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Official KAG Servers

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by FuzzyBlueBaron, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. JiffIez

    JiffIez Arsonist

    Busy or not, when someone states they'll get back to you shortly, I expect to be gotten back to -shortly- >_>

    Does no one have proper business etiquette nowadays? D:
  2. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    Cerboro's rift is a worst map please remove.
  3. fraser741

    fraser741 Shipwright

    [00:33:54] <{SAP}Munto> hold the line im on my way
    [00:33:56] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> who is mrs loofburrow?
    [00:34:13] <JayP> fk knows
    [00:34:18] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> fucking mrs doyle bitch
    [00:34:29] <{SAP}Munto> see all me
    [00:34:29] <<GOA>Miguel> why you gota be so cruel
    [00:34:31] <{SAP}Munto> ALL ME
    [00:34:34] AvadaKedav Saiyajin (SuperSoldier98) has joined Red Team
    [00:34:34] Munto (fraser741) has joined Blue Team
    [00:34:34] JayP (JayP9) has joined Red Team
    [00:34:34] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Blue Team
    [00:34:45] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> get em
    [00:34:48] <<GOA>Miguel> lol
    [00:34:49] <JayP> fraser youre such an annoying cnt wow
    [00:34:51] <<GOA>Miguel> best archer
    [00:34:54] <<GOA>Miguel> eVeR
    [00:35:18] <{SAP}Munto> dont abuse me
    [00:35:29] <JayP> stating a fact
    [00:35:31] <JayP> not abusing

    [00:35:33] <<GOA>Miguel> if you ask me chat is an abuse
    [00:35:39] <{SAP}Munto> wow Im not a cunt
    [00:35:41] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> munto is a special snowflake
    [00:35:50] <{SAP}Munto> I am not a femail sextual organ
    [00:35:53] <JayP> Can tell by his ban log
    [00:35:57] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> lmao
    [00:36:04] <{SAP}Munto> it is not fact
    [00:36:17] <MaJoR AvadaKedav Saiyajin> ban log
    [00:36:19] µOutlawµ (Warcrime) has joined Blue Team
    [00:36:19] AvadaKedav Saiyajin (SuperSoldier98) has joined Blue Team
    [00:36:19] Miguel (UndulatingTitLord) has joined Red Team
    [00:36:19] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Red Team
    [00:36:20] <MaJoR AvadaKedav Saiyajin> lmao fam
    [00:36:20] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> anyone seen Dar?
    [00:36:28] <{SAP}Munto> so dont call me a cunt admin
    [00:36:33] JayP9 is now known as Dar
    [00:36:34] <Dar> what
    [00:36:37] <MaJoR AvadaKedav Saiyajin> lol
    [00:36:38] <MaJoR AvadaKedav Saiyajin> there is dar
    [00:36:39] <MaJoR AvadaKedav Saiyajin> xD
    [00:36:48] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> wtf
    [00:36:48] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> wha
    [00:36:51] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> u wizard
    [00:36:51] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> ok
    [00:36:56] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> i didint see him ;o;
    [00:36:57] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> Dar is here
    [00:36:58] <Dar> Dont cry fraser its ok
    [00:37:00] <<GOA>Miguel> CHARGE"!
    [00:37:05] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> FOR AMERICA
    [00:37:08] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> get em
    [00:37:10] <{SAP}Munto> I will always cry when people abuse me
    [00:37:14] <Dar> Can tell
    [00:37:17] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> i cri everytiem
    [00:37:28] <{SAP}Munto> you are an admin
    [00:37:35] <{SAP}Munto> and you called me a cunt

