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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Arthurox, Apr 21, 2012.

Mods: BlueLuigi
  1. Arthurox

    Arthurox Bison Rider

    Just post yeh dreams ( not the perverted ones)

    They can be kag dreams or normal ones.
    Here i go :

    Yesterday i dreamed about kag modes i saw onslaught mode (everyone against a big one)
    Clan war mode ( yay clan things got updated )
    There were more but i cant remember.

    And some of my dreams become real. I hope this dream is going to become real.

    Ps: Yes i even play kag in my dreams
  2. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator

    Can some mod please chuck this in off topic?

    Also yeah very keen to participate in this thread.

    Last night I dreamed about asses and boobs. As I do 90% of the time...

    Hang on guys I'm gonigt o have dinner will tell a decent story soon.

    Nomnomnom time.
    </br>--- merged: Apr 27, 2012 4:27 AM ---</br>
    Someone post in this thread so I don't have to double post. :D
  3. Arthurox

    Arthurox Bison Rider

    I mean special dreams not sexual dreams, everyone had one.
  4. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    If we aren't allowed to post sexual dreams, I'm afraid I won't be able to blab out anything interesting.

    But once I was in a cake. I was eating it from the inside. Then a shad head popped in the cakehole and I woke up screaming. Yeah I dunno..
  5. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator

    *Has bro, has.

    Yeah I said I would post a decent one didnt I, got some time now so:

    So this is a real weird dream that I occasionally pick up from where I left off, its so weird, weirdest recurring dream I've ever had. And I remember it very clearly as well, VERY clearly.

    Here goes, ok, so in my dream I am in a city at night time for no specific reason, there are lights on as you would imagine, and streets are reasonably well lit by street light, but no moving cars, its almost dead silent save for whirring noises of transformers (electrical transformers btw lol), and I'm like in my head "OK what the fuck" so I start walking down the street, I walk down a long street towards the CBD, and as I got I notice that people lights are on in homes and flats, but I can't see any people and there are hardly any cars parked on the sides of the street. And when I get to the intersection at the bottom of the road I look around, and there are no signs of people about, and I was walking down the middle of the road as there where no cars, across the intersection.Still nothing, but something I see catches my eye, I saw a car in one of the lanes stopped, and I walk up to it, the windows are all smashed and the roof and bonnet and body of the car is all fucked up and buckled, I look in the car and there is no one inside. So From here I turned around and scanned my surroundings, further down the road there are no more cars, and the road goes onto a bridge overlooking part of the city, and the part of the street I was on, the buildings had no lights, so I walk towards the bridge (big overpass bridge btw) and as I'm going I still couldn't here any noises at all, and keep going (by the way I am never scared or freaked out in any of my dreams, and I have never had a nightmare). When I get onto the bridge I can see that part of the rigging (like mettle skeleton tat signs are hung on above bridges you know?) has fallen down and there where burnt patches on the road and the burnt wreck of one more car, I begin to approach this car (Yeah whatever I switched to present tense, I'm just re living it in my head) and as I look around I notice that one the right side of the bridge there are a lot less lights coming from buildings, some building don't have any lights at all (the buildings where all the typical building you'd expect to see in a city, like high rises and big office buildings etc) and then I look around and notice a big electric sign on the rigging I just walked under (You know the ones red writing or numbers like on a digital alarm clock) and there is what looks like time in seconds counting down from 00:38, I just stand and watch it, its not making any noise as I'm watching, but as it gets to 00:25 it starts making a short beep noise every second, its not very loud and just a simple beep, beep, beep tone every second. I continue to watch for some reason and it finally gets to the last few seconds. Then when it hits zero, it stops, then a couple of seconds later the red lights switch off. I don't know what this is about and continue walking the bridge which happens to be head away from the darker buildings at a 45 degree angle, its a long bridge and I just look around as I'm crossing, then when I near the end I see a gun lying on the ground, its a military sniper rifle, just lying by itself nothing else on the road, I begin to feel something is very wrong where I am (other than the fact that I see to be the only person in the city) and move on. then when I get down the other side of the bridge there are more fallen riggings and broken glass lying all over the road, more burnt patches and a few more smashed up cars, and I look on further to see there is quite a lot of destruction too buildings and street lights here, like street lights lying across the road all smashed up and most ground level windows on buildings are smashed and the balconies and over hangs from the net floor in many places and lying on the ground as smashed up rubble.

    Nothing interesting since then has happened, except the city I keep dreaming of seems to be getting eerier and creeper the further I explore. It is very strange...

    To be continues ( I will update you of any new continuations if I find them.
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  6. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Couple nights ago I dreamed I was having sex with another man and I had too many penises.

    Come at me, Freud.
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  7. MechaTrickster

    MechaTrickster Banned Donator

    Once I had a dream about a blue and pink elephant ejaculating everywhere. I wasn't involved, there was no sex. Just random skeeting.

    >misusing the word "troll"
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  8. Arthurox

    Arthurox Bison Rider

    Mecha and contrary.

