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Open "OfTheGlobeIsARealTrip" by Bunnie

Discussion in 'CTF' started by Ferrezinhre, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Ferrezinhre

    Ferrezinhre Arsonist Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

  2. Magmus

    Magmus Arsonist Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    This looks like resized down SharkRift from punk, so im not sure about that one.
  3. Potatobird

    Potatobird Bison Rider Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Nah, this one definitely came first.
    Apparently formerly known as dogmomentus (and before that TGRAS-UNAS)
    • It's pretty normal/plain relative to other pit maps which is probably a good thing lol
    • It's pretty damn tall huh? I'm almost ok with that on this one for some reason. Maybe cuz it's a pit map.
    • You could be ready to sling bomb bolts at each other before the game even began, you'd just need the coins.
    • Plenty of gold which is nice because you know some of that is falling in the void
    Maybe it's a :yes: from me, I want to try playing on this.