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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Kouji, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. REKINS OF SEAS: Super Crew of Ultimate Havoking 2: Return of King of KAG: Chapter 420blazeit - REKIN

    This thread shows any suggestions that have already been suggested before. If you new make a new thread, and the suggestion is on this list, you will receive a warning. No exceptions. If you find out that this list is not up to date, inform one of the moderators of this section. Either way search before making a new thread as well.

    //EDIT: Suggestion categories are now in alphabetical order (suggestions themselves aren't). ~Galen

    "Grappling hook"-ammo for ballistas
    Animation for Grappling Hook
    Archer - Crouching with Momentum
    Archer Caltrops
    Archer Melee Weapon (Locked)
    Archer only - Glider
    Balancing Food Items
    Barbed (bleeding) arrows
    Being able to angle saws
    Being able to lock Drills in "On/Drilling-State"
    Boiling Water in Buckets
    Bomb tweaks
    Bring back Gold Bullions
    Buff Bomb Arrows
    Classes too independent and too fast
    Class Upgrader
    Deadlier Arrows
    Depth Charges
    Diving Bells
    Doors and Chests with Keys
    Eye-candy flags
    Fire bombs (= reintroduce Satchels)
    Flaming Ballista Bolts
    Grappling Hooks
    Grappling hooks for knights & builders
    Hand Cannon / Grenade Launcher
    Heart Arrows
    Items for Builders
    Ladder Arrows
    Lantern Spam - How to Fix/Prevent it
    Logs as Weapons
    Loss of Resources after Death
    Make Bombs be more visible
    Mine arrows
    Mines should be able to take more damage from physics (== longer fall without being destroyed)
    Mine Tweaks
    More Classes
    More Weapons for Knights
    Mortar (Locked)
    Not able to attack while carrying crates // increase size of crates
    Reinforced Stone Blocks
    Remove Walljump for Knights (Equipment too heavy?)
    Remove Water Ammo
    Rope arrows
    Shield Swoop for Knights
    Sledge Hammer
    Spike/Shrapnel Mines
    Sticky Bombs
    Team-wide Resource Sharing/Inventory
    Throwing Spears for Knights
    Water arrows do damage on impact
    Wizard Class
    Wizard Class (locked)
    Wooden Catapult Ammo
    Game Balancing:
    Game Mechanic Tweaks:
    Archers should be able to kick people
    Archers should be able to swim faster
    Archers shouldn't automatically pick up more than 30 arrows
    Archer truly hiding
    Arrows should penetrate multiple Enemies
    Arrows slowly damaging Wooden Blocks
    Arrows to get deflected if shot too weak
    Auto Balance
    Automated Building/Building Layouts
    A way to lock length of grappling hook
    Being able to gather Arrows from Trees again
    Being able to repair Blocks
    Being able to shield falling spikes
    Boats to be lit up by Fire Arrows
    Buff Grapplestomping
    Change how shield surfing works
    Different swimming styles for each class
    Dirt Blocks Reaction to Explosions
    Double wielding
    End Game Bonuses
    Falling Trees
    Faster Shield Gliding
    Fighting While Holding Kegs
    Fix Arrow Ballistics/Physics
    Gain Resources from Buildings
    Higher Arrow Production
    Hot air makes Knight fly upwards
    Increased/decreased respawn timer depending on flags capped
    Jab and Slash Cancel
    Kegs shouldn't explode from being shot or slashed at
    Kill Count increasing for Kills with Spikes
    Knights launched by Catapult should damage Stone/Wooden Blocks by Shielding
    Knights should be able to damage Backwalls
    Lighting/Extinguishing Kegs with Fire-/Waterarrows
    Limb Loss / Armor Destruction
    Lock Wheels on Vehicles
    Map Border Properties
    Mines and Kegs should fit their purpose more
    More Ammo for Siege Equipment/Weapons
    No Flags through Tunnels/Teleporters
    No Shield in Water; Doors for Boats
    Not able to spawn on Warboat if being captured
    Only builder in buildtime
    Only Builders can carry Drills in their Inventory
    Penetrating arrows
    Pickup priorities
    Pivot/Rotation System for Catapults & Ballistas
    Remove being able to place spikes on backwall
    Remove slipping off blocks
    Remove Swimming
    Reviving of Players
    Scroll of Carnage Tweak
    Sharks dealing one Heart of Damage and have a decreased Angle of Attack
    Shields can't block Stomps
    Shield Walls/Boosts should be more plausible
    Shotgun-like Archer Charge
    Slash canceling when getting shot
    Some Factories shouldn't need Migrants
    Spawn System Tweaks
    Special class abilities
    Spike Properties
    Thrown Corpses should stun
    Thrown Lanterns set Stuff on Fire
    TTH Factories Upgrades
    Upgrading BackWall
    Upgrading Doors
    Vehicles can be carried by 2 Players
    Wheel Tweaks
    Game Modes:
    Game Interface Tweaks:
    Continuation further down :down:
    //EDIT: Changed all the links to "goo.gl" links to save space in the bbcode, send me a PM if you find one that doesn't work. ~Galen
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2017
  2. Galen