    [00:37:36] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> Dar and jay are the...
    [00:37:37] <Dar> correct
    [00:37:40] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> same person
    [00:37:45] µOutlawµ (Warcrime) has joined Red Team
    [00:37:45] Miguel (UndulatingTitLord) has joined Blue Team
    [00:37:45] Munto (fraser741) has joined Red Team
    [00:37:45] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Blue Team
    [00:37:55] <Dar> I can link you forums if you wish to report my behaviour
    [00:37:56] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> get em
    [00:38:07] <{SAP}Munto> How does that make me a cunt
    [00:38:18] <{SAP}Munto> wich in these logs you said was a fact
    [00:38:35] <{SAP}Munto> that I am a femail sextual organ
    [00:38:36] <<GOA>Miguel> dar is a shit playing compared to JayP
    [00:38:48] <Dar> I have my own opinion on you , A person whos being banned more than 10 times for team grefing is a cunt in my eyes
    [00:39:00] <Dar> Simple as that
    [00:39:04] <<GOA>Miguel> dar is a shit playing compared to JayP
    [00:39:08] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> da dar anus has spoken
    [00:39:08] <{SAP}Munto> You opoinion does not change what I am
    [00:39:09] Miguel (UndulatingTitLord) has joined Red Team
    [00:39:09] Munto (fraser741) has joined Blue Team
    [00:39:09] Dar (JayP9) has joined Blue Team
    [00:39:09] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Red Team
    [00:39:10] <{SAP}Munto> You opoinion does not change what I am
    [00:39:13] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> get em
    [00:39:19] <{SAP}Munto> you could call me an annoying person
    [00:39:33] <Dar> I can call you whatver I wish to call you
    [00:39:40] <{SAP}Munto> calling me a cunt and then saying it is a fact is not correct and it is abuse
    [00:39:49] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> lel fuck u
    [00:39:52] <Dar> report me ?
    [00:39:58] <Dar> Want the thread link \
    [00:40:01] --- A vote was started by linny334 ---
    [00:40:02] --- linny334 Voted In Favour ---
    [00:40:05] <Dar> even better message Furai
    [00:40:05] <<GOA>Miguel> can i call people what i want to DAR?
    [00:40:06] --- UndulatingTitLord Voted In Favour ---
    [00:40:08] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> fucking hell
    [00:40:14] --- SuperSoldier98 Voted In Favour ---
    [00:40:15] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> guys
    [00:40:18] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> 1 sec
    [00:40:19] --- Warcrime Voted Against ---
    [00:40:20] <{SAP}Munto> I have these logs
    [00:40:26] <Dar> I know you do
    [00:40:33] --- Vote passed: 3 vs 1 ---
    [00:40:33] µOutlawµ (Warcrime) has joined Blue Team
    [00:40:33] AvadaKedav Saiyajin (SuperSoldier98) has joined Red Team
    [00:40:33] Dar (JayP9) has joined Red Team
    [00:40:33] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Blue Team
    [00:40:35] <Dar> being around long enough
    [00:40:57] <{SAP}Munto> been around long enough to call me a cunt
    [00:41:03] <Dar> Yep

    [00:41:06] <{SAP}Munto> and then say its fact
    [00:41:10] <Dar> correct
    [00:41:17] <{SAP}Munto> Im reporting you
    [00:41:17] <Dar> im sure every other admin would agree
    [00:41:27] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> fucking archers are the real cancer
    [00:41:28] JayP9 is now known as JayP
    [00:41:36] <{SAP}Munto> yeah after that you really hurt my feelings
    [00:41:40] Miguel (UndulatingTitLord) has joined Blue Team
    [00:41:40] Munto (fraser741) has joined Red Team

    I don't know how to put this into a spoiler but this admin was being abusive towards me
  4. an_obamanation

    an_obamanation The boss Donator

    You can put things into spoilers by going to the top Icon that looks like a weird paper that says "Insert..." Hitting "Spoiler" then putting the text you want to be spoiled inside the brackets.

    Should look like [ SPOILER]Message[/SPOILER ] Without the spaces on the brackets near the S and R. Also I have no authority to say but I believe an admin insulting you isn't abuse, just means they don't like you.
  5. JayP9

    JayP9 HSJJRF Staff Alumni Donator

    Ill just post it here as well to clear up ( Dar was not playing at the time I had the nickname from a joke made a bit before this happened) and whoever reads this pls dont just read the bolded logs cause thats not everything :) . The Following logs is the same I sent to you, Furai and geti

