    !airship flying warboat. fly by clicking, a, s, and d
    !bomber hot air balloon. fly by clicking, a, s, and d
    !drill drill
    !killme suicide. spam with godmode on to fly!
    !egg egg
    !fireplace firepile
    !dummy attackable scarecrow
    !sign sign says the big brown fox jumped over the shaggy chocolate
    !migrant the little guys that spawn in halls
    !mounted_bow mounted bow. in this mode iz a shotgun
    !spikes spikes
    !wooden_door wooden door
    !stone_door stone door
    !ladder ladder
    !crate crate. stick another name after to get somethin in dat crate e.g. !crate catapult
    !scroll good as a prop, does nothing
    !log log
    !heart heart
    !lantern lantern
    !chest chest from tdm
    !workbench workbench from tth

    //modded stuff

    !lightsaber destroys entities
    !fl flashlight
    !god ivincible, turned off by holding guns, doesn't protect against saw
    !goff turns off godmode
    !bunny bunny
    !ak ak-47
    !mg machine gun
    !rl rocket launcher
    !roifel rifle
    !revolver pistol
    !pg portal gun
    !airstrike hold and hit space to call down missiles
    !strike airstrike on your location
    !portal portal
    !es energy shield
    !eshield space to spawn an energy shield
    !vortex vortex
    !jp jetpack
    !bumper bumper, pushes stuff
    !ball soccer ball
    !bigball large pink ball
    !powerup basketball
    !unicycle unicycle
    !infinitemagazine like magazine, but doesn't waste ammo
    !drillplus better drill
    !tlantern team color lantern
    !musicdisc random music disc for gramophone
    !gramophone gramophone
    !booster points right, flings stuff when it has power
    !lifter mechanical trampoline, needs power
    !conveyor conveyor belt, needs power
    !healer heals blobs when connected to power
    !machine_bow mounted bow that shoots hearts
    !chair a chair

    With that out of the way, I would like to note that modded mechanical items (such as the booster) NEED to be placed multiple (at least five) times while being powered. They WILL be invisible but that does not mean they aren't there.

    p.s. superboosters/lifters/conveyors are just team 99 boosters/lifters/conveyors
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017