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CTF Court_of_Morigul

Discussion in 'Maps for the Official KAG Servers' started by Ferrezinhre, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Ferrezinhre

    Ferrezinhre Ballista Bolt Thrower Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    Map name: Court_of_Morigul
    Gamemode: CTF
    Symmetrical: Yes
    Special features: no trees, large cliffs, shattered ground
    Map: Court_of_Morigul.png
    Cleaf, Erfan and Ni like this.
  2. Erfan

    Erfan Builder Stabber

    It would be cool if you put flags on the top of their cave base i mean at the top
  3. Cleaf

    Cleaf Shark Slayer Tester

    This one is really good, a ballista can get a good position, a deadly one.
  4. Yeti5000

    Yeti5000 Shark Slayer Mapping Moderator

    Looks fun