    [22:31:22] <{SAP}Munto> bro there are like 10 people that use this account..... Hes 6 im not sure a 6 year old can be a cunt
    [22:31:28] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> seems legit
    [22:31:38] <Donkey> if hes six, im sure he doesnt understand
    [22:31:40] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> LOL
    [22:31:46] µOutlawµ (Warcrime) has joined Blue Team
    [22:31:46] Miguel (UndulatingTitLord) has joined Red Team
    [22:31:46] JayP (JayP9) has joined Red Team
    [22:31:46] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Blue Team
    [22:31:46] Monkey_Feats has joined Red Team
    [22:31:46] Donkey (Donkey3) has joined Blue Team
    [22:31:47] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> why df u have 10 people using ur acc
    [22:31:52] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> u live in fucking africa?
    [22:32:10] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> true story
    [22:32:12] <JayP> I called your account a cunt , meaning whoever uses it :)
    [22:32:29] <JayP> including yourself if youre responsible for any of the bans on it
    [22:32:32] <JayP> :)
    [22:32:32] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Red Team
    [22:32:32] Munto (fraser741) has joined Blue Team
    [22:32:35] <{SAP}Munto> no we tryed to get others to make forum accounts but they where ban
    [22:32:41] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> wouldnt he get perma banned?
    [22:32:44] <JayP> explains a lot
    [22:32:45] <{SAP}Munto> so they didn't want to buy the game
    [22:32:45] <Monkey_Feats> munto rp fantasy kag world
    [22:32:48] <JayP> why were they banned
    [22:32:51] <JayP> Lmao
    [22:32:56] <{SAP}Munto> so we all use unkles steam acount
    [22:33:00] <{SAP}Munto> account
    [22:33:10] <JayP> You all grief like fucks simple
    [22:33:11] <{SAP}Munto> dunno
    [22:33:15] <{SAP}Munto> ask them
    [22:33:17] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> lmao
    [22:33:18] <JayP> Look how many times your account has being banned
    [22:33:20] <JayP> honestly
    [22:33:24] <<GOA>Miguel> I AM NOT SAP OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [22:33:25] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> jayp
    [22:33:29] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> just perma ban
    [22:33:42] <JayP> Na theyre not doing anything atm
    [22:33:48] <JayP> admins tried to get them perma banned
    [22:33:50] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> a'ATM"
    [22:33:55] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> "atm"
    [22:33:56] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> u say
    [22:33:57] <JayP> but Furai is picky with permas
    [22:34:03] <{SAP}Munto> i think my little bro reported you.. don't think it will go far but you shouldn't call people cunts mang
    [22:34:06] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> i see
    [22:34:11] <Monkey_Feats> i never liked munto anyway :O
    [22:34:15] <JayP> It will fo far trust me
    [22:34:15] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> so u have 10 siblings?
    [22:34:23] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:34:24] <JayP> Ill probs loose admin knowing Furai
    [22:34:36] <Donkey> So the moral of the story here is, always call Munto a cunt when we see him
    [22:34:41] <JayP> But I dont care if thats what it takes for calling a known griefer a cunt
    [22:34:41] <{SAP}Munto> no I don't have 10 siblings
    [22:34:44] <JayP> Dont really care
    [22:34:46] <Donkey> Chances are, his little bro is on
    [22:34:49] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> wtf
    [22:34:54] <{SAP}Munto> hes 6
    [22:35:01] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:02] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:02] <{SAP}Munto> how was he being a cunt
    [22:35:03] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:11] <{SAP}Munto> coz other people got this account ban?
    [22:35:18] JayP (JayP9) has joined Blue Team
    [22:35:18] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Blue Team
    [22:35:18] Monkey_Feats has joined Blue Team
    [22:35:18] Munto (fraser741) has joined Red Team
    [22:35:18] Silly Rabbit (z3b1z) has joined Red Team
    [22:35:18] Donkey (Donkey3) has joined Red Team
    [22:35:18] <Donkey> Gee sounds like a cunt to me
    [22:35:19] <JayP> is it the firs time youre telling people more than 1 person use this account
    [22:35:24] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> munto
    [22:35:25] <JayP> put yourself in my position
    [22:35:25] <Monkey_Feats> is your dad home munto?
    [22:35:31] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> thats ur responsibility than lmao
    [22:35:32] <JayP> how in the fuck am i suppost to know
    [22:35:38] <JayP> 6 people use your account
    [22:35:41] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> if u act like a cunt u are a cunt