    Awesome inexorable (and creepy at the same time) waiting for more ;)

    Edit: Lol contrary :down:
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  9. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Well no actually I wasn't trolling. I seriously had that dream. It was really gay.
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  10. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator

    That story kind of make me sick...
  11. Jim_Dale

    Jim_Dale Arsonist

    When I was a little kid (Little little, 5 or 6.) I used to have a dream about living in this dark mansion of some sort with all these generic looking people. Not crowded, maybe like 3 or 4 people in every room occasionally. It was quite awesome inside, except for being dark, dusty, huge, and not being able to see into the corners since the light was so feeble and the rooms so large.
    Entire damn thing was only lit up using candles. Really creepy, not the spider-webs everywhere kind of creepy but the everyone-disappeared-2-months-ago-suddenly-creepy.
    Anyway, a giant tweetie bird plushed toy jumped out of this closet under a stairway (that broke off at the top and led to nowhere and would float in midair) and make some evil-sounding noises for a bit.
    No one else would notice except me, unfortunately, so in the dream I would just freeze in place, fuck gravity, somehow lie on my back in midair, and the tweetie bird toy thing would drag me into the closet (die?) in my face and lock it.
    And I would be so terrified in it I would just stare, and stare, and stare, and stare at its demented cartoon eyes.


    That's really the only one I remember really well. There was another oddball with some sort of vine-covered huge tower in the middle of a jungle with an old crumbling staircase inside. When I would reach halfway it would crumble while still remaining intact and I would fall all the way to the floor and somehow lived.
    Then another one with some red robot with sawblades for hands that would kill everyone I knew at the time. One time it killed everyone at my school, which was pretty entertaining at the time, given that I hated 60% of 'em with a passion.

    You might be a psycho.

    Your avatar looks too much like someone I know in life. It be creeping me out.
    Now that I know it's from porn it's just really funny now :D
  12. Arthurox

    Arthurox Bison Rider

    I hate when that happens to me i try to wake up but i cant so scared :QQ:

  13. xChapx

    xChapx Ballista Bolt Thrower

    one day i dreamed that i was figthing with the lizard man in my school
  14. synthesispandabot

    synthesispandabot Bison Rider

    I had a dream where a car stops in the middle of a gas station, I jump out and head for the counter, and ask for a piece of gum and get a paper saying IOU. So i jump back in the car and drive and i see dead animals on the road. I wake up in the middle of the night whispering "Mom.." in a very hush mood, then i suddenly realize what i'm saying.. It was a very thoughtful experience and i stood awake on the couch having thoughts about it. I think it was a lucid dream.
  15. Arthurox

    Arthurox Bison Rider


    Remember you can post more dreams.
  16. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator

    Alrighty then...

    Looks like its my turn again.

    Another weird dream I have that is recurring is me travelling through space in a small one man space craft, this one is like the previous one I explained, because I'm all alone there is no one out there. Yeah so I'm traveling through space, occasionally coming into space rubble, or passing a random planet or moon, each time I might fly around it looking for anyone. I never found anyone, and one time I came across a fleet of other space craft, massive one way way bigger than my tiny one man one, but even though I flew around them and tried to get the other pilots attention there was no change in there coarse and no signs of life in general, so my dream my come back every now and then, just me, in the seemingly infinite void of space, in complete silence save for the noises of my crafts engine....

    Another one which is a quite common type of dream for me to have is to be in a random location in which I don't know anyone, and anyone I do encounter tries to attack me and kill me, like I'll be walking around some unfamiliar environment or town and I'll spot someone, well actually I'll just re-live one I remember.

    So its night time, but there is a bright moon, I'm walking towards a wooden building with a iron bar fence going all the way round it, I am just in normal clothes and when I get to the building I look at it for a moment. The lights are out and it looks dusty and unused. Then I spot some people coming round the other side of the building, one of them sees me and calls out to the others, one of them has a bat, they are all advancing towards me not talking. I stand my ground and they keep coming, when they reach me they immediately attack me, but here's the weird thing with these dreams I never lose a fight, I just easy beat the shit out of every one, about 7 in total. And later on in this dream when the sun has come up I am walking around the field of an empty school in which I stop and look around, there are about 15 guys approaching in a big ring around me, and I charge the nearest one, knock him out with a mighty punch, get tackled by the next one, but I stop the tackle by leaning into it and I slide back. I slam my elbow into the back of his head and he drops to the ground, and ready myself for the next attacker. I block his punch with a high block and them counter with my own right armed straight punch to the face, dazing him, I continue hitting him wit the same fist and he falls down. The next attacker comes and I kick him in the ribs, but now the others are arriving and I'm outnumbered, but I just fight furiously kicking, punching elbowing, kneeing, throwing and head-butting like a maniac, and the ones that I don't knock out immediately I knock to the ground jump on them and beat the living daylights out of them. Its weird, but this is a common dream for me to have.