    Galen Forum Administrator Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Continued post due to soon-to-be reached BB Code limit in OP.

    Add a new phase for heads
    Archer Drop Kick
    Autokick AFK players
    Automatic Backup before Updates
    Being able to toggle Full Screen/Windowed ingame through Shortcut/Hotkey
    Bring back the "X" and the "tick" emotes
    Build-time countdown adjustment
    Builder Dash
    Builders should get points for things other than kills too
    Built in Recording Tool
    Clan War Icons
    Collapsible Mine shafts
    Concession Vote
    Control implementations
    Dedicated coaches and training servers
    Doors with keys and locks
    Double Barreled Bow
    End Match Summary
    Expose more variables to server config files
    Fire bomb (locked)
    Gamemode modifier - remove death
    Getting the hang of the game
    Give builders points for things other than kills
    Hosting Servers in the Game
    Improving Server Browser
    Kill the Princess
    Lobby/Warm Up Time
    Lower Slot Count on official CTF Servers
    Main Menu should have more Buttons
    Make next map work by majority
    Maps shouldn't flag servers as modded
    Minor Customization
    More Emotes
    More Statistics/Analytics
    Name the maps/display their names
    Pingkick/Pingban Message Tweaks
    Player List in Server Browser
    Player Profile in-game and game achievements
    Protect your king
    Public blacklist
    Quick Admin/Moderation Tools
    Redirecting to Server Browser instead of Main Menu when trying to join Full Server
    Referral System (Invite Players and Receive X Item)
    Remove Barrier Bouncing
    Remove Non-Admin Kicking
    Running Game with Help Option should list Parameters
    Server Commands Via SSH
    Shooting bombs down
    Special Date Events
    Stopping own AFK vote if user votes against
    Taunts from Classic
    Text Bubble on/off Function
    Tweaks for moderating/administrating ingame
    Visible "say" command in RCON, other than /msg
    Voice communication
    Vote Kick Improvement
    Vote Spam
    Water stalemate suggestion
    Tech Trees and Buildings:
    Adding triangle blocks to Vanilla
    Add ladders to TTH halls
    Archers shouldn't be able to shoot kegs off of your back
    Arrows shouldn't collide on each other
    Axe when chopping wood/trees
    Ballista Bolts to be unslashable as well
    Better Door Sprites
    Change order of Arrows when swapping
    Farming (Locked)
    Fire Changes
    Fix shops being pickaxe "magnets"
    Fix targeting recticle for builders
    Grappling while Charging Arrows
    Hearts in Backpacks should stay there for longer and be automatically consumed if needed
    Kill Streaks
    Longer water bomb stun
    Make chickens fly further
    Make wooden doors more expensive
    Maximum normal arrows
    More Features For Maps
    More Siege
    More Siege (Locked)
    More Siege (Locked)
    Nerf Stab (locked)
    Nights too dark
    Not losing Resources/Items when swapping Classes at Tent
    Problematic Water
    Respawn-timer Tweaks
    Slower Moving Siege
    Sonic style bubbles
    Spawn Camping in TDM
    Stop People Spawning at a Ballista Being Captured
    Tweak carried Corpses
    Tweaking Health on the archer and builder class
    Water decays doors
    Water arrow adjustment - they do damage
    //EDIT: Changed all the links to "goo.gl" links to save space in the bbcode, send me a PM if you find one that doesn't work. ~Galen

    //EDIT: Edited post, added recent suggestions/ideas. Send me a PM if you encounter any problems. ~Gurin

    //EDIT: Added recent-ier suggestions and ideas. Sorted suggestions alphabetically. PM me if there are any problems. ~Shagsworth
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2016
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