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Monster Waves Survival (and other marcochanyh's servers )

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by marcochanyh, Aug 14, 2014.

Mods: jackitch
  1. marcochanyh

    marcochanyh Shark Slayer

    Server name: Monster Waves Survival
    Number of Slots: 64
    Gamemode: Survival from Waves of Monster :eek:
    Server Location: Hong Kong (Asia)
    Ping Kick?: Nope
    Premium?: Yep
    Check here for Monster Waves Survival Details: :wink: (Removed Details of Each Monsters)

    Btw, ::D: I don't know aboutServer Directory function before , so it is really late for post my servers
    As i think if make one post for each server is too scattered, so i add a list of my servers here :wink:
    (and Here is the Link to my server's Group)

    Have FUN!!!!!!::D:

    List of servers [Those without Gold Icon in front of name are NON-Premium]
    1.King of the Hill vs Ghost :skull:
    2.Planet RTDM :mine:
    3.Monster Hill vs Human :bison:
    4.Auto Disaster CTF :castle:
    5.RUN & FALL!!!
    6.King vs Lord CTF :B):
    7.RTDM :X3:
    8.Dark Zombie Survival :eek:
    9.Star War Role Play :chest:
    10.Mario Smash & Mario Push RTDM :r_flex:
    11.Wonderland RolePlay :camping:
    12Day Cycle CTF :sword:
    13Flat Roleplay DayCycle:log:
    15.:gold_mat:Monster Waves Survival :skeleton::zchicken:
    16.My CTF :stone_mat:
    17. MiniGames :fcp:
    18.:gold_mat:Summoner CTF :chicken:
    19.Bomber CTF :bomb:
    20.War Game :spam:
    21.Jail Break :build:
    22.VS Editor :flex:
    23.King vs Lord Army :knight::knight::knight:
    24.Alien Attack :migrant:
    25.Assasination :smug:
    26.Extinction :blue::red:
    27.Landmine :keg:
    28.Earth CTF :noburu:
    29.Infect Zombie :knight::skeleton:
    30.Alien Bot Attack [Attack Version] :migrant:
    31.Bomber Knight Survival :sword::bomb:
    32.Creative CTF :gear:
    33.RTDM CTF :castle_wall::castle_wall::castle_wall:
    34.Rocket! :fire_arrow:
    35. :gold_mat:Summoner :X3:

    Have FUN!!!!!!::D:
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2014
Mods: jackitch