    I don't remember many dreams I have in which I feel any emotion, mostly its just me fighting, dreaming about girls, or some distorted version of the reality I live in just now (in fact I think that is the most common) and such. If I do have any emotion in dreams, don't remember any dreams where I'm happy, I quite often have dream where I feel angry and violent.

    Also, in my dreams, I am never scared, I never feel pain, I am never defeated, I never run from anything, and I have never had a nightmare. In my dreamscape I am just some unstoppable machine, I guess that has something to do with why I named my account "Inexorable" and I also have the mentality in my head which I have always had since I was young, I think I am invincible, I want to live to be really old, I think I will never be killed unnaturally and that I wont get old or frail. I have always had this.

    Also while we are on the topic of dreams, I'll just mention something for you guys to think about. Its a memory I have from when I was 1 year old. 1 year, I remember reasonably clearly being at the speedyway with my dad, and the cars racing past showering mud and making really loud noises. This is also the only memory I have of my dad because he died when I was 3.

    Does anyone else have any really old memories?
  17. Arthurox

    Arthurox Bison Rider

    I usually cant have dreams so when something comes to my head (the full of kag stuff one) i will post it here.

    You are a dreamer inexo better get a diary :P
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  18. FAITH

    FAITH Shark Slayer

    all of my dreams are of me flying and usualy i can't fly for very long and fall and then wake up :( and i have other dreams too;) hehehehe
  19. Inexorable

    Inexorable The おっぱい lovin' nipple wizard. Donator


    Been having the weirdest most clear as crystal lucid dreams lately.

    One weird one was I had just committed a crime or something (I don't remember what the crime was sadly) and me and some accomplices (About 5) were running from the scene, which was on the edge of a big country town where lots of fields where. And everyone was following me, and I directed them down off the side of the road into this downhill paddock, and as we were running down, two cars pulled up at the top near the road, 3 men got out and chased us, one had a pickaxe and another had a machete. I was at the head of the group and stopped and turned to see these armed men charging after us, when my accomplices turned to see what I was looking at they scattered in all different directions to lose them, being more numerous, I continued on in the direction I was moving, and ran into some trees between two paddocks, when I was out of site I dived into some bushes, I was well camouflaged (Camo pants, dark green hoody and cap, brown boots) and was hoping they would chase after one of my accomplices soon as they knew the directions they had run off to. But unfortunately they stayed and I could here them shouting for me to come out, I waited while this went on, seemingly in real time for a long time (real vivid dream!) and they were getting closer to were I was hiding. Then finally one of the men, the one with the pick axe was right near me. I leapt up charged and while he was drawing back his pickaxe I did a Taekwondo jumping punch and sconned him right in the face. While he was recoiling I snatched his pickaxe and bolted for the hill I had come down, I boosted up it way faster than they could follow (being the athletic bastard I am :p). When I reached the top I ran for the first of the pursuers cars and hit the front tire with the pickaxe, looking over my shoulder I saw that I had a few seconds, in this time I popped the back tire and on my round to the second car I popped another tire. I dropped the pickaxe and ran for the second car. Surprisingly in the rush the followers had left the key in the ignition so I jumped in turned the key and boosted off at high speed, but when I came across other traffic I slowed right down and acted normal. I was cacking myself at one point too because there was a police checkpoint up ahead but I continued towards it and thankfully the checkpoint was for people turning of a side road, I bought some petrol at a station and continued on to the next city. This dream was really weird because it seemed all to be in real time... and all I remember before I woke up was that I had been settling down and thinking about how I could live a low key undercover life in this city, because I left the car where it would get stolen quickly. And had found a cheap motel to stay at.

    Some weird shit I tells yah.
    </br>--- merged: May 24, 2012 2:48 AM ---</br>
    Magical merge powers activate.

    Yeah so I stopped eating foods that contain MSG and I've been tripping balls when I go to sleep recently.

    HOLE-EE SHIT some weird stuff has happened.

    One thing, blacking out WHILE I'm asleep... what the fuck. Having low blood pressure and spells of really low blood pressure sometimes, I know what it feels like to begin blacking out, so when I went to sleep a few days ago, I could feel my self blacking WHILE I was asleep, and I KNEW that I was asleep at the time, and was trying to wake Up, because whenever I feel a black out coming on I sit up, so there me all asleep, tripping balls at how crazy my dream is because its ultra light lucid dreaming in full HD resolution as though I was fully awake, and I start blacking out, then I'm like "Oh shit I'm asleep, wake up, wake up..." and I had to really force myself to wake up, was soooo weird. And all the physical sensations during that night of sleep I could feel as though I was concious for it, and my conscious mind was getting all the information about what was going on, which was nothing like reality so my concious mind was like "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON, OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD, IM TRIPPING SOME MAJOR BALLS HERE, HELP!"

    Seriously one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had.

    I wasn't scared, but dear god my mind was blown.
  20. SirSammy

    SirSammy Shark Slayer

    Got Dumped On. Lost My Job. Got Run Over By A SpeedWagon.
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