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CTF Strawberry Field

Discussion in 'Maps for the Official KAG Servers' started by Andresian, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Andresian

    Andresian Catapult Fodder Tester

    Map name: Strawberry Field
    Gamemode: CTF
    Symmetrical: Yes
    Special features: Pit at the center
    Map: [​IMG]
    Map name: Andresian_Strawberry_Field.png

    Attached Files:

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  2. Biurza

    Biurza E X T R A T H I C C Donator Tester
    1. Arthur's Artists Group
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    :note:Strawberry fields forever:note:
  3. Basshunter

    Basshunter of course i like your t-shirt Official Server Admin Donator Tester

    Flags at the front are in the redzone which makes it very easy for knights or archers to get them right when the match starts, (just a few water bombs or water arrows needed) not sure if it was intended or not but you should change it anyway
    You definitely should increase the amount of resources on the map
    Everything except for that looks nice, i like the bedrock placement too.
  4. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    sky flags are really difficult to get. for review that's all i can really muster rn lol ill have to think about the map for awhile. there definitely is a severe lack of stone(more than enough gold tho) and mid seems fine enough