    [22:35:41] <JayP> no one does that
    [22:35:42] <{SAP}Munto> no its really not I've told people before
    [22:35:42] <Monkey_Feats> you should put him on team speak
    [22:35:55] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:56] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:57] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:57] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:58] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:58] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:59] <<GOA>Miguel> STOP IT
    [22:35:59] <JayP> Tell him I said sorry
    [22:36:04] <<GOA>Miguel> PLEASE!
    [22:36:04] <JayP> Cause hes 6
    [22:36:08] <{SAP}Munto> sweet as brother
    [22:36:19] <{SAP}Munto> thanks i let him read this
    [22:36:46] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Red Team
    [22:36:46] Monkey_Feats has joined Red Team
    [22:36:46] Munto (fraser741) has joined Blue Team
    [22:36:46] Donkey (Donkey3) has joined Blue Team
    [22:36:55] <Donkey> Youre a little cunt, munto
    [22:36:55] <{SAP}Munto> sorry if you have to deal with some of the people how use this account... They are cunts in real life too
    [22:36:59] <JayP> All good brotha , Hey little one if youre reading this sorry for what i said before hha , I had no idea you guys share accounts
    [22:37:12] <Monkey_Feats> cunt
    [22:37:17] <JayP> yeah I undderstand , you and your brother should make an account
    [22:37:17] <Monkey_Feats> :O
    [22:37:22] <JayP> and use it just you too
    [22:37:28] <JayP> two*
    [22:37:47] <Monkey_Feats> its like 12 oclock
    [22:37:54] * COLLAPSE by z3b1z (size 28 blocks)
    [22:37:55] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> 11 for me
    [22:37:57] <Donkey> Cunt o'clock
    [22:38:02] * Scrambling the teams...
    [22:38:02] µOutlawµ (Warcrime) has joined Red Team
    [22:38:02] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Blue Team
    [22:38:02] Munto (fraser741) has joined Red Team
    [22:38:02] Silly Rabbit (z3b1z) has joined Blue Team
    [22:38:02] <Donkey> time to wreck some cunts
    [22:38:02] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> lmaoo
    [22:38:02] <{SAP}Munto> I'll try but the forums might not let us.. Last time we tried something about our ips being the same
    [22:38:17] <JayP> Oh yeah if you guys play on the same internet
    [22:38:19] <JayP> wont work
    [22:38:30] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> how come
    [22:38:31] <JayP> cause all the bans and logs are set through IP
    [22:38:32] <{SAP}Munto> yeah we do haha
    [22:38:35] <JayP> instead of account
    [22:38:49] <{SAP}Munto> just have to put up with it I guess
    [22:39:03] cincoscuencas connected
    [22:39:04] cincoscuencas has joined Blue Team
    [22:39:12] <<GOA>Miguel> all u
    [22:39:13] <JayP> Yeah I guess , just tell the others to play the game as everyone else does
    [22:39:15] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> monkey u took my sterioids
    [22:39:16] Miguel (UndulatingTitLord) has joined Blue Team
    [22:39:16] +SAVAGE+ (linny334) has joined Red Team
    [22:39:16] Silly Rabbit (z3b1z) has joined Red Team
    [22:39:17] BearKnight connected as BearKnight (anz)
    [22:39:17] BearKnight (anz) (BearKnight) has joined Blue Team
    [22:39:26] <JayP> cause atm your account has a really bad reputation
    [22:39:29] <JayP> because of them
    [22:39:41] <<GOA>Miguel> omg GOD
    [22:39:44] <PLUM cincoscuencas> hi monkey
    [22:39:44] <{SAP}Munto> I will but sometimes I log onto the forums and all sorts of shit has gone down
    [22:39:47] <Monkey_Feats> i actually going to get a steroid injection tommorow
    [22:39:48] <<GOA>Miguel> i am not SAP! ! ! ! ! !
    [22:39:51] <{SAP}Munto> or Im bann
    [22:39:58] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> wtf
    [22:40:00] <JayP> Ill let them know on the admin section
    [22:40:00] <PLUM cincoscuencas> is it for your back
    [22:40:00] Munto (fraser741) has joined Blue Team
    [22:40:00] BearKnight (anz) (BearKnight) has joined Red Team
    [22:40:00] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> k i might log off in a bit
    [22:40:01] <BearKnight (anz)> what up bois
    [22:40:03] <PLUM +SAVAGE+> y
    [22:40:06] <JayP> that you gusys share an account munto
    [22:40:07] <MaJoR µOutlawµ> its late
    [22:40:15] <JayP> Ill let the admin know
    [22:40:17] <Monkey_Feats> back pains
    [22:40:22] <JayP> cause I dont think anyone does know
    [22:40:28] <JayP> First time hearing about it now
    [22:40:35] <{SAP}Munto> theres lots that use this account
    [22:40:44] <{SAP}Munto> thanks man
    [22:40:58] µOutlawµ (Warcrime) has joined Blue Team
    [22:40:58] cincoscuencas has joined Red Team
    [22:40:58] <{SAP}Munto> Imma play a few rounds then sleep
    [22:41:04] <BearKnight (anz)> back pains have no honour
    [22:41:04] <PLUM cincoscuencas> hi monkey

