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Risk of Rain (2D platformer roguelike-like)

Discussion in 'Other games' started by dnmr, May 8, 2013.

Mods: BlueLuigi
  1. technoteddy303

    technoteddy303 Bison Rider

    I like Chef a lot hes fun but i die a lot as him. I usually play Acrid
  2. dnmr

    dnmr Ministry of ban Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    does it still crash on end boss in multiplayer?
  3. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    Well, I've beaten the last boss with friends over a dozen times with no issue, soooo
    dnmr likes this.
  4. Konoko

    Konoko Shark Slayer


    If you guyz and gurlz liked Hotline Miami, RoR and Gunpoint, Hopoo (RoR) makes a new game and the alpha (more like a very short demo) is free :


    Features are gunz, instakill, dark-but-cool story and the possibility to kill peoples through toilets ;

    Have fun

    engineer master race
  5. PussyDestroyer

    PussyDestroyer Bison Rider

    It's very intresting I am waiting for relase ;p
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  6. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I've sunk a lot of time in this game over the last year or so, and I think my favorite class is JANITOR. That lil' robot is a fuckin badass!
  7. SirDangalang

    SirDangalang Lvl. 128 MissingNo. Donator

    Can anyone give me a rundown on how to host an RoR multiplayer game? Not really familiar with ports opening and the steam guides are obscure in their explination >_<
    Any advice would be really helpful :)

    Also my favourite class has been sniper as I love the way you can dish out obscene amounts of damage :D
Mods: BlueLuigi