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KAG is crippled by griefing

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Jakkar, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Jakkar

    Jakkar Guest

    With two or three heavily active servers through UK peak time/American early afternoon today, one griefer by name of SEDGEWICKBEAVERS_RAGER has managed to completely cripple KAG.

    I don't think I'm exaggerating to say so - he ruins one server's game by passing all gold to the enemy team, then moves to the next server and repeats, and again - by the time he gets back to the first server, they've expended time and effort on fortifications - he then ruins the game by passing the gold, causing it to end again.

    He has been repeating this for over an hour, and player-numbers have dropped as players have realised there's nowhere to go where he won't soon arrive.

    Your kickvote system simply doesn't work - the moment the vote appears, he reconnects to the server, cancelling the poll. Either you need an ban-vote that isn't foiled by disconnecting from the server temporarily, or you need to inhibit the player's ability to run the gold to the enemy. I don't doubt they'll find more means the ruin the game, but none would be as effective as simply throwing the gold.

    Good luck, and thanks for the hours of fun I had with KAG before the griefer arrived. I'd post this on GetSatisfaction but I can't access the URL provided in the blogpost.

    - Jack
  2. who

    who Shopkeep Stealer

    I couldn't agree more, a vote IP ban is needed, which doesn't cancel through the player disconnecting.
  3. Utopia

    Utopia Guest

    SEDGEWICKBEAVERS_RAGER was on our team last night, and it was pure hell. I hated every moment of it.
  4. FrageN

    FrageN Guest

    I just met SEDGEWICKBEAVERS_RAGER. He was getting an instant kick when we saw him.
  5. Spiff

    Spiff Guest

    Just try not to let it get to you, it's what he gets off on. I agree though that there needs to be better admin support or vote ban added in soon or people will stop playing.

    KAGPLAYER26 Guest

    WTF i looked up his name and found this.

  7. Noob

    Noob Guest

    Hang on to his IP address, we might be able to do something with it later. I would go ahead and block connections from known anonymizers, too. (Sorry, Tor but this is why you can't have nice things)

    For those of you who still want to enjoy a game before the registration thing is completed, I just wanted to report that my team was able to thwart him and actually win today. We picked up the three sacks of gold and had three builders just mine gold while holding the sacks so he couldn't steal them for the other team. Then we would kick him as soon as he rejoined. Of course he leaves before the kick takes effect. But after several kicks he gave up. There's other destrictuve things he can do, but stealing the gold sacks seems to be his favorite.

    KAGPLAYER26 Guest


    more of his bs
  9. CrazyMLC

    CrazyMLC Guest

    He'll only stop when you ignore him. After all, it's your responses he's after. (As we can see from his little montages of complaints.)
  10. Noob

    Noob Guest

    Yeah, "don't feed the troll" as they say. He must have never gotten any attention or love in his life and now he wants to get all this attention. What a miserable lowlife.

    It's unfortunate though that in a game community this small there are already jerks trying to ruin it.
    Personally, I don't think I'll be playing KAG much until there's some solution.
  11. who

    who Shopkeep Stealer

    A proper ban system is needed.

    KAGPLAYER26 Guest

    I quit KAG as of today..
  13. Ceical

    Ceical Guest

    Good to hear that I'm not the only one having trouble with Hedge. When I see him, I often switch servers because of him. Kicking him doesn't work. My vote is towards a ban!
  14. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    Even worse than stealing gold bags is having your spawn destroyed.
    Can't switch class, and definitely can't rebuild it for long enough.
  15. Hello, kind friends, Thank you so much for all of your support to my dearest fan's you are #1 in my heart always!. I will take the time to sit down and answer any Questions you may have in a Q&A session, right here in this thread. Thank you so much for everything, and keep gaming hard.

    Your Pal,

  16. Loner

    Loner Guest


    Pretty much sums it up. Don't feed the troll, let him be the pathetic lowlife that he is because that's the only way he can have fun when nobody loves him... *sob* Makes me feel kinda sad for him actually. *Gives SBR a sweet hug* You can talk to me about whatever problems you have. I'll understand.

  17. Thank you, Soooo much for giving me just what I needed a shoulder to lean on, your words and kind compassion have soothed what seems like 1,000 years of pain barricaded deep within my heart, I can not grasp how to thank you for your dear service. I will offer forever friendship to you, I will now answer some commonly asked questions I get within game.

    #1. Why do you do this grief us?

    Well because I can, I get immense satisfaction out of watching your cry's for help until you finally give in and rage-quit.

    #2. How old are you Sedgewick?

    I am 5 years old as of tomorrow.

    #3 Do you have a life outside of this game Sedgewick?

    Simply no, this game is the soul reason for my existence, in fact my DNA was coded in to the game, once it was uploaded to the internet I spawn'd into existence, and here I am as of today.

    #4 Will you please quit harassing us?

    Hmm. No
    Chaoticredux likes this.
  18. Loner

    Loner Guest

    I'm glad that you agree with me. It means a lot to me coming from someone who denies everyone else. Now that my diagnosis has been proven correct, I say we get straight to the medicine. A person's life is at stake here.
  19. B3NW

    B3NW Guest

    It's funny how he makes a joke out of the questions asked of him because he knows he cannot come to terms answering them truthfully. Here, let me do it for you.

    #1. Why do you do this grief us?

    I get satisfaction from other peoples anger because I have social problems which I need to come to terms with.

    #2. How old are you Sedgewick?


    #3 Do you have a life outside of this game Sedgewick?

    No, I play this game all day, every day, it is my soul source of attention

    #4 Will you please quit harassing us?

    No, that would stop distracting me from my social problems and everyone would stop paying attention to me.

    Go on sedgey boy, please tell me how on the ball I am! :)
  20. Roast Veg

    Roast Veg Guest


    You're not even a good troll. Real and experienced trolls will operate far more subtly than you have been. I am not a troll. I prefer to try and be a respectable member of any community, instead of someone who has nothing better to do than to occupy their time by spoiling something somebody is rather pleased with.

    You have never trolled me. No doubt you will reply to this with a remark extremely similar in both tone and content to all of the others above me. I will only sit and smile at your over-exuberance, only really expending yourself with very little reward.

    ^ See this? This is the "You are a fucking retard" panel.

    Now feel free to squeal over the poor results of your mediocre trolling attempts. Don't forget to send a picture of your ugly face.
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