    EDIT : Just as I make this post
    punk123> !guard
    <Belagerung> punk123: please say the name of the offender, the reason they are an offender and what server they are currently on.
    <punk123> Munto is being a griefy asshat on ctf eu

    Pretty self explanatory, I mean if you look at the ammount of times he's being banned gives me reason to get a little mad :(
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
  6. veronartdoob

    veronartdoob Haxor

    tired of this guy
    kreblthis connected as Hans Smooth
    [04:52:29] Hans Smooth (kreblthis) has joined Blue Team
    [04:52:32] Otzi connected as Jonah
    [04:52:34] Jonah (Otzi) has joined Red Team
    [04:52:40] <Chank rawhite> * jpeg is a glitchy lagfaggot *
    [04:52:58] <Hans Smooth> i fucking hate leftist i wish it was legal to kill them
    [04:53:01] <Cold Beer> ye
    [04:53:08] <Hans Smooth> cold beer u dumb nigger
    [04:53:10] <bozemanboy> DONGALD TRUMP FOR PREZ 2018
    [04:53:23] <Chank rawhite> fucki red team
    [04:53:30] <Hans Smooth> im not even talking about american leftist
    [04:53:36] <Hans Smooth> but ye fuck those too
    [04:53:36] <Chank rawhite> haaa
    [04:53:48] <bozemanboy> Lel
    [04:54:00] <Chank rawhite> haaa
    [04:54:04] <bozemanboy> Socialist cucks suck asss
    [04:54:21] <Hans Smooth> im german nazi
    [04:54:24] <Hans Smooth> r8
    [04:54:31] <[HD!] Garden> whats with all the new jab spammers on recently
    [04:54:48] <Hans Smooth> BUIDLER
    [04:54:58] <Chank rawhite> fuck yo cata
    [04:55:15] <Hans Smooth> GET GEGRE NIGGER
    [04:55:21] jerm2112 left the game
    [04:55:22] Krac connected
    [04:55:24] Krac has joined Blue Team
    [04:55:47] <Chank rawhite> HAAAAA
    [04:55:56] <Hans Smooth> I HATE NIGGERS
    [04:56:01] <[HD!] Garden> thanks for shooting the mine friends
    [04:56:11] <[HD!] Garden> also kaz
    [04:56:12] <chenshuiluke> lool
    [04:56:15] <[HD!] Garden> please hans smooth
    [04:56:18] <[HD!] Garden> hes gonna trigger me
    [04:56:20] <Hans Smooth> i dont hate niggers
    [04:56:22] <Hans Smooth> jk
    [04:56:31] <bozemanboy> DONT
    [04:56:33] <bozemanboy> SAY
    [04:56:35] <bozemanboy> NIGGGERS
    [04:56:37] <bozemanboy> YOU
    [04:56:37] <[BoW] Kazaco> watch the language hans
    he drop all this racist shit always
  7. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    Yea i agree but with the lax bs that is admin definition i dont think youll ever get a consistent mute for someone like him. Personally id love to see the actual defintions for grief, teamkilling, spamming ect. Admins i argue with define grief as "intentionally destroying team structures" which is the dumbest definition since modern racism. If your team is doing something completely ignorant you should have some way to fix it without being labeled a griefer especially when the dev himself admits afew of the mechanics are shit(trapblocks).
  8. an_obamanation

    an_obamanation The boss Donator

    "Griefing" is a term used by many players to describe the act of hampering your own team. Whether it's destroying your team's constructions, obstructing paths intended for your team, or shooting them with catapults - any intentional act that gives disadvantage to your own team is considered griefing. This also includes team swapping to harm the opposite team. ~SirSalami

    So no fixing traps that are shit isn't griefing as you're helping your team, not harming.
  9. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    There is no fixing traps. They are inherently cancer and screw over your team. The only option once the inside gets destroyed then the only option is to destroy the trapblocks. That is defined as griefing based off of these rules.
  10. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator

    Deleted a few messages due to OT. Keep the OT to a minimum please, if you want to talk about what happened on servers other than these mentioned in this thread go to the respective threads.
  11. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    Hi, I'm here to whine about official server admins - and rules!

    Firstly, I'd like to ask where the fuck are the KAG official server rules? I get it - I'm not allowed to spam, I'm not allowed to grief, I'm not allowed to hack, I'm not allowed to teamkill - but where is the line here? Some admins considering spam to be saying the same bullshit over and over in chat, others consider it just talking a lot but not really having anything worthwhile to say. Some consider griefing to be blatantly playing against the team, others consider destroying a noob's trap (which harms the team) as griefing. Sometimes I like to have a teamkill on my friends (usually in TDM or spikedropping during build phase), and I somehow get banned.

    It's really frustrating because I come on KAG to chill out. It's my game that I play when I feel sad or lonely or some other gay emotion, and when there is no admin online, it's all fun. No one gives a shit if I teamkill my friend, or write "NAZI" in backwall, or say some random crap in chat. But as soon as there is an admin online, I end up having an unfun time and get banned or muted.

    Here's a chatlog of an experience I had today (excuse my cringeyness):

    [21:35:58] Connecting to... KAG Official CTF EU No. 5
    [21:36:02] Connecting to
    [21:36:05] Rivet (RivetSpawn) has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] RivetSpawn connected as Rivet
    [21:36:05] Khargan has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] Khargan connected
    [21:36:05] Caroco (Your_average_joe) has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] Your_average_joe connected as Caroco
    [21:36:05] Zinedine Zidane (ZinedineZidane) has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] ZinedineZidane connected as Zinedine Zidane
    [21:36:05] cerflaser has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] cerflaser connected
    [21:36:05] cyborg42 has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] cyborg42 connected
    [21:36:05] pUnk (PUNK123) has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] PUNK123 connected as pUnk
    [21:36:05] maharishi has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] maharishi connected
    [21:36:05] Dunkan has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] Dunkan connected
    [21:36:05] Jazzis has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] Jazzis connected
    [21:36:05] Free The Pedos (Didgedy) has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] Didgedy connected as Free The Pedos
    [21:36:05] Lucienro has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] Lucienro connected
    [21:36:05] Ferdo (ferdo) has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] ferdo connected as Ferdo
    [21:36:05] Night_Horde has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] Night_Horde connected
    [21:36:05] PapaBiceps (Ivo_Skywalker) has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] Ivo_Skywalker connected as PapaBiceps
    [21:36:05] Gnah (Gnah6) has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] Gnah6 connected as Gnah
    [21:36:05] spaceorbitplus has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] spaceorbitplus connected
    [21:36:05] Bucky (Bucky3) has joined Red Team
    [21:36:05] Bucky3 connected as Bucky
    [21:36:05] Mathech2 (Mathech) has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:05] Mathech connected as Mathech2
    [21:36:05] Blue_Tiger connected as Maltager
    [21:36:05] Maltager (Blue_Tiger) has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:06] <Sir Ferdo> saved ?
    [21:36:29] <Free The Pedos> Safed
    [21:36:47] <FIST! Maltager> LOL
    [21:36:51] <FIST! Maltager> dude its like baseball!
    [21:36:53] <cyborg42> IF YOU WORK HARD ENOUGH
    [21:36:58] <cyborg42> YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT

