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Open "Shimamura" by Biurza

Discussion in 'CTF' started by Ferrezinhre, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. Ferrezinhre

    Ferrezinhre Ballista Bolt Thrower Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    map name: Biurza_Shimamura
    Biurza_Shimamura (2).png
    thread: https://forum.thd.vg/threads/biurza_shimamura.28793/
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 8, 2021, Original Post Date: Feb 7, 2021 ---
    Flags placement is good, small plus for flag in water, good resource spread, digging underground through whole map shouldn't be an issue at all, flooding is passable for me. Asymmetrical middle is nice addition, mounted bows (yey), bedrock could use some tweaks, make them bit more chunky. However there is one unacceptable thing, on mid is single assymetrical bedrock block.
  2. Magmus

    Magmus Drill Rusher Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    I like this map. Resource spread is good, being able to flood the underground caves is a nice touch, even being impossible to rat to flag, the mid looks a cool place to fight on, could use more bedrock or more chunkier bedrock, god bless mounted bows. Yes for me!
  3. mehwaffle10

    mehwaffle10 Ballista Bolt Thrower Mapping Moderator Official Server Admin

    There's a fair amount of room for rat shenanigans, and I feel like the backwall under mid should be trimmed down a bit. Overall I think it's fine though, the mounted bows are a cute gimmick