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Guro's Glorious Premium Competition

Discussion in 'Old Events/Giveaways/Contests' started by Guro, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. Sarathos

    Sarathos Shark Slayer

    Awh :(
    That does seem fair though, thanks for the clarification.
    Now i just have to pick one :QQ:
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  2. SirSammy

    SirSammy Shark Slayer

    May I suggest "Games" as a category? You know stuff like Pac-Man or short RPG's.
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  3. bluefire212

    bluefire212 Base Burner
    1. Delta Force - Delta

    not saying that im good at any of these catigories but i guess i can try im one of the 2 power member witout it soooo........................why the hell not:P
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  4. RoflcopterV22

    RoflcopterV22 Poison Headcrab Donator

    So can a person who already is premium compete to win premium for a non-premium player?
  5. CoD

    CoD Haxor

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  6. RoflcopterV22

    RoflcopterV22 Poison Headcrab Donator

    Oh derp, completely skipped over that, thanks.
  7. Does the writing have to be about KAG or you or what? Or is it no set topic?
  8. FG

    FG Fran Donator

    you write [ s p o i l e r ] and type whatever you want here

    - no spaces
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  9. lavalord

    lavalord Haxor Staff Alumni Donator Tester

    Well ill be the first then humf *scared*:
    Visual Art
    -----PMing to Guro-------
    I dont know how ill prove it though anyway take a look guro
  10. Maher90

    Maher90 Catapult Fodder

    i am going in here too i guess

  11. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

  12. justin101

    justin101 Catapult Fodder

    This looks good, good luck everyone :D:B):
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  13. Raron

    Raron KAG Guard Tester

    Ah i give you my silly little design. I haven't visited the builder forum in 3 months so some parts of this base may or may not use old tech.

    Lets get cracking it up.
    The foundations of the tower are a bunch of stone blocks to stop not so deep tunneling by knights (or at least slow it down).
    As you see at bottom we have 3x4 spike trap which is perfect for random enemy which try to enter it but cant get out. It also uses 1 trap bridge for team members to pass over it. Above it is a 1 trap bridge which can be used as a booster.
    Next to it is a fake door to lure in some enemy and a spike to kill them (spikes deal extra fast damage if you ram horizontally into them) You would not believe how many people go for it. A little below that we have a standard wall for a bit of solid stuff since this is most likely for random bombs to hit and bounce off. Above it is a destructible archer post. Using it archers can use doors and ladders for a quick "Shoot a arrow and escape" route. And if a large amount of knights are coming they can of course retreat and let a builder slash one of ladders holding the doors which in this build have same amount of damage as a stone block.
    Above that is a small outpost for long range shooting enabling archers to hit the enemy from far while the knights fight on flat ground in front of the fort.
    Separating middle and upper part is a glitched passage which enables only people to go from down-right to left up. Therefor any possible bomb jumper which may pass trough defenses cant enter the bunker and damage the very valuable workshops which are placed everywhere (or if he can the damage will be minimum).
    Then comes the anti-bomb-jump wall. Its a old thing which prevents bomb jumpers to hit the top of tower (notice how the position of that wall is the greatest possibility for a bomb jumper to land/crash).Small archer spot for varius purposes.
    If he however manages to get up he will be welcomed by a good old avacado trap.
    Over the whole building you can see the abundance of backwall to keep the building safe from collapsing in case of a massive builder siege or a well placed cata. In that case the tower simply has a big hole turning it into a rather big open ground fight.

    General weakness: If a builder manages to pass trough the archer spam of the battlefield.
    A horde of knights who know how to use a bomb
    Deep tunnel
    Cata up close (possibly via bunker)

    With love


    Attached Files:

  14. ArpiG

    ArpiG Shopkeep Stealer

    I have created a nice Fortress that is very strong and has very good defenses.

    Titan Fortress.png

    Yes,this is my entry for the Building Contest.
    </br>--- merged: Jul 20, 2012 4:52 PM ---</br>
    Anyone can give me a size of an RTDM map?I will try and make a map too :D..if I'm allowed
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  15. I guess I can already submit my mape and ez Contrary.



    No premium features because nobody would host a gold RTDM server.

    .kag is terrible and gives cancer
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  16. Gonf

    Gonf Base Burner

    May aswell chuck this in here for a chance, though I know it isn't anywhere near the standard.
    I was sitting around on Sandbox thinking about "innocation and creativity", and this was all I could come up with.


    Simply an attempt at incorporating already used ideas into a new design.

    Even though the multiple kneecappers provide access for enemies, they can fool them into jumping around this area continuously, allowing the archers to shoot them. Ladders on rear of tower provide extra mobility. Team door on front of tower above halts any further progress.

    The little squeezy things around the main team door exit/entry simply make it a little bit harder for enemy builders to get through, giving some more time to you to adapt your tower. Although you cannot get back through the same door, its still fairly easy to jump down from the upper door. I added some extra squeezy things above for the heck of it.

    Below the upper squeezy things is a handy add-on; Killatron's Tooth Puller. Useful for archers.

    Threw in a spike and some backwall and there you have it; my entry.

    If anyone would like to see another of my towers look here.

    Good luck with the competition. (:
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  17. The_Khan

    The_Khan Bison Rider

    Does it have to be RTDM? I'm making a massive map at the moment for Frog and it's looking awesome. Maybe I could enter it here.
  18. DoopDeeDoo

    DoopDeeDoo Tree Planter

    Took out my poem. Look at page 4 for my music entry.

    Gonna add a Nougat bar heaven picture and stuff. Need to find my drawing and scan it. X_X

    EDIT:Here it is. I drew this a few months ago in school. :heart: Make a conversation to me if I won something. ;)

    > Nougat Bar Heaven 1.jpg Nougat Bar Heaven 2.jpg <
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  19. Djhacker

    Djhacker Bison Rider

    Me and a few other people did this for our clan earlier. It's nothing special but oh well :p

    Attached Files:

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  20. Creille

    Creille Base Burner

    Wait are video's allowed I'd like to test out this new video editor software I got?

    Also if I were to submit a map, would it have to be made brand new? Or could I grab an old one?

    And does sucking up gain any special treatment? :P
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