    [21:37:04] Mathech left the game
    [21:37:08] <FIST! Maltager> i want to commit mass murder!
    [21:37:09] <WoB pUnk> gotcha fgt malt
    [21:37:17] <[O] cerflaser> well i'm still not justin bieber
    [21:37:17] <FIST! Maltager> i want to blow up this shops
    [21:37:19] <FIST! Maltager> with this keg

    [21:37:19] <Free The Pedos> Jonestown guy did it
    [21:37:23] <[O] cerflaser> I guess I dont work hard enough
    [21:37:23] <Dunkan> LIKE SHUT YOUR MOUTH FOR INSTANCE?
    [21:37:26] <Caroco> * Why do you fuckin keep doing that *
    [21:37:30] TreLovesPugs connected as PugsOrFeed
    [21:37:33] PugsOrFeed (TreLovesPugs) has joined Blue Team
    [21:37:42] <FIST! Maltager> rivet look what im doing
    [21:37:45] <FIST! Maltager> im wokring super hard
    [21:37:53] <FIST! Maltager> ez
    (killed punk)
    [21:37:56] <!SNAC PapaBiceps> :D
    [21:37:59] <FIST! Maltager> even gruffer can rek u punkie boi
    [21:37:59] <!SNAC PapaBiceps> i know malta
    [21:38:04] <FIST! Maltager> how does it feel
    [21:38:41] <FIST! Maltager> #HOW

    [21:38:42] <cyborg42> wtf malta (i was using that duck and sheild thing and he was confused by it)
    [21:38:42] <FIST! Maltager> DOES
    [21:38:43] <FIST! Maltager> IT
    [21:38:44] <FIST! Maltager> FEEL
    [21:38:46] <FIST! Maltager> PUNKIE BOI

    [21:38:55] <WoB pUnk> malt
    [21:38:56] <WoB pUnk> go
    [21:38:58] <WoB pUnk> back
    [21:38:58] <WoB pUnk> to
    [21:39:00] <WoB pUnk> gay
    [21:39:01] <WoB pUnk> halla
    [21:39:02] <FIST! Maltager> no
    [21:39:02] DISCONNECTED FROM SERVER (banned)

    Like, I understand I was saying "I'm grefing", but it was part of the shit where that guy was saying "you can do whatever you want if you try hard enough". But apparently I get banned for saying "HOW DOES IT FEEL PUNKIE BOY" using a new message for each line. Yes I understand this is a bit of spam, but it's not like anyone was talking anyway, and I'd expect a warning first, or at least just be muted. Being banned for that is total bullshit. And when I joined the CTF US server afterwards, Punk was there too so I assumed he got banned for responding to me. Seems fair.

    Anyway, I also got muted for this, by Toothgrinder, after retreating to the US server:

    [21:50:46] <SURGE Nicstar543> what
    [21:50:47] <SURGE Nicstar543> fuck..u
    [21:50:49] <SURGE Nicstar543> nigger

    [21:50:50] <ETID|toothgrinderx> Does anyone else have any issue
    [21:50:53] <alternate nob> lol k
    [21:50:58] <Generic User> [Player muted on this server]
    [21:51:02] <SURGE Nicstar543> [Player muted on this server]
    [21:51:08] <ETID|toothgrinderx> nic 10 min mute that language aint allowed
    [21:51:08] <WoB pUnk> [Player muted on this server]
    [21:51:14] <alternate nob> AAA
    [21:51:14] <alternate nob> NIC
    [21:51:16] <4DGT ECBicalho> yes!
    [21:51:20] Nicstar543 left the game
    [21:51:20] <4DGT ECBicalho> heehe
    [21:51:34] <FIST! Maltager> tooth
    [21:51:36] <FIST! Maltager> fuck me

    [21:51:46] <ETID|toothgrinderx> no thx
    [21:51:49] <FIST! Maltager> like
    [21:51:50] <NotSoGrumpyCat> crap
    [21:51:50] <NotSoGrumpyCat> XD
    [21:51:52] <FIST! Maltager> nigger isnt allowed?
    [21:51:53] <FIST! Maltager> sigh

