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CTF Read this first! Community feedback on afew CTF maps

Discussion in 'Maps for the Official KAG Servers' started by PUNK123, Dec 11, 2017.


Do you think any of these maps are not good enough for the official map pool?

  1. Gurin_DoubleSided

    0 vote(s)
  2. Shadower_IslandCoast

    4 vote(s)
  3. Rayne_NerysRidge

    2 vote(s)
  4. theyre all good enough

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    Stealing from @Niiiiii , itd be nice to know the community support for afew of these maps.

    In the future it might be nice to just collect maps that are brought up in the accepted maps criticism thread
    but for now lets start with 3 maps that might have problems.

    I asked for community feedback in the official discord and didnt get too much. The water and deterioration was a big issue for those that did discuss it.

    There's a mined out tunnel right infront of the flagroom that needs to be watched. Good or bad?

    Alot of Spawn gold that isnt placed the most responsibly. Other than that does anyone have any opinions on the premade flagrooms?(cool, not cool?).

    So yea, ugh, vote for any maps you dislike(or vote that theyre all good), and bring up any maps, you have issues with, here if/when we make another thread like this.
    Biurza likes this.
  2. Didgedy

    Didgedy Horde Gibber

    I think the map is fine, but flags should be a bit closer to spawn, IMO. Really hard to properly secure the flag during build phase.

    I'm liking this map as it is, maybe would be cool if the spawns were moved a bit towards the center and the 10 blocks on both sides removed.

    Move the mustache way higher up, or else it's just a base for the first team with a person who is willing to spend the whole game ratting around it. Above ground is pretty well designed and fun to play on.
    Biurza likes this.