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KAG comic- the adventure of meow

Discussion in 'Art' started by xiaojin67, May 19, 2012.

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  1. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    It's a girl!!!

    Might wanna edit that!
  2. xiaojin67

    xiaojin67 King's Entertainer Tester

    ah i love reading all you people's comments, they are so funny :)
    @Suico, i don't know how you figured out my gender, is it like para said, because i have a girly signature:D
    @baracos, it's not that jin, it's a different one, but good guess anyways~
    @Chiguireitor, sorry but im just going to keep this at this forum for now, it's the most fitting place to be, and i don't want to open more blogs. :migrant:
    anyways, these comics are getting 1k likes that's incredible, maybe i'll draw something for that maybe not , we'll see :)
  3. God damn. So true. Except the fact that the zKnight 2 hits me and it comes back to life and scares the living hell outta me. I just keep collapsing wood blocks on the zKnight.
    Piano and SlyStalker like this.
  4. GloriousToast

    GloriousToast Haxor Donator

    i totally saw that coming with my psychic powers.

    No, girl, you are incredible :D
    also can you post a video of how you draw these comics and stuff, it would be pretty neat
  5. pyro3345

    pyro3345 Shopkeep Stealer

    Girl you have to make this into a legit comic book and sell it in the stores. Seriously this stuff is the work of a pro. I love your work @u@
  6. BindNation

    BindNation Bison Rider

    Your work is AMAZING! Honesty, make a book and publish it and I'll pre-order that sh*t before it's even AVAILABLE to pre-order. lol
  7. Woah! colors
    SlyStalker, Ghozt, Miauw62 and 4 others like this.
  8. KnightGabe13

    KnightGabe13 Arsonist

    We need an Oink Hat. Seriously. I'll wear it every day. :eek:
  9. Ranged66

    Ranged66 Bison Rider

    nice comic, keep it up!

    more CTF or RTDM next?

    P.S. Wargod Loki was the best knigth.
    and first kag guard ^.^
  10. lukepop

    lukepop Arsonist

    That"s a zombie knight no offence but that Kkkkkinda looks like a troll ohhhh Damn it Jin You've got me on a troll wanting rampage. I want a troll and I'm gonna troll about it.
  11. KnightGabe13

    KnightGabe13 Arsonist

    Umad, troll?:D
    SirSammy likes this.
  12. These comics are fantastic! Keep up the good work, Xiaojin!
    Tiruin likes this.
  13. arsenal

    arsenal Catapult Fodder

    Best comics ever
  14. justin101

    justin101 Catapult Fodder

    Xiaojin67 you are truly amazing, keep posting those comics, I need to reread it all again. :D
  15. BoiiW

    BoiiW Shark Slayer

    Haha so funny xD I love Hoot and Meow ^.^
  16. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Forgot to make Oink's Keg go off after the final frame, TKing all of them.

    Also, I'll most likely make some of these hats as official ones so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to mod them in :) Considering giving Xiaojin a hoot head as a unique though, but not being able to turn off unique heads at the moment it might not be wanted. There's also the issue of them not working 100% at the moment for non-developers, haha. Would you want that though, long term, Xiaojin? I'm assuming hoot is an author avatar in the comics for the most part :)
  17. Ainmire

    Ainmire Builder Stabber

    Awesome comics xiaojin67. Keep up the awesome work
    Arcite likes this.
  18. BoiiW

    BoiiW Shark Slayer

    Daaamn son, I need to start drawing kag comics too lol xD
    UnnamedPlayer, Raul and ParaLogia like this.
  19. ImAwesome

    ImAwesome Haxor

    Give jinn the option to choose from Woof,Meow or Hoot.
  20. conorano

    conorano Catapult Fodder

    seriously love youre comics. hope you keep them coming :)
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Not open for further replies.