    [21:51:58] <alternate nob> begro
    [21:52:05] <alternate nob> pedro
    [21:52:09] <Thx4thesmallpox> Fucking cracker
    [21:52:12] <alternate nob> lol
    [21:52:12] <Thx4thesmallpox> with your tiny dicks
    [21:52:14] <Thx4thesmallpox> and your incest
    [21:52:15] <FIST! Maltager> [Player muted on this server]
    [21:52:16] <ETID|toothgrinderx> 1 hour for you bud cuz you simply want to test me

    [21:52:17] <NotSoGrumpyCat> well, yes of course it isn't allowed
    [21:52:18] <ETID|toothgrinderx> loool
    [21:52:23] <ETID|toothgrinderx> mfw im going to mute everyone

    Like, wtf?

    Also if you want to know what Punk managed to get muted for, it's delightful!

    [21:47:13] <WoB pUnk> admins are shit
    [21:47:17] <Generic User> Too many people just turn a blind eye man
    [21:47:19] <WoB pUnk> that doesnt make malt right tho
    [21:47:25] <FIST! Maltager> u cant ban me for what i did 3 months ago
    [21:47:26] <alternate nob> tooth mute them all pls
    [21:47:31] <FIST! Maltager> and already served the punishment for
    [21:47:31] <ETID|toothgrinderx> punk your muted for 10 minutes

    Lmao. It's a joke, it really is.

    I wish I didn't grief now so I could apply back as admin because I would, no doubt, be the best admin. In fact, I believe I was the best admin! I never did anything wrong or abused any of my power. I think everyone can agree with me on that, and if not, please give me some proof or at least an anecdote.

    Anyway, that's the end of my rant. I think I'll continue on with collecting bullshit kicks, bans and mutes and posting them on this thread.
  12. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    [21:50:46] <SURGE Nicstar543> what
    [21:50:47] <SURGE Nicstar543> fuck..u
    [21:50:49] <SURGE Nicstar543> nigger

    [21:50:50] <ETID|toothgrinderx> Does anyone else have any issue
    [21:50:53] <alternate nob> lol k
    [21:50:58] <Generic User> [Player muted on this server]
    [21:51:02] <SURGE Nicstar543> [Player muted on this server]
    [21:51:08] <ETID|toothgrinderx> nic 10 min mute that language aint allowed


    "Swearing/Trolling is allowed in game, as long as it isn't over the top excessive to the point that it is annoying most people on the server. If more than one person tells you to shut up, you probably should. As you maybe kicked from the server. No global ban will happen in most cases.

    Racist remarks/some bigotry are also allowed. If you are offended, just move to a different server. Over the top and excessive racism/bigotry may result in a global ban however. Probably a 1-3 day ban the first time. If it's bad enough that several people feel that the games ruined by those remarks, the ban may be longer."

    from https://forum.thd.vg/threads/rules-for-making-reports.7189/
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2016
  13. Potatobird

    Potatobird Haxor Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    I mean, I guess it would make sense to have rules in the OP here, so you have a point there.

    But in general, the rules are pretty common sense. Official servers are likely a little more strict than most servers. That means that you don't get to use racial slurs. And usually, when you break a rule, the admin will give a warning. Which in one of those logs he did, and you promptly ignored. Outrageous, huh? Is it really that unreasonable to make an effort to keep racial slurs out of the official servers?

    Also important to note is that if you have a history of repeatedly griefing and making trouble, you may get treated differently when it comes to punishments. The "thin ice" principle, which you probably should have thought of before establishing yourself as a troll/griefer, if you didn't want to face consequences.

    Bunnie, that thread is about global bans.
  14. toothgrinderx

    toothgrinderx Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni Tester Official Server Admin

    Am I expected to write a serious response to this?

    Ok here I go
    1. Malt got an hour off the bat because he said it right after I had warned about it and he's obviously just trying to bait and cause problems like he always does, as everyone is well aware.
    2. Bunnie entered the server and began spam walling and simply adding to what was happening with obnoxious comments because he has nothing better to do, of course he neglects to include I muted him as well.
    3. I muted punk bc he was asked repeatedly not to add to the situation and continued to do so, it was partially just to help me reduce the amount of text I had to pay attention to and he is well aware of that, we discussed it right after on steam.
    4. The n word is pretty much the most offensive word that exists due to the history behind it, and has no place, well, anywhere. I warn about it once to the server when it gets used that it's not acceptable before mutes but I simply had to many people talking at once and a ten minute mute is harmless. Trust me, nic is a try lord he cares about slashing, not chatting, I'm certain that he couldn't care less about the mute and probably wasn't even reading the chat.

