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Read this first! Server Directory Rules

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by VanHuek, May 19, 2013.

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  1. VanHuek

    VanHuek KAG Guard Tester

    a) Be as informative as you can.

    Minimum info:
    • Server name as it appears in the browser,
    • number of slots,
    • gamemode,
    • server location.
    Suggested info:
    • Pingkick warning and high limits,
    • Global Moderation on/off,
    • Unlimited units or specific number of units,
    • Any settings changed,
    • Mods enabled or disabled (anything to download?)

    b) By creating a new topic to promote and publicise your server you are obliged to personally address Ban Appeals or general grievances from the public.
    • Please try and keep ban appeals in private to avoid massive discussions detracting from the topic.
    c) Threads that do not provide the minimum info requested in (a) will be deleted as spam.
    • If you can't make the effort to type a few lines, don't bother starting a new thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.