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Destroying spawn, stealing gold bags and skybridges.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bilbs, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    In my opinion this are the three largest problems with this game to date.
    And none of them are glitches, so congrats to KAG staff for that.

    These are problems of griefing. Which, so far, are pretty hard to stop.

    Destroying spawn:
    One worker can dig a big enough hole, and remove any attempts to fix it, faster than a group of 3 fighting against him.
    With a destroyed spawn a team cannot switch classes.

    Stealing gold bags:
    1.Spawn as knight
    2.grab gold bag from your own team
    3.run as far and fast as you can to the enemy side of the map

    Ends games quickly and reverts team progress. Gamebreaker.

    Ladders are too easy to amass and construct into bridges.
    It doesn't matter how many stone walls and doors you have if there's a bridge 1000 blocks above your head and no fall damage.
    Stack ladders vertically only? that's what ladders do, right?

    I'm loving this game so far! The teamwork and construction really sucks you into a long match.
    Keep up the good work KAG staff!
  2. Spiff

    Spiff Guest

    I don't see how a sky bridge is considered griefing by any means.
    Something may need to be done about it but making ladders stack vertical only would cut out a lot of freedom to the game.
    taking fall damage from really high heights might be a good solution if it turns out to be a big problem.
  3. Noob

    Noob Guest

    It's not "greifing," but it's so quick and easy it's like teleporting unseen past all the enemy defenses and defenders. It makes the rest of the map defensively irrelevant with a minimal amount of effort.
    Also, it fails the realism test so badly that it ruins the whole feel of the game, so resorting to this strategy does feel like an abuse.

    Also, tearing down skybridges is pointless when they can be rebuilt so quickly and easily. There's no good counter, not even catapults.

    I think forcing ladders to be built attached to other structures and vertically attached to other ladders would help a great deal. You could still build a skybridge out of backwall+ladder, but it would require a more reasonable amount of time and materials.

    If you introduce falling damage it won't do much... on most maps they could just build the skybridge to the far mountainside behind the enemy tent and make a ladder down to reach the mountaintop.
  4. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    I thought Mike changed it so that the spawn didn't fall..? Though the last time I played was a couple of days ago so maybe he changed it back? :X
  5. Beardbeard

    Beardbeard Guest

    It doesn't fall, but without blocks under it no one can use it.
  6. saniblues

    saniblues KAG Guard Tester

    Catapults are a good counter to sky bridges.
  7. I can't help but to agree this griefing must come to a haul't ASAP.
  8. Roast Veg

    Roast Veg Guest

    Sedge has spoken. Clearly he must have the ultimate authority on everything.
  9. Gumball135

    Gumball135 Guest

    Edit: Nevermind. Won't feed the troll.
  10. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    Personally,i came up with a fine solution to countering skybridges. It just requires a lot of wood and stone.

    A cata, at 3/4s the height of the map, with stonewalls and ladders would be quite enough to deal with anyone trying to build or walk across the bridge. Personally deterred a skybridge attack by smacking the enemy miner in the face with catapult fire.
  11. vig

    vig KAG Guard Tester

    spawn as knight, drop all bombs, change class to knight, drop all bombs, repeat.
    All your base r destroyed.
  12. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    you did that do me when i was trying to teach a new guy =.=