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Scripting Progress and Massive Rewrites.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    That basically sums up the past few weeks. We've started moving literally all of the old content to scripted entities, which has required us to be pragmatic and basically wipe all the old hardcoded things. Every time we've come across something that needs to be done better, we've rewritten it. This has lead to many, many positive changes and a hell of a lot of work.

    First of all, attacking is now fully directional, scripted, and a little less buggy (though I'm sure lag will help keep everyone angry about it). This means that your knights can now chop upwards, downwards and to the side, as well as slash in an arc.

    Second of all, all classes have been moved to scripts. This makes it significantly easier to tweak how they work (both for us and for modders) but has also taken a lot of work, since the old "runner" code basically made KAG happen - all of the building code, emoticon code, hud code, attacking code (and so on) was in there. That was very rigid, but fairly simple to work with for us.

    All the basic classes are drafted and "semi-working", though there's a little more to be done before we can even begin larger-scale testing, but they're all working with team colours, animations, and layers.
    Here they are decked out in drab grey, all ready for painting. Note the archer's arm accurately reflecting its aim angle.

    Sprite layers also let us piece together slightly more complicated sprites from various pieces, for example, the catapult's arm and wheels can be separate layers, like so:
    Workshops are also naturally fully scripted. The bank allows you to take out a loan if you're low on coins, or deposit money for safekeeping.

    Tom is now working on documentation for the scripting API, and Ryan has bought several new machines for our infrastructure to future proof against traffic spikes and help balance the load.

    More previews coming as we build more content :)
  2. Raron

    Raron KAG Guard Tester

    We still have stuff to complain about.
  3. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    Fully directional attack, this will be amazing, but as we all know we will all have to learn how to play from the very bottom :D

    So I guess it means we can create our own custom siege machines is it?
  4. Karthremar

    Karthremar Catapult Fodder

    good, finally the knights will be able to hit down with a slash attack
  5. delankski

    delankski Horde Gibber

    I call this FTW :D
    Great Update Anyways :)
    Dark_Ham likes this.
  6. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Directional attacks! Hallelujah! Gone are the days of jabbing left or right to hit someone on your head!
    Looks like the builder has a new tool too.
  7. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    Awesome! Is shield bashing getting a revamp, or just getting cut out?
    Antman likes this.
  8. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    You will be able to finally cut those filthy builders sitting in pits where your hits don't register properly.
  9. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Do the charachters look like less chubby? :migrant:
  10. Trylobot

    Trylobot Shipwright

  11. Cirom

    Cirom Bison Rider

    I am HYPED. Before I couldn't wait for scripting, but now... asdfg. Why don't I have this already D:

    Also, with the greyscale "ready to be coloured" classes.. does this mean that more than 3 classes are possible without breaking things? ;o
  12. Dark_Ham

    Dark_Ham Shipwright

    "This means that your knights can now chop upwards, downwards and to the side, as well as slash in an arc."
    This is amazing! I really can't wait for this update! Great work as always.
  13. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    I sort of think that fun mechanic for sword fighting would be to swing sword with mouse while you hold left mouse button, then you swing in every direction by yourself, shielding would work the same too while holding right mouse button and directing the shield to block, unless this is what is meant by directional attacks.
  14. Adinxs

    Adinxs Bison Rider

    Sword fighting that is not random!? MAI GAWD.
  15. Overlord

    Overlord KAG Guard Tester

    Does this mean the invincible angle is no more?
  16. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Haxor

    Oh god :eek: Soo much new things are coming, cant you Geti realase one things and others will come soon? it takes like a year to complete those things :>:(:
  17. vid please, please, please, please?
  18. LucasTT

    LucasTT Haxor Tester

    If this really happen will be great ;)
  19. madcow55

    madcow55 Catapult Fodder

    with this update i hope that the directional attacks
    make gameplay smoother and and i can tell where my enemy swings there sword
    very especially with the catapault and the new text give a better feel
    something new is always nice:);)
  20. Parpoch

    Parpoch Also known as Lord Puffet Donator