    It should go without saying that these snippets were selected to incriminate rather than accurately display what was really going on.
    Keep your garbage off of officials.
    I'm not responding to this any further.
  15. RivetSpawn

    RivetSpawn Horde Gibber Official Server Admin

    It's hard to say where the line is but i'm fairly conservative with kicks and imo you're well beyond it constantly spamming threats of grief and provoking admins every time you come on it's literally just one thing after another disrupting the game.
  16. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    If someone is just there to troll you should probably have alittle more leeway in mutes. Beyond that removing someone who just threatens to grief is counter-productive because if you dont catch them and get them a real ban theyll continue to do it. Frankly admins shouldnt have the free-will to mute or kick someone who just irritates them unless it is blatant trolling. Granted the keg "joke" he was doing at the knight shop was cringey and if it was a private server and the admin knew his past he would be permabanned.

    I was asked once, unless youre counting the later situation where i explaining why i felt your mute was wrong(which i think we came to a conclusion that it was just a complete misunderstanding). I am sorry that you didnt get to play the game due to the mess but it really wasn't my fault and in the specific situation i wasnt responding to you
    [13:48:30] <NotSoGrumpyCat> admins are the reason why these servers can operate most of the time
    [13:48:34] <FIST! Maltager> have you seen me do that ?
    [13:48:35] <Generic User> So true
    [13:48:36] <NotSoGrumpyCat> if you hate admins, go play an offline game
    [13:48:38] <FIST! Maltager> for months
    [13:48:44] <WoB pUnk> admins are shit
    [13:48:47] <Generic User> Too many people just turn a blind eye man
    [13:48:50] <WoB pUnk> that doesnt make malt right tho
    [13:48:56] <FIST! Maltager> u cant ban me for what i did 3 months ago
    [13:48:57] <alternate nob> tooth mute them all pls
    [13:49:01] <FIST! Maltager> and already served the punishment for
    [13:49:02] <ETID|toothgrinderx> punk your muted for 10 minutes
    Frankly i dont believe what he believes. Some admins are inconsiderate and hell once i had an admin tell me"lol im not just gonna kick him for fixing your shit building" when the guy literally just spammed blocks over the doors and platforms and removed all functionality. Again I understand it was a confusion but even if i was talking to you it wouldn't be a justifiable mute in my book. I understand it was irritating and you were just there to play the game but step into my shoes where i came there after playing a literally cancerous game on a terrible map(the one that leads to a lake at mid) and i go and try to help a situation(explaining what malt was doing) and i get muted because what i said to some player was "contributing" to the crap admins get.
    I got griefed twice yesterday while an admin just watched. I generally have issues with alot of admins and how they handle things(even if i like them as a person)and i usually speak my mind in a blunt way. That isnt any reason to mute just for that. I understand youre talking about this specific situation(regarding them not me)but i think it needs to be said that not all admins are as well behaved or responsive as you are. The most common problem i have is a player joining 1/2way through build time and deciding he doesnt like my building so he starts breaking things. Those situations usually dont get covered by admins in my situation(though admirable some do take action). Irregardless i have nothing to do with the Edgelord or the Spammer.

    Funny no one mentioned wormy's ultimate spam. Id report it because i had it on recording but im lazy, dont want upload the audible part of me whining about it(1/2 the time ingame i utter a low explanation of the situation(this usually happens when i use caps)), and quite frankly i dont even think itd be upped(ive had 3-4 reports downed without reason given and they werent false)

    anyway heres the link to the logs:http://pastebin.com/nSdqBVFn
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
  17. Solaris

    Solaris Batlord Sliftensnurgh Staff Alumni Donator Tester
    1. Practitioners of War Extreme Revolution - POWER

    From Terms.txt in your KAG folder -

    "Deliberate harrassment, griefing, hacking, or other malicious behaviour or abuse of our game will lead to deactivation of your account followed by deletion within 5 days pending correspondence via your registered email."

    "We reserve the right to deactivate or delete your account at any time without prior warning. We won't do this except in extreme cirumstances, but note that any behaviour deemed antisocial or otherwise disruptive by Transhuman Design staff that is not explicitly breaking the rules will be dealt with in such a way as the staff involved deem necessary."
  18. UndulatingTitLord

    UndulatingTitLord Óðinn Donator


    I disagree. With everything, you, just said.
  19. veronartdoob

    veronartdoob Haxor

    I think we all know the rules, assuming that the basics is respect, it is true that the official servers usually have admins online always or almost always, but not more strict than others
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 28, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 28, 2016 ---
    and I'm online most of the time
  20. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    No we all dont. Recently i learned someone got banned for bug abuses(not even block glitches but freaking saw bombing and archer grapplings thru and platform maneveuring). I dont know about you but that is a giant change in the administration's response considering there was no bans given when EVERYONE abused the infinite wall jump or slash cancel ect.

    Even this page and the admin's response disproves your basic rule of respect. If someone does not deserve respect because they are, lets say for this example, a c*nt then you can treat them that way without being punished as admin so why should the average player not have the same leniency.