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Guro's Glorious Premium Competition

Discussion in 'Old Events/Giveaways/Contests' started by Guro, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Guro


    Salutations KAG forums. Guro here bringing you a fantastic competition for premium. I have in my possession the receipts for the purchase of exactly 5 KAG premium accounts. I feel that the devs deserve my support and that 5 lucky people deserve a brand spanking new premium account completely free of charge.

    People may only attempt a maximum of 2 sections of the competition per person. Please only post a submission for a maximum of 2 sections of the competition.

    Anybody may enter this competition, premium or not. If the winner of one of the accounts is a premium player then the winner may choose a single non-premium player to be the recipient of the new premium account code.

    The competition starts today (12 July 2012) and will end on 12 19 August 2012. Better get cracking. See changes to the finish date here.

    What Does the Competition Entail?

    The competition for the accounts will be based on skill. A talent quest of sorts if you will. There are 5 sections of the competition as follows:

    • Music/Video - Show me your musical/directorial skill! Post a video of you playing an instrument, or a link to one of your musical tracks if you compose electronically. Some sort of proof that you did indeed write/compose/perform your track would do you well. If you are recording live video, please say "Hello Guro" or something like that at the start of the video so I can confirm you aren't a fraud. You may PM me project files or screenshots of your arrangement/platform etc as proof of electronic composition. You may also submit a video of KAG or another video game for this section of the competition. See this post to observe the changes made to the finish date. I will not download videos, so please use youtube or a similar video hosting site. PM me if you have any questions about this one. 1 account will be given away as a prize in this section.
    • Visual Art - Show me your artistic prowess! Post a piece of art that you created yourself. Your entry may be any sort of art on any sort of medium. Digitally drawn, animated, sketched, painted, coffee art etc. Anything you want. Proof of ownership for this section of the competition may be done by timestamp or video. You may discuss this further with me via PM. 1 account will be given away as a prize in this section.
    • Poetry/Writing - Show me your mastery over the english language! Entries for this competition may be a short story or piece of poetry about anything you want. There are a couple of regulations for this section of the competition. Poems must be under 24 lines, and short stories must be under 750 words. Grammar, spelling and punctuation will be taken into consideration for this section of the competition. Proof of ownership may be discussed with me via PM, but it shouldn't be a problem. I will use my detective skills to weed out cheaters. 1 account will be given away as a prize in this section.
    • Building - Show me your most innovative piece of building. This building may be anything you desire, but it should show innovation and creativity. The building you post must be an original submission that you designed. I stalk the building section of the Classes & Mechanics forum like a god-damn velociraptor, so I'll likely know if you cheat yo. Please don't post a ridiculous monstrous base either. That is not what I am looking for in this section. I am looking for a building or design which is practical enough to be built in a standard CTF game. Please post your building as a cropped picture in this thread or in a PM to me. 1 account will be given away as a prize in this section.
    • Map Making - Show me your skills in map making. This map should preferably be designed for RTDM and should be of appropriate size for this game mode. There are no real restrictions for this section. Your work must be your own obviously but aside from that you can go nuts with it. Maps don't have to be symmetrical, but must be balanced for both teams. Show innovation and creativity and make sure you have a wide variety of surfaces to keep combat interesting. 1 account will be given away as a prize in this section.

    Additional Rules and Information

    • If you are not comfortable posting your entry directly in the thread, you may PM it to me.
    • Proof of ownership is not necessary but gives you a substantial advantage over somebody who doesn't have proof of ownership.
    • PM me any questions so you don't clutter the thread please.
    • If I find that you have cheated in ANY way you will be immediately disqualified, thrown a dirty look and then sent on your way. I won't be naming people who cheat at this stage.
    • PLEASE spoiler all your submissions in the thread using spoiler tags. This is especially important if you are posting large images or chunks of text. It helps to keep the thread uncluttered.
    • One entry per person. If you are found to use multiple accounts you will receive the same treatment as a cheater.
    • Entries must not contain gratuitous swearing/obscenities.

