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[RTDM] CTF_ASH - Feedback & Balancing

Discussion in 'Maps' started by themangokid, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. themangokid

    themangokid Shipwright

    Hi, this is my first map. I have just copied Soldat's ctf_ash that Chapoko made and made it adapted to KAG.
    A small map with dimensions: 120px x 80px. If the kagsite/server is under maintenance you will find the pictures here: http://ge.tt/3x9qWPR/v/0

    I have a few problems:​
    - The hearts at the both top ends do not always spawn.​
    - Bad delta issue, I get disconnected when loading map and have to rejoin.​
    - I want to implement a flag in the rtdm, like a "ctf rtdm".​
    - Not balanced yet.​
    - Need more players to really see flaws in it.​

    ctf_ash_1_1_RTDM.png Bitmap​

    ctf_ash_1_1_RTDM_INGAME.png In-game​

    bad-delta-server-issue.png Bad delta issue​

    Attached Files:

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  2. NKking

    NKking KAG Escadrille Donator
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

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  3. Agnar

    Agnar Catapult Fodder

    Very good maps dude but you have only one. :(
  4. themangokid

    themangokid Shipwright

    Hmm why don't I get a notification when you write at my thread!? Thanks man I will do more in the future! Note that this is copied Soldat maps so I take no credit at all, only for the work put in to covert them ^^
  5. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    This has some nice structure to it, particularly the center and the ledges with the trees at the back of the towers. I also like the aesthetics of the layout, the enclosing of the map gives it a unique feel which contrasts nicely with the open area above the center stage.

    However among other issues I feel you have committed the biggest sin of RDM maps: The spawns are too damn easy to camp on. With not only sheer cliffs but also potentially spikes at the foot of the spawn you are practically inviting people to not move from spawn as there is no clear path to the enemy spawn, let alone a place for you to engage them on equal footing.

    This map has a lot of issues but with some tweaking I think this could be a really great map.

    -As mentioned make the spawns more accessible for the opposite team, ie. by lowering it.
    -Team doors facilitate a lot of end game fleeing and early game defensive play.
    -I don't see the point of the spike areas; in fact it leads to a lot of inelegant gameplay as if you fall down there you have no easy means of getting out.
    -I feel like the flow of the map would be improved if you added a means of going up and down in the area with the team bridges.
    -The little ledges with hearts are a very cool concept but if someone gets up on one of these it's very difficult for the opponent to reach them; this potentially leads to a long, drawn out stalemate.
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  6. themangokid

    themangokid Shipwright


    Hi :) Thanks for the response!
    Regarding the issues of balancing. I actually wanted to do a map where archer was used as much as knight. This is hard and that why I wanted to do the trees in the map. This adds a dynamic which I haven't seen in any maps. Anyways, I will:

    -change the location of the spawns or;
    -lower the spawns
    -Delete the spikes and fill in with something else, water?
    -team doors will be removed at the top
    -add destructible rocks at the middle tunnel (just a test)

    The heart at the ledges is actually for pushing. I wanted to make bomb-jump even more effective. This will make a really fast way into the opponents base with potential backstab (if we move/lower the spawn).

    -fixing heart at ledge with destructible rocks so you can just jump at it only once, making it impossible to camp