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Request - modded server bomb

Discussion in 'Modding [KAG Classic]' started by Shadowblitz16, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Shadowblitz16

    Shadowblitz16 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    can someone make a server mod that makes bombs not destroy blocks?
  2. Ala-Gold

    Ala-Gold Drill Rusher

    There already are a few servers that have a "bomb" that doesn't destroy blocks. BEO's War Server, for example, has a grenade that you can purchase for 20 coins. It's fuse time is approximately the same as a keg, the explosion is smaller, and it doesn't destroy blocks.
    Maybe you could talk to BEO about it.

    EDIT: DO NOT quote me on this as I may be completely wrong.
  3. Dovydas

    Dovydas Shopkeep Stealer

    Bombs are hardcoded into the game and cannot be edited in any way. However you could add throwable items like kegs that would be similar, but bombs themselves cannot be edited.