      Please include which sections of the competition your submission corresponds to in your post.
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  2. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. REKINS OF SEAS: Super Crew of Ultimate Havoking 2: Return of King of KAG: Chapter 420blazeit - REKIN

    Moved to General Discussion and also stickied until the competition closes and results are posted.
    Can't remember what the character limit for posting in a thread, but a 750 word story should fit. If it doesn't I might suggest uploading a .txt or something .
    I guess I'll give another crack at making an RTDM map again.
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  3. Even though I have premium, I think I may enter in the writing section so that I may gift it to someone of my choosing. Would that be allowed?
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  4. Antman

    Antman Base Burner

    Yay, Guro you are a legend :D
    I'm not going to win anything, but I'll enter ;)
    Guro likes this.
  5. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Fuck yeah I'm going to enter everything.

    edit: wait can we only enter one area?
    Guro and Sarathos like this.
  6. Great competition Guro, I will not be entering anything, but good luck to everyone that does.

    But you may have to end your art section early, as this picture wins. (not an actual entry by the way...)

  7. CoD

    CoD Haxor

    Holy shit! That picture is boss.
    Anyway I'm gonna try win me some premium…for someone
    short_round and Guro like this.
  8. SirSammy

    SirSammy Shark Slayer

    Oh yay - short stories is in of the categories. I'm in :D
    Guro likes this.
  9. PeterPan14

    PeterPan14 Bison Rider

    Yeah Guro this competition is great, I wont be entering since I suck at all the different areas. :( But good luck to everybody else who enters.
    Guro likes this.
  10. Saverous

    Saverous Shopkeep Stealer

    Wait a minute, So you Actually Bought 5 Premium reciepts by YOURSELf just to give away? I didn't know there was Santa in KAG? I'm going to create a new Santa mod now
  11. Sarathos

    Sarathos Shark Slayer

    Well good on you Guro, this will really bring out the vast skills in the kag community, and you're supporting the devs while at it! :)
    Guro and SARGRA13 like this.
  12. Ghozt

    Ghozt Haxor

    Is there a limit on how many you can do?

    I personally think that ChickenNugget's rap, if entered would easily beat all.

    Lexar, I will in you premium!
    (If I win my extra code will go to the unknown Lexar514)
  13. superpokes

    superpokes Bison Rider

    I hope I can win something :oops:

    Can we enter more than 1 talent-thingy? Never mind, I saw the rule
  14. I will be going for stories/poem (ALSO HOW DO I QUOTE D:)
  15. Antman

    Antman Base Burner

    Look towards the VERY bottom right of the post, and click 'reply' :)

    Also guys, don't be so harsh on yourselves.. I entered a map contest with no real hope, and somehow came 3rd :P
    Gotta be in it, to win it.
    SARGRA13 and Foxodi like this.
  16. Guro


    I have decided to let people enter 2 areas of the competition per person. Only 2. If everyone entered for every section then it'd get difficult to judge. I have edited the OP to reflect this. Sorry for any confusion.
    Sarathos likes this.
  17. Still, Karpovich the archer is not premium and enters the writing contest ^^ People have been saying that I need premium anyway, so I'd rather work hard for it. I hope I can fit my story in 750 words:oops:
    </br>--- merged: Jul 12, 2012 2:09 PM ---</br>
    Hey! I don't simply post twice :>:(:
    Guro likes this.
  18. superpokes

    superpokes Bison Rider

    Nice :D
  19. Sarathos

    Sarathos Shark Slayer

    Does that mean, for example, I could do a short story and a poem? Them being in the same section yet different leads me to ask this.
  20. Guro


    Unfortunately not. I have grouped poetry and short stories together in the same group, so you'd have to enter a single piece of poetry or a short story in conjunction with another item from a different section of the competition.
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